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Manager Training

December 23, 2018

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A fully qualified accountant who has a number of experience years in the fields of accountancy and administration. I have been working with various governmental, semi-governmental and private sector owner and dealing with medium to big accounts and feel that I have learnt a great deal so far but am keen to learn more and develop my career much further. I am keen to keep my accounting skills and qualifications as up to date as I possibly can through regular training and I am prepared to do this in my own time where necessary.


Financial and Administrative Secretary

Company :Al-Astorah Al-zujajiya General Trading Co .

Location : Kuwait – hawaly

Duration : 17/6/2018 until its date

Tasks :

-All secretarial works and accounting records

Accountant Internal auditor AND Sales Manager wholesale department

Company : Sports Corner Co.

Location : Doha, Qatar.

Duration : November 2012 – to February 2017

Tasks :

-Review invoices, sales, and returns

-Review of fixed assets and quantities (goods)

-Review of cash in stores

-Analysis of the administrative systems of the different divisions of the company

-Investigation of irregularities and writing a report (and writing a report on the reasons and solve the problem administratively)

-Accounts receivable

-Inspecting and auditing cash revenues in the shops as well as the assets, the quantities and in handbills.

-Payroll preparation and review of debtors with other departments.

-Finding solutions for bad debts and follow up with debtors, sales manager and following the procedures to settle the debts with governmental and private entities.

-Preparing, monitoring and reviewing bills (wholesale department and maintenance).

-Investigating and finding solutions to problems in the management of accounting policies within the company.

-A review of the payroll between debtors and TALLY EPKORY program.

-Weekly meeting with the wholesale department to review the statements of debtors.

-Meeting debtors when asked by the head of the wholesale department.

-Preparing daily report on debtors.

-Finding accounting and administrative solutions when directed by the head of Financial Analysis.

Sports and Social Activities Supervisor (contract base).

Company : Al Zawya Al Khadraa Youth Club.

Location : EG

Duration : 2000 – 2011.

Tasks :

-Preparation of the annual budget for the social and sports activities.

-Preparation of the plans and objectives of the annual budget.

-Providing all documents and invoices pertaining to the annual budget of the club and the various activities and reviewing expenses.

-Preparing needed action settlements to provide funding for the annual budget estimation.

-Supervising and preparing the sports and social programs.

Supply Inspector

Company : The Ministry of Internal Trade

Location : EG

Duration : 2009-TO September 2012

Tasks :

-Preparation of lab our contracts, Salaries data and supervising salary deductions and vacations, etc.

-Following up on data entry, entitlements, holidays, payrolls, etc.

-Reviewing Data, Deductions and the participation of pension and insurance.

-Financial dues Settlement.

-Preparing statistical reports (end of service, etc.).

-Documenting contracts, vacation and pensions.

Remember images contracts, vacations, and pensions.

Accountant and operation manager

Company : Khalaf Al Maeish Al Mahmadi for Limousine Rent Co.

Location : Saudi Arabia

Duration : September 2008 -2009

Tasks :

-Preparing Expenditure Account.

-Preparing Revenue Account.

-Preparing Petty Cash and Maintenance Expenditure.

-Preparing Of Bank Account

-Preparing Purchases Account

-Preparing the Profit And Loss Account and Cash Flow

-Preparing the Monthly Salaries Account

-Preparing the Annual Budget

-Responsible for follow - up maintenance

-And provide appropriate spare parts

-And the Traffic Controller (for licensing and accidents)

-Follow - up maintenance of periodic cars

-Follow up the work of employees and supervise them and provide their living requirements


Company : Pyramids Foods Co.

Location : EG

Duration : October 2006 – October 2008 :

Tasks :

-Preparation of internal documentary cycle in the factory.

-Preparing payroll detection, allowances and discounts.

Supervising in and out of the store (Products, production tools, assets, etc.)

-Supervising cost of production rate.

-Preparation and supervising purchase books and production tools.

-Define the production needs with the production manager and supervise the purchase until the completion of the production process

-Attendance and departure of workers and work

-Provide the local workers required for the factory

-Writing weekly and monthly reports for the owner (general manager of the company)

Professional Safety Officer

Company : House Gas CO.

Location : EG

Duration : September 2004 – September 2006 :

Tasks :

-Preparation of an estimated budget for the occupational safety of different departments in different work locations

-Settling invoices and purchases and sending them to accounts department.

-Supervision employees’ requirements data in the occupational safety department.

-Preparing payroll, attendance, discounts and vacation for employees.

-Store bookkeeping stores, supply and receive everything related to the occupational safety tools and requirements.

-Handling and preparing daily safety inspection (occupational safety) on site.


I have a 2000 from Ain Shams University Institute of Higher Studies for administrative and cooperative Accounting Division completed in 2004.


-Working on ERP, EPICOR & TALLY systems.

-Working on payroll deductions

-Opening and saving files.

-Managing incoming and outgoing letters and documents.

-Follow up on operations.

-Business Development.

-Managing and archiving memos, documents, letters, correspondences, etc.

-Preparation of the budget & the basic clauses and supervise their implementation

-Computer skills.

-Communication skills.

-Interpersonal skills.

-Negotiation skills.

-Work under pressure.




The Ministry of Social Solidarity

Excel Accounting, Egypt – 2009.

The Ministry of Social Solidarity

The International Computer Driving License, Egypt - 2004

Civil Defense Authority

Civil Defense & Fire Fighting

Occupational Safety & Industrial Security Centre

Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA 30-Hours)

American University

Training Certificate From The National Association Of Safety Professionals (NASP)

Canadian international college

Training course Business administration -2017

Diplomatic Training Center & consulting

Business Management Specialist For the year 2017, membership number 6507

Diplomatic Training Center & consulting

Mini Masters in business administration 2017

Diplomatic Training Center & consulting

Training diploma Management - 2017

Diplomatic Training Center & consulting

Training diploma operation management -2017

Diplomatic Training Center & consulting

Training diploma project management - 2017

Diplomatic Training Center & consulting

Training diploma financial management - 2017

Diplomatic Training Center & consulting

Training diploma Human Resources - 2017

Diplomatic Training Center & consulting

Training diploma MARKTING – 2017

Diplomatic Training Center & consulting

Training diploma Sales – 2017

Diplomatic Training Center & consulting

Training diploma Supply and procurement – 2017















Birth Date : September 03, 1979.

Gender : Male.

Nationality : Egyptian.

Visa Status : Residency Visa (Transferable).

Marital Status : Married.

Number of Dependents : 3

Driving License : Egypt, KSA, and Qatar and Kuwait Under the procedure And international licenses

Current Address : Kuwait

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