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Developer Engineer

Aurora, IL
December 26, 2018

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Thomas Annerino

** ***** ******** ***

Aurora, IL 60506

Cell 630-***-****


I am seeking a position that will allow me to expand and explore technologies, while realizing the vision of the company through my contributions. I would like to use my skills as a computer programmer in developing business and web applications and to provide creative ideas to improve the industry and help existing businesses keep pace with today’s ever changing technologies I have 18+ years’ experience developing computer software for the desktop and web using the latest in web and software development trends and am a technologist at heart. I feel that I would be most valuable in positions involving application development, supporting and maintaining existing applications, network maintenance, and internet design. I was successful as the Senior Developer and technology lead for an internet startup dealing with intense deadlines, ever changing requirements, and numerous technical challenges, worked as a team lead, worked on small and large teams, and winner of hack-a-thons.


EDM Zap Parts

January 2018 – Present

Started as a contract employee and moved to full time. Designed and architected high level automation software running on EDM (Electrical Discharge Machining) machines. Software had to be very precise working on the microsecond level controlling high levels of motion control. Extensive work with servo motors, servo amplifiers, and EtherCAT. Required to learn and master PLC programming, Motion programs, EtherCAT setup and implementation, electrical concepts required for EDM. Provided support over the phone and on-site to Department of Defense contractors for software developed.

Reynauld’s Euro Imports Elburn, IL (Independent Consultant Work) March 2003 – Present

I have been doing work for Reynauld’s Euro Imports for the 13 years. Reynauld’s is an e- commerce shop specializing in European Model Trains. I designed the entire application from the ground up. The system consists of a complex website that is designed with ASP.NET 3.5 WebForms, JQuery, CSS 3, HTML 5, sand MySQL for the database. Independent Consulting Aurora, IL

July 18th 2013 – Present

Since leaving JumpForward I have worked primarily as an independent consultant working on a large variety of different projects. All of the projects consisted mainly of .NET 4.0+, SQL Server 2008+ or MySQL 5+. In addition to coding and development I provided analysis and advice to the general architecture of various systems. JavaScript is used heavily on the various projects I am working on. JQuery is used for all of our AJAX and client side development.

I have been consulting Telcom & Data ( and Reynaulds Euro Imports ( for many years. SAVO Group Chicago, IL

December 5th 2016 – May 8th 2017

• Worked as a Mobile Engineer on the Mobile Team

• Maintained and developed new features for iOS, Android, and Windows Mobile applications

• Day to day processes were run in an Agile manner

• Worked on and maintained API’s for mobile applications

• Worked with Dev Ops team to handle deployments, API deployments PartsTrader, LLC Chicago, IL

April 13nd 2015 – November 17th 2015

• Parent company was from New Zealand and the Chicago office was closed and all developers were let go.

• Full Agile company. The agile culture was heavily embraced. Teams consisted of four to five developers, one to two testers, and a product owner. Teams worked in two week sprints.

• Worked with a continuous integration setup between the United States and New Zealand. Continuous integration was achieved using a variety of systems such as GIT, JIRA, TeamCity, and Octopus.

• Developed systems to be integrated into a highly distributed architecture using technologies such as NServiceBus.

• Dependency Injection was setup up and implemented using Structure Map

• Unit test coverage of over 50% was mandatory

• Worked with technologies such as Entity Framework, GIT, ASP.NET 4.5, WCF, Remote Desktop, IIS

• SOLID Design principles and various design patterns implemented. WellRight, LLC Chicago, IL

December 2nd 2014 – February 27th 2015

This was a contract position. I maintained an existing SaaS that was programmed in C#, WebAPI 2.0, NoSQL (CouchDB, Amazon Dynamo) and utilized dependency injection. JavaScript, JQuery, Bootstrap (for responsive UI) and Angular was utilized on the website. My work mostly focused on the backend and business layers with some UI work. The solution was deployed on multiple AWS (Amazon Web Services) Cloud Based servers. I worked on all three cloud based servers and handled automated builds and deployment of those builds.

Senior Developer

JumpForward, LLC Chicago, IL

January 2010 – July 18th 2013

At the time I was hired at JumpForward I was one of two developers working for JumpForward. One developer left three weeks after the time I started at JumpForward leaving me as the sole developer. Working closely with the CEO of the company I was responsible for building and developing the technology team at JumpForward. I managed and led four to five other developers. As the Senior Developer I was responsible for building and laying the future technical foundation of the company. At the time of my hire there was an existing product in place that was coded very poorly and did not scale. It was also my job to design and develop the new system for JumpForward. My responsibilities at JumpForward included the following:

• Heavy JavaScript was used for the project. JavaScript was used to manipulate a wide variety of elements on the screen and was used to provide a desktop like experience.

• Utilized JavaScript heavily in the creation of our iPad within our web view in conjunction with JQuery Mobile to provide a native like experience. By using JavaScript in our web views it saved on a lot of development time, substantial money savings, and we were able to get the product out much faster.

• Maintaining all servers in the company. This included web servers, database servers, testing servers, firewalls, backup servers. As part of the maintenance this would include performing updates, migrations, etc. while providing minimum disruption to our customers.

• Design, development, and maintenance of all databases. Our main database consisted of over 150+ tables, 200+ stored procedures, hundreds of triggers and stored procedures. At our peak processing time the database processes over one million transactions an hour.

• Responsible for converting old code base utilizing .NET 4.0 and implementing LINQ as our main way of accessing data.

• The third iteration of our product I was responsible for developing and maintaining a NOSQL database using MongoDB.

• Implemented and maintained Team Foundation Server 2010 for the company

• Worked closely with CEO on vision and direction of the company.

• Developed and maintained an iPad application to complement our main product

• Developed and maintained all API calls necessary for our mobile phone and iPad applications to run quickly and efficiently.

• Developed and maintained a full blown API integration platform for schools to integrate with JumpForward. This included a SSO (Single Sign On) component

• Developed and implemented Twilio Mass Texting on our website.

• Developed and implemented internet calling using IfByPhone.

• Developed and maintained multiple in house client applications for running the business Our third iteration of the product was called JumpForward 3.0. This release was 100% architected by me and implemented by the team. This release wanted to achieve the following:

• Increase in speed and ability to scale up to handle many customers in a highly available, trafficked site. This was achieved developing a custom in house caching mechanism using MongoDB as the cache repository. The extremely fast reads in MongoDB and the memory configuration provided over a 100% increase in speed and reduced stress on the database by was less roundtrips to the database.

• MVC 3 was implemented into our existing Web Forms project to create a hybrid Web Forms/MVC architecture. This architecture allows for various parts of the site to be converted to MVC 3 as the schedule or need dictated.

• Our profile pages were completely rewritten implementing AJAX heavily in a MVC 3 Razor environment. This was achieved by making small compartmentalized calls thus reducing the footprint on the page with each request being around 15K or smaller. This resulted in high performance, reduced stress on the databases, and easier maintenance of the profile pages. It is important to note we went from having only two clients at the time I was hired to a $3 million dollar a year company and leader in the College Sports space with the products I helped develop or developed solely. I developed/architected over 85% of all the systems used at JumpForward. Senior Developer

Telcom & Data, Inc Chicago, IL

September 2005 – January 2010

• Currently responsible for design and implementation of the companies e-commerce websites and e-commerce structure. All websites are designed using ASP.NET with VB.NET as the coding language.

• Proficient in the implementation of many different AJAX frameworks

• Responsible for all intranet development

• Trained in different usability techniques

• E-commerce structure was designed to be reused on new sites and can be implemented in a short time.

• Maintain and update all web servers using IIS

• Responsible for SSL implementation on all websites

• Maintain email server

• Maintain and update SQL Server 2000 database. All databases are designed and maintained by myself.

• Responsible for design and upgrade of all custom client applications using ADO.NET, VB.NET, SQL Server 2000 and Crystal Reports.

• Designed and implemented a CMS (content management system) for all our websites inside of one client application.

• I have been trained in internet marketing and SEO (search engine optimization) techniques.

• Responsible for all e-mail marketing for company

• Responsible for networking and email management for company

• Currently review and approve all software implemented within the company. Software Engineer/Independent Consultant Aurora, IL August 2003 – September 2005

• Responsible for developing and maintaining high profile websites dealing with e-commerce.

• Security was a major concern and we implemented standard security practices throughout organization which included SSL certificates, firewall implementation, and secure email.

• Sites were developed using .NET 1.0 and .NET 1.1, .Net 2.0, and .NET 3.0/3.5 and OO for the platform.

• All .NET work was completed using Visual Studio 2002 to Visual Studio 2008.

• Scalability is considered on all projects and SQL Server is used to store data.

• SQL Server was managed for remote clients using Mixed Mode authentication. This provided the ability to connect remotely to their databases using custom client software to manage their data and websites.

• Responsible for managing own dedicated servers that consist of SQL Server, Mail Server, IIS Web Server, Site administration, .NET Framework versioning, and much, much more.

• Responsible for maintaining complex linux/windows networks

• Have experience in CRM and deal with heads of companies on a daily basis.

• Familiar with all aspects of the web design and software industry. Client include Scrap Jammies, Reynaulds Euro Imports, Baileys Carpet One, Concepts In Sound, Green Sneakers, BearWare Police and Fire Databases, and the Illinois Fraternal Order of Police, Product Feeding Solutions, ScrapWOW, and many others. Senior Developer/Director of Technology Elburn, IL

January 2003 – July 2003

• Manage all aspects of technology for the company working with different internet protocols, POP3, TCP/IP, IIS web server, WIN2000 Server, and more.

• I also was the lead developer on high profile clients developing back end administrations and dynamic client/server applications.

• Managed 2 Cobalt Servers, 1 Red Hat Unix server, and 4 WIN2000 Servers along with 2 SQL Server 2000 instances containing multiple databases.

• Responsible for the security of all servers and to maintain performance checks periodically.

• Worked on high level corporate intranets.

• Responsible for implementing .NET throughout the company.

• Directed the future of technology for the company.

• Left company due to inappropriate activity within the company and boss.

• Started new business in the end of August 2003.

Software Engineer/Independent Consultant Aurora, IL February 2001 – September 2003`

• Responsible for developing and maintaining high profile websites dealing with e-commerce.

• Security was a major concern and we implemented standard security practices throughout organization.

• Sites were developed using classic ASP and SQL Server

• Scalability is considered on all projects and SQL Server is used to store data.

• Responsible for managing own dedicated servers that consist of SQL Server, Mail Server, IIS Web Server, Site administration, and much, much more.

• Have experience in CRM and deal with heads of companies on a daily basis.

• Familiar with all aspects of the web design and software industry. Clients include Accurate Printing, Integra Graphics, Direct Tech PC’s, PFSI Inc., and University of California - Berkeley

Office Manager/Application Developer

T.A Auto Sales Bridgeview, IL

June 1991 – November 1999

• Developed and managed small VB program tracking sales leads, finance companies, inventory tracking, sales tracking, balance tracking.

• Sales manager, car buyer, lot manager, involved in all dealer auctions.

• Microsoft Office used extensively doing Macro development to automate work.

• Technologies Used: Visual Basic 5.0, Active X Controls, custom classes, Macro Development, Office 97/2000, Access 97/2000, Word 97/2000, Excel 97/2000. EDUCATION EXPERIENCE

Waubonsee Community College, Sugar Grove, IL

Major in Computer Information Systems

• G.P.A. – 3.94 Current

• Major Courses: Object Oriented Programming Languages. Java, JavaScript, C++, Visual Basic, HTML, Database technologies, Server Programming, Networking Concepts, XML, PERL, ASP, SQL, Microsoft technologies, Web Design packages, Graphic design packages, more.

• Focus: Courses taken with an emphasis on developing web pages and the development of nTier applications. Desktop development theories and IDE interface development techniques emphasized.


Macromedia Certified Dreamweaver Developer

• Certified in all aspects of Dreamweaver and web development concepts. Installation, configuration, project management extending Dreamweaver, integration with other software.


Member of the PHI THETA KAPPA International Honors society for Academic Achievement National Deans List 2001-2002

Nominated for Who’s Who Among College Students in America

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