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Manager Project

Muntinlupa, Muntinlupa, Philippines
December 20, 2018

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Francisco Roberto B. Fuentes


Gender : Male

Nationality : Filipino

Date of Birth : 13 May 1969

Place of Birth : Iloilo City, Philippines

Status : Married

Present Address : 29 Chopin St., Jade Heights,

Victoria Homes Sudb., Tunasan,

Muntinlupa City, Philippines

Contact Number : +639********* (HP)

Email Address :


Dec 2015 – Aug 2017

Project Engineer


Bandar Seri Begawan, Negara Brunei Darussalam

Project : Integrated Waste Management System in Brunei Darussalam

Job Scope : Responsible in managing

operations of the Sungai Akar

Transfer Station and the Sungai

Paku Engineered Landfill.

Responsibilities :

- Prepares the work schedule on a day to day basis to achieve smooth operations.

- Resolves operational issues and problems on both facilities on a timely manner by identifying the

matter and apply the necessary solutions.

- Conducts daily/regular site inspections to obtain firsthand information of the operational status of the facilities.

- Responsible in maintaining environmental compliance with the pollution control guideline set by the Department of Environment, Parks and Recreations (JASTRe).

- Responsible in constant communication with the client and the relevant authorities especially during unwanted circumstances related to waste handling and transport.

- Responsible in maintaining good relation with the stakeholders.

- Responsible in verifying payment invoices/claims from subcontractors and prepares payment certifications for approval and processing.

- Prepares regular weekly and monthly Operations and Maintenance status reports for submissions to

the client and Department of Environment, Parks and Recreations (JASTRe).

- Prepares minutes of meetings and preside monthly operations and maintenance meetings with the

client and Department of Environment, Parks and Recreations (JASTRe).

- Prepares progress claims ensuring completeness to avoid rejection prior submission to the client for payment processing.

- Represents the company as the focal person to all sectors (i.e. government, academics, public and

private, etc.) responsible in addressing enquiries and clarifying issues brought up by these sectors.

- Tasked to seek new potential projects for the company in Brunei Darussalam.

Jun 2009 – Dec 2015

Executive Officer (Technical)


Bandar Seri Begawan, Negara Brunei Darussalam

Reporting To : Senior Engineer, Project Manager, Senior Project Manager, Head of Department

Job Scope : Responsible in tracking and assisting implementing government assigned projects.

Responsibilities :

- Schedule work on a day to day basis to enable daily targets to be met, ensuring necessary resources are allocated to meet objectives.

- Resolves issues and problems by identifying and selecting solutions through the application of acquired technical experience.

- Responsible in independently managing medium to large scale projects with tentative characteristics such as:

1. project value below B$5 million, and/or;

2. projects of moderate complexity;

3. projects of high impact to stakeholders including external agencies.

- Responsible in providing assistance to senior engineer/project manager in handling project of larger values and with more complexity.

- Responsible for tracking project changes and producing updated schedules.

- Set and manage project expectations with relevant stakeholders.

- Collaborate with stakeholders to obtain accurate requirements and define project priorities and


- Track tasks assigned to the project team and prepare regular status reports.

- Procure required project resources and estimate workload.

- Facilitate project meetings, managing changes in scope, identifying potential issues, and resolving conflicts.

- Devise contingency plans and recommend solutions to meet project objectives.

- Responsible in verifying and recommending payment invoices/claims and prepares certifications for payment approval and processing.

- Provide visibility to project progress via regular status reports.

- Build positive professional relationships with all relevant stakeholders.

- Coordinate and contribute to the achievement of the department objectives.

- Responsible for the quality and timeliness of the work provided and work produced.

- Hold responsibilities of any or higher level position from time to time.

Related Projects :

1. Integrated Waste Management Systems in Brunei Darussalam

Type: Design, Build and Operate Contract

Duration: Sept 2010 – Mar 2015 (completed) + 12 months Extended Operations and Maintenance

2. Dredging and Reclamation Works at Western Channel of Pulau Muara Besar

Type: Project Management Services (PMS)

Duration: Jan 2014 – Sept 2015

3. Dredging and Reclamation Works at Eastern Channel of Pulau Muara Besar

Type: Design and Project Management Services (PMS)

Duration: Jan 2014 – Jul 2016

Completed Projects:

4. Power Plant Site Preparation Works at Pulau Muara Besar for Brunei Power Management Corporation

Type: Design and Build Contract

Duration: May 2014 – March 2015

5. Design and Technology Building at Anggerek Desa

Type: Design and Build; Project Management Services (PMS)

Duration: Nov 2013 – Dec 2014

6. Sungai Liang Drainage Improvement Works

Type: Design and Build Contract

Duration: Jan 2012 – Jul 2013

Jun 2008 – May 2009

Pollution Control Officer


Clark Freeport Philippines

- Ensure compliance to environmental regulatory

requirements for the operation of the 250-hectare golf and leisure estate and implement environmental plans and programs for the sustainable development of the project which includes monitoring of:


- Conducts quarterly tests/monitoring for ambient air, noise, surface water and ground water as per EIA’s Environmental Management Plan (EMP).

- Reviews all the laboratory results and submit the summarized results to the relevant authority as quarterly reports.

- Liaises directly with relevant authority on environmental matter.

- Proposes mitigations to the management for non-compliance to the EMP and seek authority’s consent to carry on with the necessary action


Water supply

- Monitors the regular refilling of sanitizing agent (chlorine) in the dosing tank to ensure clean water supply within the park.

- Conducts water quality tests from deep wells that supplies tap water in a quarterly basis by engaging licensed third party laboratory.

Wastewater Discharge

- Daily visual monitoring of open drains and manholes from any abnormality in color and odor.

- Conducts wastewater discharge sampling and quality tests in a quarterly basis by engaging licensed third party laboratory.

- Ensures continuous flow of sewerage system.

Waste Collection

- Ensures daily collection of waste from all designated collection points.

- Keeps track of waste volume generation for projection/planning purposes.

- Liaises with the service providers whenever there are functions and events.

Pest Control

- Ensures that the surrounding and storage areas are free from unnecessary materials that can

attract pests.

- Ensures that the baits are placed safely and in controlled manner at possible dwelling areas.

- Monitors and controls inventory of baits per Materials Safety Data Sheet (MSDS).

Facility’s Equipment Workshops

- Monitors oil spills brought by servicing / repairing of vehicles/equipment.

- Keeps track the collection of used/spent oil and used batteries by accredited service providers.

- Ensures no spent oil or petrol products and acid water from used batteries are flushed down the


- Ensures that oil and grease traps are functional.

- Ensures all contaminated materials are handled and disposed of properly per Materials Safety Data Sheet (MSDS).

Chemical Store Room

- Counterchecks inventory of insecticides, herbicides, fertilizers, solvents, etc. and ensures proper labeling.

- Ensures proper storage and handling per Materials Safety Data Sheet (MSDS).

- Ensures the chemical containers are leak-free.

- Ensures the storage rooms’ spill bunds/floor are empty/dry.

- Ensure no combining of chemicals in one storage location to avoid unwanted chemical mixing.

- Ensure proper disposal of empty containers by returning to the supplier.

Tree Nursery

- Ensures that no open burning of cut grass, wood, waste, etc. at this secluded area.

Hotel and Restaurants

- Regularly inspects and monitors waste storage areas to ensure proper solid waste storage, functional sewerage and grease traps.

- Manages pest control measures in the facilities and store rooms.

- Sends notice warnings to the establishments within the park that are non-compliant with environmental requirements and recommends

temporary closure until made good of the issue after disregarding 3 consecutive warnings.

Residential Villas

- Monitors housekeeping between the villas.

- Dispatches housekeeping staff to clean litter from the guests’ activities.

Nov 2007 – Apr 2008

Technical Manager


Angeles Waste Management Facility

Angeles City, Pampanga

-Manage and direct the overall planning, development and operation activities of the proposed waste

management facility, including engineering design and contracting.

May 2007 - Nov 2007

Technical Manager


Montalban Methane Power Project

Rodriguez, Rizal

-Provide technical and administrative support to the proposed power generating project as part of the whole project management and technical consulting services.

Aug 2006 – May 2007

Technical Manager/Pollution Control Officer


Montalban Sanitary Landfill Project

Rodriguez Rizal

-Provide technical and administrative support to the waste management facility as part of the whole project management and technical consulting services.

Jan 2002 – Aug 2006

Site Operations Manager

Operations & Technical Support Services Manager

Pollution Control Officer


Clark Integrated Solid Waste Management Project

Clark Special Economic Zone

Clark Field, Pampanga


- Implemented operational guidelines for the proper waste management of the German sanitary landfill


- Conduct logistic studies to optimize efficiency of the waste collection and transport operations.

- Work closely with the Marketing & Sales Department in acquiring new sales.

- Monitor and recommend proper

pollution control practices and equipment to ensure compliance to national environmental quality standards and regulations.

Nov 1996 - Dec 2001

Operations Manager


Jade Heights, Victoria Homes Subdivision Tunasan, Muntinlupa City

- Coordinate production schedules with clients.

- Handle material control and monitoring.

Nov 1992 - 1996

Operations Supervisor


Barangay Maduya, Carmona, Cavite

- Formulate production schedules based on the demands of the customers. Prepare in-house materials for inventory and auditing.


Sep 20, 2005

Environmental Management Bureau III & Water Environment Association of the Philippines

Certificate - Hazardous Waste Transporters

King’s Royal Hotel & Leisure Park,

Olongapo-Gapan Road, Bacolor, Pampanga

Jul 6 - 8, 2005

Environmental Management Bureau III & Environmental Practitioners Association

Certificate – Advance Training for Pollution Control Officers Level II

Subic International Hotel,

Subic Bay Freeport Zone, Olongapo City

May 26 - 28, 2003

Environmental Management Bureau III & Environmental Practitioners Association

Certificate – Environmental Management and Pollution Control Technologies

Fontana Leisure Park

Clark Field, Pampanga

Aug 27 - 28, 2002

Environmental Management Bureau III & Environmental Practitioners Association

Certificate – Workshop on Environmental Laws and Pollution Control Officers’ Roles & Responsibilities

Holiday Inn Resort,

Clark Field, Pampanga

May 13, 2002

Linc International Management & Consulting Group DOLE – Bureau of Working Conditions

Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Fundamentals

Holiday Inn Resort,

Clark Field, Pampanga

Apr 10, 2002

Environmental Management Bureau III

Accreditation for Pollution Control Officer I

COA No. 02D-03TA-020


1992 B.S. Aviation Electronics and Communication Engineering

PATTS College of Aeronautics

Domestic Road, Pasay City

1989 Aviation Communication Technician (Diploma)

PATTS College of Aeronautics

Domestic Road, Pasay City

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