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Plant Engineer

Humble, TX
December 22, 2018

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Deru Qin

***** **** **** *****, ******, TX *****; Email:


More than 20-year industrial experience in analyzer project design, management, execution, commission, and plant troubleshooting

Excellent data interpretation, trouble shooting and problem solving, and effective communication skills

Experienced with FT-IR, FT-Raman/Raman, FT-NIR/NIR, GC/FT-IR, GC, TDL, water quality, and other analyzers

Key contributor to improved reliability of the installed analyzers at ExxonMobil Beaumont Polyethylene Plant, Chemical Plant, and Refinery


Chief Analyzer Specialist, Wanhua Chemical Group Company, Yantai, Shandong, China 03/15/2018 to now

Played technical leadership roles, recommended and specified FT-NIR methods to monitor MDI (methylene diphenyl diisocyanate), TDI (toluene diisocyanante) and several other manufacturing processes, oversaw the projects, and achieved satisfactory success.

Recommended, specified, and oversaw 8 in-situ TDL oxygen analyzers at MDI and MMA (methyl methacrylate) manufacturing plants.

Led review of new analyzer projects; responsible for analyzer selection and system design recommendations; and employees’ training on analyzer systems

Sr. Staff Engineer, ExxonMobil Beaumont Engineering Services, Beaumont, TX 8/2001 to 3/1/2018 (Emeritus)

Responsible for BTU analyzer specification, sample system design, and analyzer system integration; worked with different internal groups, contractors, and analyzer manufacturers for Beaumont Chemical Plant flare upgrade project and successfully completed the project for regulatory compliance requirements.

Achieved sample system designs, specification of analyzers, and commission of conductivity and pH meters, turbidity and chlorine analyzers for water treatment processes; and oxygen analyzers at Beaumont Refinery, resulted in significant reliability improvement to the plant.

Identified issues with a commercial Reid Vapor Pressure (RVP) analyzers for gasoline blending applications, and persistently drove the team and resolved these issues, which achieved significant reduction in the analyzer cycle time and much improved analytical data for gasoline blending process control.

Designed, managed, and executed a capital project for NOx emissions control; specified and achieved success for an on-line TDL HCl analyzer, at the Chemical Plant. The CEMS systems have resulted in significant financial contributions to the company, and gained the operation team’s recognition.

Led people in operation, technology, and maintenance group at ExxonMobil Beaumont Polyethylene plant, developed, designed, and commissioned several major capital projects, including GC and shelters, BTU, infrared, TOC, and gas detection systems. These analyzers have brought up significantly improved safety, reliability, and financial performance to the plant, and won the company’s recognition.

Conducted comprehensive research using a fiber optic based Raman analyzer and chemometrics for analysis of melt index of polyethylene products, shared significant findings with the plant and the company’s analyzer network, resulted in million dollars of savings for the company.

Research Specialist, Polyolefin R&D, Dow Chemical Company, Freeport, TX 6/1998 - 7/2001

Team lead, developed and implemented an on-line fiber optic based FT-NIR analyzer system for monitoring chemical compositions of Ethylene-Styrene Interpolymers (ESI) process in Sarnia commercial plant and pilot plant in Freeport; routinely supported of process FT-NIR analyzers installed at Freeport pilot plants and global polyethylene business.

Developed and implemented FT-IR methods for characterization of ESI polymers for quality control at Freeport ESI pilot plant, and identified and purchased an FT-IR spectrometer. The results from this work have been published in Applied Spectroscopy journal.

Successfully demonstrated an FT-Raman method for analysis of density, crystallinity, and co-monomer content of different LDPE pellet samples; accomplished the analysis of coating materials on ESI with an FT-IR/ATR method.

Postdoctoral Scientist, Central Research, Cargill Incorporated, Minneapolis, MN 2/1997-6/1998

Published a method for characterization and quantification of crystallinity of polylactide (PLA) by using FT-Raman spectrometry and chemometrics. Designed and conducted Raman experiments studying molecular orientation in fibrous PLA, effect of talc and temperature on crystallinity measurements. The results from this work have been reported on Applied Spectroscopy journal.

Research Chemist (Postdoctoral Position), Bell Laboratories, Lucent Technologies, Murray Hill, NJ, 1995-1997

Established and carried out an innovative research for quantification of organic components emitted from a manufacturing of optical fibers process using on-line FT-IR spectrometry. Responsible for experimental design, model development and validation, data interpretation, reports, and the project management. The results have been published in Analytical Chemistry journal.

Research Assistant, Department of Chemistry, University of Idaho, Moscow, ID 1990-1994

Pioneered studies of effects of resolution, apodization, noise, and temperature on quantification of organic compounds by combing FT-IR with chemometrics under professor Peter R. Griffiths. There are several publications from my PhD research program.

Designed experiments and successfully demonstrated multicomponent analysis of xylene isomers and hydrochlorinated compounds with FT-IR methods.

Investigated effect of temperature and resolution on identification of different types of organic compounds by GC/FT-IR and analysis of variance (ANOVA).

Research Assistant, Department of Chemistry and Geochemistry, Montana Tech, Butte, MT 1988-1989

Designed and conducted studies in investigation of effect of leaching time and temperature, acidic and basic leach, sintering process, and pulp density on aluminum extraction from power plant fly ashes.

Conducted experiments in metal speciation and quantification of Ca, Al, Si, Mg, Fe, Na, and K by AAs and by SEM-EDS

Research Chemical Engineer, Institute of Petroleum Development, Beijing, China, 1980-1988

Processed and synthesized various types of surfactants and mobility control agents for transport of high viscous crude oils.


Ph.D. Chemistry, University of Idaho, Moscow, ID, 1994

M. S. Geochemistry, Montana Tech, Butte, MT, 1989

B. S. Chemical Engineering, Tianjin University, Tianjin, P. R. China, 1980

VISA STATUS US Citizenship

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