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Customer Service Management

Chicago, IL
September 10, 2018

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Chicago, IL


Linux Administrator APR 2014-PRESENT


• Responsible for creating Ansible playbooks to automatically install packages, change the configuration of remotely configured machines and to deploy new builds.

• Manages and configures launched Amazon EC2 instances in compliance with customer’s specific applications.

• Administers Web server (Apache - HTTPD, Joomla, HTML), loading balancing web servers

(HAProxy), while ensuring effective maintenance of Database, MySQL and PHP.

• Responsible for creating and implementing policies for S3 buckets.

• Installs, administers, and regularly updates Linux machines, coupled with Red Hat, Debian, and CentOS.

• Performs Disk Management, Partitioning and Logical Volume Management including monitoring.

• Masterminds daily system backups - data recovery via R1Soft.

• Provides multi-layered security on Linux systems OS hardening, iptables, firewalld, TCP Wrappers, and many more.

• Responsible for installing and configuring various services like DNS, DHCP, NFS, POSTFIX, LDAP, Samba, SSH, Telnet, RPM Package Management and Yum.

• Creates and configures HP, DELL hardware RAIDs effectively.

• Troubleshoot and monitors various performance related issues via performance monitoring utilities such as NAGIOS, DYNATRACE, NESTAT, TOP and IOSTAT.

• Builds and maintain healthy relationships with system, network, security, and storage engineering teams to prepare and configure new servers for the environment.

• Disabling telnet and enabling SSH, and manually set up sshd authorized keys.

• Reviews system logs files for errors and set up CRON jobs for backups and monitoring process.

• Manages, monitors and tests individual and group user access privileges and security.

• Performs day to day LINUX/UNIX administration such as user accounts, login scripts, directory services, file system shares.

• Remotely copying files via sftp, ftp, scp and WinSCP

• Responsible for pulling, modifying and pushing codes via GIT

• Takes immediate actions in bringing up systems and services as needed.

• Consistently recovers from common failures, such as unexpected server reboot. A Multi-Talented Red Hat Certified Administrator with over 3 years of experience in systems administration, specializing in automation, configuration, troubleshooting, security, backup and performance monitoring of Linux Systems. Highly skilled individual with background knowledge in virtualization coupled with expertise in Cloud. Adept at managing server infrastructures and data- center operations towards the attainment of the highest performance.

• Excellent communication &

Interpersonal skills

• Teamwork

• Customer service

• Package management

• Process improvement

• Organization skills

• Analytical thinking

• Troubleshooting

• Leadership skills

• Configuration management

• Strategic planning

• Multitasking


Cloud: Amazon Web Services (EC2, S3,

VPC, ELB, IAM, EBS, ASG, Route 53,


Virtualization: VMware – ESXi, vCenter

OS: Linux, Windows

Automation: Ansible, Docker, Scripting

Scripting: Bash

Version control: Git

Web Applications: Apache, HAProxy,


Servers: DNS, Postfix.

Database: MySQL, MariaDB, MSSQL.

Monitoring: Nagios, DynaTrace.

Network Security: Iptables, Tcpwrappers,

SELinux, ACL.

Storage Management: Hardware/Software



OS: installation, testing, tuning, upgrading


• Web Server Load Balancing Systems

• Server Migration

• Database Installation and Setup

• Infrastructure Monitoring Systems

• Disaster Recovery R1soft Backup

• Deployed Dynatrace Monitoring


Red Hat Certified System Administrator

License # 180-110-090

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