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Application Developer

Overland Park, KS
September 10, 2018

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Motivated, adaptable, resourceful individual seeking a challenging position developing in a team oriented environment and / or systems administration for an organization where career advancement and personal growth are prevalent.


C/C++, PHP, Pascal, Assembler, Modula-2, Prolog, Fortran, Basic, SQL, Bash, Perl, Java, Java script

HTML/XML, CGI, Apache Modules, Make, RDBMS (MySQL, Oracle, etc GIT, GDB

UNIX (Linux, Solaris, Sun-OS, AIX, Ultrix, OSF, BSD/OS, FreeBSD, SCO, IRIX), OpenWRT

pThreads, QMI, QxDM, System automation, CDMA, EVDO, LTE, MMS, SMTP, SMPP, UBoot, VoIP, ADB

Network Administration (HTTPD, FTPD, SMTP, INETD, DNS, NFS, NIS, RADIUS)

Terminal Servers (Livingston / Lucent Portmasters, USR/3Com, ACC Tigris, Cisco (AS5x00 and 2511), etc..)

Compiler development, Parsing, Data Filtering, Code Generation, Lex and YACC

Object Oriented, Event Driven and Real Time Programming, TCP / IP Client Server Paradigms

PC assembly, 8255 I / O Boards, RS232, RS485 Serial Communication

Simulation Kernel Development, C Simulation Library, SES / Workbench


Johnson County Community College Overland Park, KS

Adjunct Professor (Contract) 8/2018 - Present

Teach Unix Scripting.

Team Play 1 Overland Park, KS

Owner, Developer. 5/2017 - Present


Used PHP, Laravel, ORM, MySQL, NodeJS, Java Script, jQuery, Angular and to develop the website hosted on Linode cloud services. This site is focused on youth sports, it is a multi-tenancy site that allows users to manage teams, tournaments, registrations, real time scoreboards, fundraising and player statistics.

Time Warner Cable Kansas City, MO

Manager, Service Management Development. 9/2015 – 5/2017

Develop Time Warner Cable Data/Voice Synthetic Testing Unit (STU).

Develop a complete automated testing system for the TWC voice/data network. OpenWRT was utilized as the base platform for creating firmware that converted a Linksys AC1900 into a STU. Network testing was developed mostly in C and Bash. The STU’s were then initially deployed in the Kansas City market, and then Los Angeles and New York with a goal of nationwide deployment.

PHP and MySQL were utilized to develop data collection facilities where the results were warehoused for both real time customer experience metrics, network monitoring and trending over time. These metrics have been instrumental in identifying network issues that were not able to be seen from ordinary alarms and surveillance.

Ericsson Overland Park, KS

Applications Developer IV 9/2009-9/2015.

Developed the eProbe, a low cost testing solutions at around $100 per unit compared to vendor cost of around $25,000 per unit.

The eProbe was a complete wireless testing platform for measuring the user experience. It was first prototyped on the Raspberry PI and then migrated to Beagle Bone Black. OpenWRT was utilized as the base platform. There were several modules built to support testing and numerous KPIs collected.

The Netgear 341U LTE device was utilized for connecting to the Sprint network. It was controlled using the QMI interface. Both libQMI and Gobi library were used for development. The Gobi library was initially used but features of libQMI were later needed but the two libraries were not compatible and a bridge had to be developed between the two. The libQMI package used Glib-2.0 a complete asynchronous library and the Gobi API was mostly synchronous but had some asynchronous features. Other devices that were used and supported, Sierra 5728, Sierra 5725, Franklin U770, Sierra 250U and a few SDC capable Android handsets.

Developed data collection facility utilizing PHP and MySQL

This was the interface for all remote devices to check into and deposit data. It also included a dynamic data parser which parsed the metrics collected from the devices into a database. The data was then able to be used for a NOCC display for real time customer experience.

Developed numerous customer experience tests for Voice calls, Voice Mail, Visual Voice Mail, SMS, Picture Mail, HTTP, FTP, DNS, QCHAT/SDC etc. There are over 300 tests in the testing Suite.

Developed testing for inter-carrier related testing, i.e. Sprint to AT&T, Sprint to T-Mobile, T-Mobile to Verizon, etc.

Developed and deployed testing solution for Mobilicity in Canada.

Sprint Overland Park, KS

Technical Project Program Manager III SME (Lead) 8/2001-9/2010

Administrate WSCPs

Developed GNEI Application for HLRs and eSM

Developed redundant alarming system for WSCPs

Developed numerous data integration/verification solutions to keep WSCPs in Sync.

Performed on call duties for WSCP and upgrades to WIN 6.0 and WIN 7.0 platforms.

Developed the Patented Echo Canceller Verification tool.

3Q 2002 Excellence Award Winner

Q1 2002 Excellence Award Winner

2003 and 2004 Sprint Values Excellence Annual Award Winner

Developed Wireless User Simulation Probe (USP) system for CDMA, EVDO and iDEN.

Develop the testing software for conducting probe tests and gathering metrics.

Test USP firmware and new probe models

Manage, Maintain and deploy the USPs, currently over 600 on the network.

Administrate, troubleshoot and repair the wireless probe system.

Developed Killer trunk Data mining application to find Killer Trunks on CDMA and iDEN found about $30M in lost revenue.

Developed Deviant handset application

Developed a VoIP testing platform.

WSU Computer Science Wichita, KS

Department Faculty 8/94 – 8/2001

Courses Taught

Advance Unix Programming

C Programming Language

Assembly & System Programming

Computer Organization & Architecture

Information Access (CGI/JAVA)

C++ Programming Language

Data Structures & Algorithms

Introduction to Computer Science

The Thrasher Group, Inc Wichita, KS

Owner / Operator / Software Engineer 2/97 – 8/2001

Business Technologies, Inc Wichita, KS

Senior Software Engineer/Owner 1/98 – 12/99

Squashed Duck, Inc Wichita, KS

Senior Software Engineer/Owner 1/97 - 12/99

Solgate, Inc Wichita, KS

System Administration/Development 2/96-11/96

New Horizons Wichita, KS

Contract Instructor 6/96 - 8/96

Future Net Wichita, KS

Owner/Operator of ISP 4/95 - 11/95

Pepsi-Co Food Service Wichita, KS

Contract Consulting 3/95 - 5/95

WSU Computer Science Department Wichita, KS

Graduate Teaching Assistant 8/92-8/94


Software Control Engineer Consulting 3/92 - 8/92



MS Computer Science December 1994, GPA 4.0

Association of Computing Machinery (ACM)

Regional ACM Programming Contest

THESIS: A Compiler For A Concurrent Simulation Language With Database

Capabilities Consisting of the development and implementation of a new parallel

Simulation language.


BS Computer Science December 1991, GPA 3.51

Graduated Cum Laude


Upsilon Pi Epsilon (UPE)

Regents Scholarship


V.C, Harish, Owens, B. Dynamic Load-Balancing DNS: dlbDNS

Linux Journal, August 1999, p112-116.

Radiya, A. and Owens, B. Concurrent Event-Scheduling Conceptual

Framework: Modeling and Implementation Issues.

Submitted to the Winter Simulation Conference, 1994.


10/28/2014 Echo Canceller Auditor US8873742 B1

5/14/2013 Determination of wireless communication device types associated with below-average call duration US8442512 B1


Matthew Bridges

Olathe, KS 67220


Perry Watson


Area Vice President

Number upon request.

Frank Bryant

717 154th Place

Basehor, KS 66007


Varun Pulipati

6511 W. 138th Ter.

Overland Park, KS 66223


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