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Medical Assistant Mental Health

New York, NY
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September 09, 2018

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** **** *** ****** # ** NEW YORK, NY 10029

Cell phone # 646-***-****

United States Postal Center/NYC Metro District at Lenox Hill Carrier Station/ NY, NY 10199 09/1996-Present (now is a Laborer Custodial-OSHA certified and training acquired for all machinery)

Mail Handler- Responsible for scanning mail, separating foreign and military parcels to be redistributed to their designated areas outside from the ISC/JFK Airmail Facility to other US Postal and international mailing centers and as a MEO driver-drive mail inside the facility to their areas to be processed and/or transported out by ground /flight carriers.

First Aid Responder- Respond to medical emergencies for US Postal and airline employees, command operations for emergency evacuation and attend training seminars on CPR/Life threatening situations. Update continuing education on public safety and health to promote a safe and healthy work environment. (Full-time, 40 hrs per wk)

Supervisor- Peralta or Mr James Drakes 212-***-****

Career Institute of Health & Technology 11/2008 -8/2011/ New Age School 2012-1yr

Brooklyn, New York 11201 /NYC, NY 10001

Healthcare Instructor/Medical Assisting-Responsible for teaching a variety of topics besides medical assisting including Computer Essentials, Career Development, Medical Terminology and Record Management. Active teacher (Consultant) in faculty decision making, training and design lesson plans. Certified CPR Instructor (AHA, 2009). (Part-time, Average 26 hrs per wk, Supervisor-Ms Griffith 516-***-****, contact number)

American Paramedical Professional Services 01/1994-03/2006

Bayside, NY 11361

Paramedical Insurance Examiner- Perform physical exams for insurance companies and medical diagnostics tests which can consist of saliva testing, blood draws and finger sticks, perform and interpret

EKG’s and knowledge of the Holter Monitor, paramedical report writings, calling to set up client appointments, certified to perform CPR/AED, centrifuging blood samples, preparing blood/urine/fluid

samples via mail to various labs to be processed, inventory of equipment, lab kits, and medical supplies.

Independent Contractor-Average 35 per wk, Supervisor Debbie, Paul Scarivallo. Contact no. 516-***-****

Shawnee Academy 08/2003-12/2005

Shawnee, PA 18356

Mental Health Technician I-Working with children and pre-adult clients who have been emotionally

and physically abused and/or has challenging learning disabilities which the client must be assisted in daily living activities and educational needs. These are residential clients where the mental health technician must monitor and search their sleeping quarter for any contraband or illegal weapons, monitor and positively control any prohibited behavior by diffusing situation thru special therapeutic

techniques. The other population of clients come from within the school district under special education or have psychiatric problems which the mental health technician must assess the client with the help of an clinician, nurse, and other trained staff.

The Matheny School and Hospital/Frelinghuysen Community Residence 08/2005-09/2007

Peapack, NJ

Community Resident Associate/ PCA-providing assistance to clients mainly with disabilities such as

Cerebral Palsy, Spina Bifida, and Lesch-Nyhan syndrome to maintain daily living activities and med certified to

administer medication to clients when needed under doctor’s care, and mentoring when challenged. Part-time 20 per wk.

Harlem Hospital 07/1996-09/1996

New York, NY 10037

Medical Record Technician-filing patients medical records manually in accordance with an alphabetical and numerical order system based on color codes, updating the records by logging in the manual log and

in the computer database, answering busy phones to assist doctors and other qualified staff so that the

patient medical record can be retrieved in a timely, but orderly fashion. Assist the medical billers in coding

the proper diagnostic procedure and medical information needed for billing purposes. Full-time, 40 hrs per wk.

Medical Assistant Training/ Internship 09/1995-07/1996

New York, NY 10029/10035

Medical Assistant Trainee-As a Medical Assistant, graduated from an one-year accelerated program and trained in various departments (Pediatrics, Adolescents, Geriatrics, Pre-Natal and General Health) in Mount Sinai Medical Center and North General Medical Center where the state-of-the art equipment was

utilized for patient care. In training as a medical assistant, not only the administrative end was instructed,

but the most efficient techniques used in specialized medicine, such as certain radiologic procedures and

positioning, X-ray film development, computed tomography (angiography), ultrasound and magnetic resonance imaging and Pulmonary Testing. In addition, but not limited to administer Tuberculin Skin

Test and vaccinations such as Flu/Pneumonia Shots, knowledge of certain monitoring equipment used in

Glucose and Pro-thrombin testing and surgical procedures (Sutures). I have received my certificate of completion as a Medical Assistant and is also nationally certified by the National Healthcareer Association.

New York Presbyterian Medical Center (affiliated with New York Hospital) 07/1987-05/1995

New York, NY 10021

Laboratory Assistant/ Jr. Lab Technician-receive patient blood/urine/fluids and cultures to be processed for clinical studies done in the Biochemistry Department of New York Hospital and Pathology Department of Cornell which involves computer data entry of lab tests and their results to be reported immediately to medically trained staff. Assisting the medical technologist with preparing samples needed for testing and setting up the necessary equipment for testing and calibration. Train other personnel. Answer busy phones

in assisting doctors with the particulars of protocol needed to draw blood specimens/fluids needed to preserve and gain proper lab results. Also to check patients history numbers and medical information for accuracy on the requisition form as well as in the computer. Full-time, 40 hrs per wk, Supervisor-Ms Chris

Bernard, 212-***-**** -Contact number.

Hospital of Special Surgery 03/1988-03/1989

New York, NY 10021

Phlebotomy Technician-trained and worked on the Phlebotomy Team for eight months during the years from March 1988-October 1988 . Knowledge of advanced medical terminology and was trained to handle many patients in this 300-bed hospital on a daily basis where I prepared patients’ computer labels for routine procedures, set-up the necessary equipment on the carts, and data entry of lab results. Completed the National Phlebotomy Technician Training Program which I performed many venipuncture techniques, such as finger sticks, venous blood draws, cultures, and other special procedures on infants, children, and adults required for testing by American Society of Phlebotomy Technician (ASPT), an accrediting Phlebotomy Organization. Part-time, Average 25-30 hrs per wk.

Centralized Laboratory Services 10/1986-07/1987

Long Island City, NY 11101

Medical Lab Technician/Assistant-received clinical laboratory specimens from different clinics and private

medical offices. Manually re-route blood/urine/fluid specimens to the designated lab areas such as Micro-

biology, Hematology, Nuclear Medicine, Parasitology and Cytology. Test serums and urine for Pregnancy,

prepare test results with the assist of the medical technologist, quantitatively balancing the weights used on

the scale and calibrate equipment for testing glucose-tolerance blood levels and other blood tests.

Part-time: 35 hrs per wk.


National Certified as a Healthcare Instructor (2008) National Certified as a Medical Assistant

by National Healthcareer Association (NHA) by NHA in (2004)

The Roxbury Institute for Medical Management Borough of Manhattan Community College

Medical Assistance Certificate, June 1996 Associates in Arts degree

One Year Accelerated Program Liberal Arts and Science major, June 1982

Hospital for Special Surgery

National Certification in Phlebotomy, November 1988


Prepare lab specimens, slides, and operate laboratory apparatus for molding and heating used for medical research which required a strict protocol of autoclaving and sterilization methods, maintaining accurate lab

records, writing lab reports, routine inspections of equipment, monitoring animal caged experiments, library

research and attending medical seminars at Veterans (Full-time, 40 hrs per wk. 08/1/84-09/01/86) Administration Medical Center (Research Bldg) in the

Bronx, NY and Mount Sinai Medical Center (Pathology Dept) in New York, NY.


Dean’s List two semesters at (BMCC), Type 55wpm, Speedwriting 95wpm, Sign Language, Computer Skills:

WordPerfect 6.1, Spread sheet, Power Point, Data Bases, Languages: Spanish & French. Medical Technologist certified with AAB board of Registry in Chemistry (2013).

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