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Aquatics Director

Ponca City, OK
September 09, 2018

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****,***** ****,** *****580-***-**** • It is not easy to summarize my life into a paragraph. Basically if you can see my worth and apply me I do great things. Looking and searching for jobs here in Ponca has made me question why I am still here. I have a goal to revolutionize the food industry with geothermal and aquaponics. You can not out train a bad diet and you cant outrun cancer from the chemical we spray on our food. If things do not change we will be lucky to have and food on the table in 10 years. I have a house here and dreams and just need a stable worth while venture to save money and acquire grants and funding. This is not me saying I will drop your company but letting you know I have dreams I plan on fulfilling. If we end up having a great relationship I don't see me leaving anytime soon and I will have assistance and people watching over the farm with me. I learned my lesson on the first Business. You can do it alone, its a long road to unhappiness especially when people do not see the worth. Weather I stay with you or decide to leave you could benefit both ways if I am not there then rest assured I am growing awesome organic food you can buy.


Accomplished manager

Trained in consumer marketing

Solution selling

Analytical problem solver


Relationship building

Account management

Verbal and written communication

Strategic planning

Positive and upbeat

Customer service

Coaching and mentoring


Strong interpersonal skills

Time management

Owner/Operator, 11/2017 to 07/2018

Cars and Coffee Bistro – Ponca City,Ok, Ok

I built it from an empty box, there was literally nothing but a run down building to start from. My father being gone and no friends to help I had to get busy and learn fast. Thanks to YouTube and long distance calls to my father I managed to build from a blank canvas to something truly one of a kind and somehow pass all inspections with flying colors. After building the space I began to fill it with my products that I searched so hard for to bring the cleanest coffee and food Ponca has ever seen. Knowing how Ponca is concerning there fast food diet and lack of knowledge I knew I had a high chance of failure so I had a backup plan. I am what you would call a detail specialist in the automotive field, thus the name makes sense now I am sure. I supplemented my losses in the front with my hard work in the back. Nothing was ideal but I made it work thru lots of sweat and 120 degree days in the back shop. Ponca showed me they still are not ready for this kind of business but that doesn't mean I wont try again. My achievement is I did not fail, everyone from out of town commended me for doing so in a town like Ponca, it was a great experience from start to finish. I never loose I LEARN. Running a business completely alone is not easy but I managed. The list of duties where endless so again I feel privileged to have had the chance to learn. Verified data integrity and accuracy.

Obtained documents, clearances, certificates and approvals from local, state and federal agencies. Entered details such as payments, account information and call logs into the computer system. Sourced the cleanest local beef and chicken (non antibiotic, growth hormone/ organic) had them packaged locally along with the best organic coffee in the united states. Stressed importance to keep things local.

Farm Hand, 02/2014 to 10/2017

Hembree Farms – Tonkawa, OK

I am interested in nutrition and new or should we say old ways of farming, I could go into extensive detail about how corrupt our systems are but that doesn't fix anything. Thanks to my time there I know what I have to do to provide sustainable food without destroying people or the environment. This was the best way for me to grow and learn how things really work down there on the ground before I went pointing fingers. I learned extensively form my time there from animal care to how to fix broken equipment the size of a small house with a few tools in the field. Negotiated an average of [4 to 5] harvest contracts per [year]. Drafted the annual budget and monitored expenditures. Incorporated safety procedures into every shift so that all workers were protected from accidents. Completed controlled burns to promote [Growth].

Assessed seedling survival rates.

Maintained [Hembree Farms] equipment and farm vehicles. Administered feed supplements to cows.

Personal Trainer, 03/2011 to 06/2014

NASM – Ponca City, OK

I was on the Road to Mr Oklahoma and this was a was to learn about nutrition and working with clients in a different manner. I quickly relished that there where no benefits to holding my certifications in Ponca as few will pay for the time nor is there a gym that is willing to work in such a manner, everything had to be done under the table which I did not like. I let me certs go years ago but still retain the knowledge acquired.

Managed the Personal Trainer schedule and stayed within budgeted non-session hours. Screened clients and performed client assessments. Designed and executed individual and small group exercise fitness programs and regimens. Provided clients with safe and reasonable exercises that they can perform at home or at the gym. Taught clients how to properly operate exercise equipment. Supplied clients with dietary restrictions and guidelines. Developed challenging and effective workouts to meet specific customer needs. Assessed individual progress and suggested appropriate changes. Explained exercise modifications and contraindicated movements to participants with a history of injury.

Plant Operator, 01/2012 to 10/2013

Fairfax LLC – Fairfax, OK

This job I hated then loved as someone finally saw and put me to my full potential, this job I started off as a simple roustabout for this oil company. Our company started traveling for work when the oil boom hit in the northwest. They where so short handed up there my boss at the time handed me a series of books and said are you as smart as you think you are. I smiled and said I would read and get back to him. A month later I was a pumping stations operator which you usually have to have 4 years of school for. I passed all required test and passed with flying colors on my actual plant assessment. This job is dangerous and you alone are in charge of multi million dollar plants. Sadly I suffered a knee injury and had to come back home for surgery and was unable to acquire my job back due to the fact the company sold. I could have moved to continue this path to North Dakota but a permanent job there for me with another company just was not in the cards.

Adjusted and maintained plant equipment for safety and performance. Implemented process changes.

Performed minor mechanical work and routine equipment maintenance. Adjusted pumping systems, chemical feeders, auxiliary equipment, control systems storage tank levels and pump stations indicators.

Operated specialized tools, instruments and equipment for tests and maintenance. Directly supervised all truck rack and assist loaders. Procured materials and supplies to complete daily tasks. Recorded gas volumes and processed analyzer readings. Executed field service work with little to no supervision, including water main and hydrant repairs, valve maintenance and water meter change-outs.

Developed deep understanding of regulatory requirements concerning quality, reporting standards, emergency notifications, permit renewals and inspections. Recorded inside and outside process readings on daily log sheets. Education

Retrieved and performed required tests for quality and integrity on product samples. Collected water samples to test alkalinity, hardness and residual levels. Maintained adequate water storage tank levels and pressures to meet water demand. Followed plant safety procedures, rules and regulations. Life Guard manager, 04/2008 to 09/2010

Splash Zone Waterpark – Enid, OK

One of the most enjoyable jobs I have had for the summer and I learned a lot about water care while I was there and how dirty things can be while appearing clean. Got to work on some of the equipment keep and eye on the pumps and ph balance of the water and such. Worked my way up to lead lifeguard and was tasked with many more responsibilities.

Immediately reported any damaged or broken equipment. Greeted all members in a professional and friendly manner. Ensured compliance with pool policies and procedures; offered suggestions to staff to maximize safety awareness.

Attentively watch over swimmers being quick to identify those in distress. Share tips with patrons on swimming techniques and strength training. Mentored staff to ensure smooth adoption of new customer service program. Garnered valuable swim instruction to patrons of various ages to build confidence, strength, and skills in a positive learning environment.

High School Diploma: 2006

Ponca City High School - Ponca City, OK

Associate of Applied Science: EMT BASIC, 2009

Meridian Technology Center - Stillwater, OK

Buisness, 2010

Notther Oklahoma University - Enid, OK Tonawa, Ok

Still in school and trying to finish my degree.

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