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Assistant Mental Health

Vigo, Galicia, Spain
September 09, 2018

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Maria Luisa Mondolfi Miguel

Place of Birth: El Junquito, D.C – Venezuela.

Date of Birth: 10 May 1982.

Nationality: Spanish.

NDI: 23868938K / Passport European Union: AAI419452 Address: Rúa Alvaro Cunqueiro 10, 6F- Vigo, Pontevedra - Spain 36211 Home telephone: 0034- 986422534

Cell phone: 0034- 617058456



- PhD (International Mention). University of Vigo- Spain. October 2013- February, 2018. Doctorate Program in Education, Sports and Health.

Dissertation: “Therapeutic and Educational Potentiality of Theatre for Psychological Malaise, Stereotypes and Self - Esteem Among Women with Experiences of Gender Violence”.

- Member of North American Drama Therapy Association (NADTA), as alternative training student since 2015.

- Master Degree in Theatre and Scenic Arts. University of Vigo – Spain, September 3rd of 2013.

- Graduate Psychologist from Clinical Psychology Program. Central University of Venezuela (UCV). Caracas, January 27th of 2006. Academic degree homologated for European Union in Spain on November 24th of 2010.

- Highschool Graduate. Caracas – Venezuela July 27th of 1999. PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE

Current Occupation in Vigo - Spain

Tutoring teacher at National Distance Education University (UNED) – Spain, at Psychology Degree Program. Since November, 2014.

Job Experience

Research assistant / assistant lecturer at Department of Didactics, School Planning and Research Methods, University of Vigo- Spain. Since February 2014 to February 2016: o Lecturer at Education Degree Program.

o Collaborations through University of Vigo and UNED for implementing dramatherapy and theatre- based programs with different populations: oncological patients, Parkinson ́s Disease patients, children with autism and learning disabilities, incarcerated people.

Psychologist in different contexts and with different populations (in Caracas- Venezuela): o Homeless people and patients with substances misuse and addiction problems, in therapeutic community context.

o Outpatients in primary healthcare context.

o Children and their families in a foster care program. o Consultant researcher within participatory method in studies about violence and citizen security.


- Native speaker of Spanish language.

- Advanced level of English language.


- Mondolfi, M. (2017). – Book Chapter- Programa de dramaterapia para víctimas de violencia de género [Dramatherapy program for victims of gender violence]. In Pino-Juste, M. (Ed.), Diseño y evaluación de programas educativos en el ámbito social: Actividad física y dramaterapia [Design and assessment of educational programs in social fields: Physical activity and dramatherapy]

(pp.81- 112). Madrid: Alianza. ISBN ***-**-****-730-8

- Fernández Aguayo, Sara, Olga Magaña Rodríguez, María Luisa Mondolfi Mondolfi Miguel, and Margarita Pino-Juste (2017). Effective Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction in Teachers: A bibliometric analysis. Pedagogy and Curriculum, 24 (1), pp.49-62. doi:10.18848/2327- 7963/CGP/v24i01/49-62.

- Calleja-Barcia, I., Mondolfi, M. L. & Pino- Juste, M. (2014). Study of intimate partner violence and the possibilities of its generational transmission. In Díaz-Román, A., Hita-Yáñez, E., & Ramiro, M.

(Eds.). Advances in Clinical Psychology: Book of Chapters of the VII International Congress and XII National Congress of Clinical Psychology. Sevilla: Spanish Association of Psychology. ISBN: 978- 84-608-1640-9

- Mondolfi, M.L. y Pino- Juste, M. (2014). Therapeutic and pedagogical possibilities of theatre against violence. Bibliometric analysis from Spanish and international databases. II International Congress of Educational Sciences and Development, Granada – Spain. ISBN:978-**-***-****- 8

- Soto, J. & Mondolfi, M.L. (2014). Corporal pedagogy through theatre in women with gender violence experiences. X International Congress on Sport Sciences and Physical Education. Pontevedra – Spain. ISBN:978-84-938695-7-1


- Mondolfi, M.L& Pino-Juste, M. (2105) “Analysis of Treatment Abandonment in Programs with Women Victims of Gender Violence” in the symposium “Strategies for the design and assessment of educational innovation programs in school and community environments”. 6th International Congress of Educational Sciences and Development. Setúbal- Portugal July 21st to 23rd 2018.

- Mondolfi, M.L. & Pino-Juste, M. (2105) “Design and Assessment of a Theatre Based Program for Women with Experiences of Gender Violence” Written Communication at the 16th Annual Symposium, “Working Together to Achieve Mental Health Equity: Pressing Issues, Promising Approaches and Next Steps”. Organized by UCLA Kaiser Permanente Center for Health Equity. Los Angeles - California November 18th, 2015.

- Fernández- Aguayo, S.; Magaña, O., Mondolfi, M.L. & Pino-Juste, M. (2015) "Mindfulness and Stress Reduction for the Development of Communication Skills of Teachers in the Classroom: The Challenge of Public Speaking," Workshop Presentation, at the 22nd International Conference on Learning. Madrid - Spain, July 9th to 11th 2015.

- Mondolfi, M.L. & Pino-Juste, M. (2105) Criteria for the design of drama therapy programs for women victims of gender violence. Long oral communication, at the 13th European Arts Therapies Conference. Palermo – Italy, September 16th to 19th 2015. HONORS AND AWARDS

Cum Laude distinction PhD. University of Vigo, 2018.

Academic Excellence Award for PhD. Students, University of Vigo 2014.

Magna Cum Laude distinction. Central University of Venezuela, 2006. GRANTS RECEIVED

Scholarship for doctoral studies. University of Vigo- Spain (fellowship contract) 2014-2016.

Scholarship for Master degree studies. Spanish Ministry of Education, 2013. RESEARCH STAY

University of California (UCLA) at David Geffen School of Medicine. From October 1st of 2015 to December 28th of 2015.


- PhD.,RDT, BCT. Myriam D. Savage.

e- mail:

Phone number: +1-323-***-****

- Professor, PhD. Margarita Pino-Juste


Phone number: +34 - 986801700

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