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Purchasing ligistics manager

September 09, 2018

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Engy Anwar Saleh

Canal El Suez,Moharem Bek.


Tel: 010********

e-mail :


Date of Birth:30-7-1983

Gender: (Female)

Marital Status: ( Single)

Nationality: Egyptian


El Manar English Languaue school .

Faculty of arts dep.of archeology ( 2005)

Mini MBA (Master’s in Business Administration (

(At alexanderia biblioteca )


SHIP & CREW (2007 - 2014) dep. Of transportation

ATEB ( 2014- 2016 ) transportation & Gen sets .

Farcomake for Advanced Medical Industries S.A.E. (2017).


Data entry & invoicing 2007-2008

Customer service 2008-2010

Customer service supervisor 2011-2012

Customer service & Sales team leader 2013

Customer service supervisor & credit control 2012-2014.

Responsible of customers data base .

Marketing & sales to obtain a new market .

Offers,pricing &negotiate with customers to achieve goals,

Release invoices & follow collection .

Analyzed the company procurement process based on historical data and questionnaire results which led to the identification of the weak points in the system.

Planning which resulted in shorter preparation time and less waste.

Increased the utilization of manpower by having a monthly & annual plan

Supervising entire customer service activities from requirement analysis to ensure seamless operations .

Negotiating & follow up with both operations and customers to achieve to the best result from both side customer satisfaction and company profitability.



Customer Relation Manager

Commercial Manager for Trucking and Gen-sets activities . (2015 -Till present ) .

use to manage and analyze customer interactions and data throughout the customer lifecycle, improving business relationships with customers

assisting in customer retention and driving sales growth

book new business and creates strategies for development & pricing

hires salespeople, trains them, assigns their territories, sets their quotas and monitors their activities.

Willing to make extra effort to achieve results .

(Farcomake for medical industries ).

Purchasing & logistics Manager .

Handling export and import shipments with freight forwarders .

Follow up the containers trip till the arrival to the factory .

Overseeing arrival of shipments, tracking products through depots to make sure they arrive at their destination.

Covering all the planet needs from the raw materials, ensuring stores have enough stock .

Follow up with the suppliers to have good quality with good price - on time, Planning delivery timetables.

Making sure suppliers have enough stock to meet demand.

Overseeing the ordering and packaging process.

Monitoring stock levels.

Handeling any problems from both sides factory and the suppliers .

Cost control,Controling and cutting any extra costs in both sides head office and the factory .

Controling 2 drivers to serve 3 locations needs .

People Managenent

Lead teams of professionals across various vertical of the business including customer service & operations

Provide essential training and develop cross functional team to ensure timely delivery of required work .

Capable of motivating others .

Reliable and fast reacting.

TRAINING (cources )

The intergrated program for skills developments middle management

Effective leadership skills& the stratrgic planning

The successful manager & crisis management

The successful manager and decision making

Effective marketing during the current crisis and market recession

Customer service training

Time Management

Emotion intelligence

Sales skills

Mini MBA



I have good communication and Negotiation skills,

Good leader, I have managed a team of six for 2 years

I work well with others but also like to work indepenently

I am hard worker, can work under pressure,independable always eager to learn more .

Computer skills:

I expanded my knowledge and confidence of Microsoft programs such as Internet Explorer, Word,Excel, PowerPoint and

Outlook Express. I actively enjoy researching on the Internet.

My keyboard speed and accuracy has been increased by my recent database and in systems work .

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