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Lagos, Lagos, Nigeria
September 11, 2018

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Sarah is a humble secretary working for U.S. senate! Sarah is the mother of two kid’s Kate and Ralph and becomes skeptical as she works on her new job regarding business practices that do not seem legitimate but continues with her daily work. When she arrives home she informs her husband Mike O’Neal who is the CEO of an up and coming insurance company and is in the process of “reinventing” the life insurance for a U.S. corporation.

Sarah is concerned and somewhat scared but tell Mike her plans to expose the corrupt bosses. Mike agrees that it is the right thing to do and Sarah moves forward and discusses her plan with her female colleagues. Six colleagues agree and they all work together, however, Sarah’s bosses find out of the plan and she is fired along with her colleagues. She then takes matters into her own hands and files a lawsuit against the corrupt bosses. She was successful and Sarah and her six colleagues put him in jail and were reinstated with their jobs.

Recent Accomplishments:

Talbert Okorodudu is considered an up and coming screenwriter by a Hollywood professional organization, Script Pipeline. In recent years he has written a number of screenplays and has co- written a number of successful plays. He has co-authored with several writers, such as Alex Fisher in the "MEANING," Andre Joseph in "WHY ME," and Aja Allen in "THE ISLAND OF DOLLS." Plays written by me include "TIME AND CHANCE," "BEFORE MIDNIGHT,"

"AGAINST WEST," and "MY WIFE" with Simon Eastwood. A pulp writer with Affinity Press and a holds a new position as Operations Associate with Affinity Storm Productions

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