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Business Sales and Operations Executive

Castle Rock, CO
September 07, 2018

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Director of Sales

Account Management / Team Building / Strategic Planning / Customer Experience / Supply Chain / EBITA / Lean / P&L / Six Sigma / Budgeting & Forecasting / Inventory / Product Marketing Strategy / Relationship Management

Accomplished senior sales leader with exceptional ability to guide strategic implementation of programs and strategies that meet organizational revenue goals. Exceptional ability to build high-performing sales and customer service teams that transcend traditional sales methods to better meet customer needs. Documented success in achieving sales metrics, guiding distribution strategy, and effectively collaborating with client stakeholders from CEOs to clerks. Key highlights….

Drove achievement of aggressive revenue goals that achieved EBITA and P&L benchmarks

Developed high-performing, customer-centric sales teams that met and exceeded budgeted revenue goals

Implemented customized marketing strategies to benefit customer revenues and profitability

Expanded and implemented distribution strategies that improved product availability and boosted sales

Built customer relationships and vendor alliances by bridging sales, marketing, and operational strategies.

Guided go-to-market strategies for specialized products in highly competitive markets



Factory Motor Parts

Regional Sales Manager

2017 to 2018

Managed 13 regional employees and implemented consultative selling protocols within a transaction-oriented industry. Designed territory sales and action plans for team members.

Implemented a consultative sales process within the traditionally transaction-based auto parts industry.

Designed the Outside Account Managers territory business and action plans.

Developed the following regional training programs and onboarding processes, including regional performance appraisal and review processes.

Notable Contributions:

Developed high-performing sales team. Organization lacked any professional sales policies and processes for a 13-member regional sales and customer service team. Integrated consultative sales processes into comprehensive training program to drive higher levels of customer satisfaction, retention and revenue.

Protected a major $300K account. Major account was threatened due to dissatisfaction with sales force and associated marketing support. Enforced strict timelines and scheduling with internal reps, while developing quarterly customized marketing and promotional strategies to help the company drive additional sales and revenues. Successfully saved account and improved client satisfaction.

American Tire Distributors

2008 to 2017

Market Director, 2013 to 2017

Significantly transformed and improved the performance of two distribution centers. Exceeded budgeted profitability and growth on a $53M revenue budget. Achieved P&L and EBITA goals through effective oversight of sales, marketing, supply chain and operational strategies. Developed a high-performing sales team. Key contributions include:

Developed the fiscal budget, designed and implemented marketing plans, and delivered sales and profit objectives.

Oversaw distribution center management, as well as the development and retention of sales and support staff for necessary growth

Assisted Outside Account Managers in developing and maintaining existing customers and growing new business to attain annual sales and marketing plans.

Mentored the sales staff through the application of Professional Sales Skills training, in addition to regular travel to visit customers.

Reacted quickly to market trends and competitive pressure to identify, develop and direct the implementation of a proactive business strategy, including monitoring competitors’ pricing, policies and market strategy.

Notable Contributions:

Propelled underperforming distribution centers to 110%. Distribution center performance was sliding year-over-year. Implemented aggressive inventory policies, revamped distribution strategies, corrected pricing models, and cultivated a collaborative internal environment that drove improvements within one year.

Implemented innovative regional distribution strategy. Distribution centers regularly experienced stock outs of certain items, risking customer dissatisfaction and revenue loss. Created a “meet truck” at halfway points between locations to exchange inventory. Improved revenues, reduced costs, and propelled customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Met customer demands and improved sales revenues. Customer dissatisfaction prompted a series of meetings that revealed that customers wanted more items in stock with more frequent delivery. Revised inventory ordering plans and increased inventory from $1.5M per location to $5M that drove sales from 89% to 110% of top-line sales.

Restructured customer credit lines and pricing to allow for increased sales. Created new offset credit lines for customers that increased the single-purchase buying power. Achieved higher sales revenues and low credit default rates.

Director of Business Development, 2012 to 2013.

Guided the operations of a new distribution center with full responsibility for overseeing construction, building a sale team, and executing marketing strategies to meet organizational goals. Drove nearly $10M in revenue growth within centers. Key achievements included:

Notable Contributions:

Expanded distribution strategies. Designed new distribution plan for additional and more frequent deliveries to both distribution centers. Improved ongoing inventory availability that improved sales due to product availability beyond associated distribution costs.

Saved a $MM account. Largest customer was highly dissatisfied with service and performance levels and requested meeting to terminate the business relationship. Presented a new and innovative strategy to improve service during a five-hour meeting. Changed the client’s intention to terminate the account.

Developed new distribution channels that increased sales by nearly $10M. Identified opportunity to grow revenues by servicing southern Colorado and New Mexico markets. Began daily deliveries that improved availability of products that took business away from largest competitor. Expanded market sales potential by $10M and earned accolades as the “Market of the Year.”

Regional Sales Manager, 2008 to 2011.

Met a $223M annual sales plan across a nine-state region with oversight of 21 outside sales reps and 32 customer service reps. Coached and mentored sales force. Consistently exceeded sales plans and developed regional performance and tracking programs later adopted company-wide. Key accomplishments included:

105% of plan and nominated for RSM of the Year (2011)

104% of plan (2010)

103% of plan first full year in position (2009)

Notable Contributions:

Created comprehensive training programs for organization-wide adoption at American Tire Distributors. Addressed training issues and lack of formal program by creating a regional training protocol and go-to-market strategies. Propelled success within the region leading to company-wide adoption of the program within four years.

Xerox Corporation

Printing Systems Manager

2000 to 2008

Delivered on quota of over $4M in large-scale printers and production publishing systems ranging from $50K to $1M for major data centers and reprographic print centers within the Federal Government market. Has extensive knowledge of data streams from mainframes and area servers. Worked with languages, protocols of the mainframes, area servers, and software enablers. Sales are based on solution selling and customer applications.

completed Xerox management training program. Key contributions included:

Achieved 112% of quota and grew year over year revenue by 10%

2004 achieved 197% of quota and achieved President's Club

Finished 2004 2nd in the country -out of 30 specialists

2003 achieved 124% of quota

2002 achieved 140% of quota

Grew 2002 year over year revenue by 40%

2002 achieved top 10% of sales force

Number two Production Solutions Executive for the Xerox Federal Marketplace in 2001

Notable Contributions:

Won key accounts through the development of customized solutions. Identified unique need for removable hard drive technology at Schriever AFB. Working within the parameters of existing contracts, provided needed solution that provided client with better security and flexibility. Secured account from future attrition.

Additional Experience: Owner/Manager at Enviro-Graphics; Territory Sales Manager at Wang Laboratories.


Bachelor of Science, Concentration in Business Marketing and Management.

Colorado State University, Fort Collins, Colorado


Account Management Team Building Strategic Planning Customer Experience Supply Chain EBITA Lean Six Sigma P&L Budgeting Budgets Forecasting Inventory Management Product Marketing Relationship Management Distribution Operations Business Development Regional Sales Selling Process Sales Calls Presentations Reporting Wholesale Microsoft Office Supply Chain Management Enterprise Sales Direct Sales Strategic Sales Distribution Management Wholesale Retail Data Mining Automotive Sales Business Planning Consumer Goods Onsite Services

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