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Electrical Engineering Design

Dallas, TX
September 07, 2018

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To obtain opportunity in electrical engineering, preferably in RF design and verification, utilizing solid academic knowledge, rich project experiences, problem solving and team communication skills.


Tools & Utilities: ADS, Cadence Virtuoso, FEKO, HFSS, MATLAB, AWR Microwave Office,

AWR Axiem, Altium Designer

Hardware Tools: Vector Network Analyzers, Spectrum Analyzer, Oscilloscope, Signal Generator, Calibration kit, Power Meter

RF Design &Test Parameters: RF transceiver architecture, Noise Figure, P1dB, IP3, VSWR, Return loss, Impedance matching, Smith chart, S-Parameters, Sensitivity, Probe Measurements of Resistance/Capacitance

Programming Languages: C, C++, LabView


Q-based design of an LNA (2017)

Analyzed and designed single stage inductively source degenerated cascode LNA at 1.84GHz

The amplifier was designed for a low Noise Figure of <1.8 dB, Gain > 15dB, IIP3(input) >- 10dBM and Return loss <10 dB at 1.84GHz

Using AWR Microwave Office and Cadence Virtuoso to optimize the trade-off between noise figure, gain, bandwidth, stability and return loss

Design, Simulation, Milling and Testing of Passive RF & Microwave Components (2017)

Passive Design: MMIC filter, Microstrip Resonators, Microstrip 3-dB Wilkinson power divider, Edge Coupled Directional coupler, Butterworth low-pass filter, Chebyshev 0.5 dB ripple low-pass microstrip filter

Performed EM Simulation (AXIEM), Tested circuit performances in the lab, compared predicted and measured specifications

Cascade Two-Stage Low Noise Amplifier Design using the NEC 710 Low Noise Transistor (2017)

Designed two-stage Low Noise Amplifier (LNA) with Input, Output and Inter-stage matching networks and simulated in AWR

The amplifier was designed for a low Noise Figure of <2 dB, Gain >18dB & Return loss<10 dB at 10GHz

Obtained gain of 20.8 dB, NF of 1.96dB, BW3dB of 3.389 GHz and BW20dB of 5.923GHz and unconditional stable.


Master of Science, Electrical Engineering Aug 2016 - May 2018

University of Texas at Dallas

GPA: 3.455/4.0

Bachelor of Science, Electrical Engineering Aug 2013 - Aug 2016

University of Texas at Dallas

GPA: 3.5/4.0

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