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Administrative Support

Enola, PA
September 06, 2018

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Deanna Rae Selvey

**** ****** **

Enola Pa ***** US

Mobile: 717-***-****


Availability: Job Type: Permanent 10/2008- 05/15/18

Work Schedule: Full Time Hours per week: 40

Work Experience: Defense Logistics Agency Series: 0303 Pay Plan: GS Grade: 07

New Cumberland, Pa United States

Administrative Support Assistant Lead (this is a federal Job)

Supervisor: Paul Finn 717-***-****

Okay to contact this supervisor: Yes

As an Administrative support assistant lead I serve as an administrative officer by providing a wide range of administrative functions. Also a wide variety of technical advice and assistance for administrative, personnel, and management-related functions within the organization. Skilled in evaluating program execution. I prepare requests for personnel action for awards, promotions, and reassignments and supply management. Implement depot level award policy and procedures, review justifications of submitted award request and advice mangers on appropriateness of award types and momentary amounts, ensuring across the board. Possess knowledge of accounting methods, procedures and techniques as well as administrative policies and regulations. Work closely with managers throughout the organization in formulating policies and making decision on matters impacting administrative functions. Implement guidance or procedures to address administrative and technical problems with employees and management. Utilize and analyze financial and accounting systems, concepts and techniques to supply management and recommend alternative solutions to streamline and improve administrative distribution processes through applying analytical and evaluative techniques. Research, analyze, and make recommendations for policies and procedures for New Cumberland site K. Coordinate a variety of administrative and staff support assignments, projects and studies. Present briefings to department management and employees for various meetings. Oversee all special projects develop plans to implement and ensure information is relayed to all personnel. Provide security to all confidential information obtained formally and informally. I have the ability to analyze budgetary information. Handle information that is classified as sensitive. Develop Standard Operation Procedures for (SOP) for leave without pay packets (LWOP). Prepare and developed MEMRADIUM of Instructions (MOI) for the following process. Leave Without Pay (LWOP), Family Medical Act Leave (FMLA) and Hardship requests. This helps improve Lean Methodology for improving the process and redundancy of leave without pay packets (LWOP). I work closely with managers throughout the organization in formulating policies and making decisions on matters impacting administrative functions. Participates in administrative and analyzes workload data to determine the effectiveness of various administrative operations. Have knowledge conducting studies of employee/organizational

efficiency and productivity and recommending changes or improvements in organization. Ensure my team is maintaining records management on existing and newly created records, classifying and storing them according to standard operating procedures. Work closely with all levels of management to formulate plans, conduct studies and analyze data including special projects by preparing charts, graphs and narrative information for management or program analysis. Develop, execute and maintain databases to monitor current year training requirements completions and categories of training. Advises supervisors and coordinates with the servicing Human Resources Office on various performance management, labor/employee relations, position classification, staffing recruitment, employees’ development, and drug testing issues. Coordinate training and availability with superiors notify supervisors using oral and written communication skills via email and memorandum of training in order to maximize participation. Possess knowledge of distribution operations. Initiate, develop and update briefing material used by shift managers assuring current information and statistical accuracy. I analyzing and evaluating, on a quantitative or qualitative basis, the effects that staffing levels have on funding levels. Through innovative thinking, Develop and maintains staffing models and manning documents for organization using various software programs such as Microsoft Excel and Microsoft word. I am able to use automated systems and software proficiently. Ensure documents are timely and accurately filed and retired or transferred according to regulations. Maintain and approves personnel related records. I work closely with HR and provide advice and guidance to management on employee and labor relations issues. Analyze employee relations problems and recommend action taken in compliance with regulations. I have investigated and prepared recommendations regarding confidential and complex labor relations issues. Provide and coordinate provision of a range of work-related dispute resolution services as required, to include mediation, conciliation, negotiation, and formal arbitration. Provided assistance of collective bargaining agreements, grievance processing and resolution under negotiated procedures. I assist and advise managers and supervisors in regard to bargaining unit contract queries, and progressive discipline methods and procedures. Interpret status, rules and regulations and case laws. Developed innovated approaches and solutions and conducted thorough, confidential investigations of complex employee issues. Recommended course of actions with effective resolutions and applies knowledge and understanding of HR guidelines and regulation. Provided HR principles, concepts and practice advice to all EDC employees. Interpreted status, rules and regulations to employees. Time keeping responsibilities including time and attendance input for all supervisors and administrative personnel as designated by management. With direction from Assist Deputy Shift managers, administrative officer and supervisors, I resolve problems with pay deductions, overtime and travel arrangement issues pertaining to emergency essential personnel. Assist floor supervisors with health benefits, leave without Pay actions, employee hardships and Thrift Saving Plan issues. Assists in formulating managements position on and participates in labor\management negotiations relative to organizational alignment, tours of duty, position management, and staffing level related issues. in Participate in special projects or studies that involve information research, conducting investigations, gathering data, report compilation. Assign work to subordinates relying on my leadership skills, professionalism, teamwork mindset, strategic focus and internal customer service skills, based on priorities, consideration of difficulty and requirements. Advise and provide guidance to our management assistants involving policy and procedure development. Take part in the interviewing and new hiring

procedures. Use my excellent communication skills both orally and written to perform my job on a daily basis. I use these skills to communicate with my management assistant and management on a daily basis.

Defense Logistics Agency

New Cumberland, Pa United States 10/2007- 10/2008

Hours per week: 40

Series: 0303 Pay Plan: GS Grade: 06

Management Support Assistant (This is a federal Job)

Supervisor: John Kost 717-***-****

Okay to contact this supervisor: yes

As a Management Assistant Leader, I independently perform the following major duties on a regular basis under minimal or no supervision. Gather, analyze and input Individual Standard Production (ISP). Compile and organize data into various formats as requested by management to prepare reports using spreadsheets (Excel), charts, and graphs (Power Point). Conduct studies of the workforce using trend analysis on bi-weekly and month to month bases by reporting workflow/ productivity structures of individual employees and workforce on a whole, which help to show supervision where strengths and weakness lie. Create and develop process improvements to alleviate the workload on the supervisors. Perform random audits and efficiency reviews to ensure production planning and teamwork schedules are accomplished to support the mission. Coordinate the administrative, technical, and logistical support for educational programs and course schedules. Developed training schedule and track status of completions for LMS and other training programs. Records Management of over 100 employee personnel files which I maintain on a daily basis keeping up to date files of work standards, any certificate earned by employee. Research and maintain files and other reference material to organize and present information when preparing reports. On a daily basis, I perform data collection via Defense Distribution Center (DDC) Intranet, and record statistical reports such as production, leave usage, overtime, audits and staffing. Contact Defense Distribution Depot personnel to plan and coordinate new projects. Research experience is used to perform support functions such as supply, budget and procurement. Have considerable knowledge in the operation and use of a personal computer to maintain data base of resources and supply status for each project. I assign work by defining objectives, priorities, deadlines and the capability of the employee. I am responsible for planning and carrying out work and/or resolving problems that arise, in accordance with agency standards. I have good management and strategic planning skills, so that I can be effective in accomplishing mission goals. I sought by my peers for advise on process improvement and process development. I provide leadership and monitor the workload for various projects. It is imperative to have resource stewardship and the knowledge of organizational structures, missions, and chains of command to be efficient in completing assigned tasks. I have professional oral and written communication skills to prepare and present findings and recommendations. Knowledgeable in DOD, DDC and DLA regulations and administrative policies directives procedural guidelines which typically specify requirements and procedures to be followed. I am responsible for inputting Automated Time, Attendance and Production System (ATAAPS), Daily Production Log and maintain program and attendance records, ensuring that records are accurate. I identify problems and make corrections to attendance sheet and production logs for audit purposes.

Education: East Pennsboro Enola, PA

PA United States

High School diploma or equivalent 6/1990

Job related training:

07/2005 Pick, Pack and Stow Class DDSP 2 WEEK COURSE.

04/2006 completed hazardous training.

05/2006 Solid wood packing material.

03/2007 leadership course 2-day course

03/2007 leadership course 2 day course

10/2008 successfully completed the Defense Distribution Management Course.


08/2006 - gas card

09/2006 - on the spot cash award

11/2010 - on the spot cash award

12/2014 - Employee of the month

2/2015 - on the spot cash award

3/2016 -1,200.00 award


Michele Brandt 717-***-**** Human Resource Specialists

Lynne Rice 717-***-**** Human Resource Specialists

Kim Rogers 717-***-**** Human Resources Specialists

Tammy Gantz 717-***-**** Human Resources Specialists

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