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CLient Service Coordinator Electronic Data Services

Waukee, IA
September 06, 2018

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Result d riven, C ustomer S ervice P rofessional w ith o ver 1 5 y ears o f e xperience in a v ariety o f c ustomer s ervice s ituations. H ighly o rganized, e ffective p roblem solving s kills, e fficient i n m ultitasking, h ighly m otivated, h andle s tress v ery well, I m anage m y t ime e ffectively, I w ork w ell o n m y o wn o r w ith a t eam, I a m willing t o g o t hat e xtra m ile f or s uccess. Very g ood w ith p eople, h igh v olume a nd i ssue r esolution. I h ave w orked r emotely f or t he p ast 7 y ears. I w ork w ell w ithout c onstant supervision.


Principal F inancial G roup 0 4/01/2011~08/01/2017 Client S ervice S pecialist/Coordinator

08/01/2017- p resent

Research f ile t ransfers, c ompliance t esting, R eports, Statements, U tilizing S alesforce, B alancing B ooks f or monthly s hifts, P rocessing b eneficiary r equets, L oans etc.

Customer S ervice R epresentative I I

Electronic D ata S ervices S pecialist I I

04/01/2011- 0 8/01/2017

Inbound c all c enter c ustomer s ervice r ep, C orporate Directory, R eset O nline P asswords

Set u p U sernames, D ocumenting C alls, D irecting c alls t o the c orrect D epartment o r P erson,

Project w ork, E mployer P asswords, S et u p G roup Administration A ccess, F ile T elephonic D isability Claims,

Information S ervices f or E mployer f ile t ransfers, trouble s hoot f ile i ssues, w eb e rrors a nd b asic information.

1099r q uestions, C o-Browse, B asic t rouble s hooting. Manpower, D es M oines, I owa P rincipal F inancial G roup 11/09~ 4 /2011

Inbound c all c enter c ustomer s ervice r ep, C orporate Directory, R eset O nline P asswords

Set u p U sernames, D ocumenting C alls, D irecting c alls t o the c orrect D epartment o r P erson,

Project w ork, E mployer P asswords, S et u p G roup Administration A ccess, F ile T elephonic D isability Claims,Return P in l etters, R esend o nce a ddress i s updated, D ocument a ctivity f or P in L etter, O utbound Calls f or p in L etters,Delivery o f M ail t hroughout t he building, P icking u p m ail

throughout t he b uilding, K eeping p aper s tocked f or Departments c opy m achines, F ollow S ecurity p rotocol f or verification, w arm c onnect c alls.



CSRII, i nbound c all c enter c ustomer s ervice r ep, f ollow security p rotocol f or v erification, a ssist h omeowners with a ll m ortgage i ssues, p rocess p ayments, v erify t ax information, e scrow i ssues, h omeowners i nsurance, mortgage i nsurance, f axing c opies o f c losing d ocuments, generate p ayoff q uotes, v erify i nterest r ate, i nterest paid, r efinancing i nformation, l ate f ees, u pdating personal i nformation, f orwarding t o c ollections o r foreclosure.

Document d etails o f e very p hone c all o n h ome o wners account.

Send o ut s urvey c ards. C ross S ell.

EARLHAM H IGH S CHOOL, E arlham, I owa


HIGH S CHOOL S TUDY H ALL S UPERVISOR, S upervise 8 h ours o f high s chool s tudy h all, k eep a ttendance, m ake s ure k ids stay

on t ask. S upervising I n S chool s uspension, t aking additional c lasses w hen c oaches n eeded t o l eave e arly. Parent n otification o n 9 t h h our s tudy h all. 9 t h h our s tudy hall w as i mplemented f or s tudents w ho d id n ot g et t heir work

done, t hey c ould c ome t o m y 9 t h h our s tudy h all a nd s till get

75% c redit. I ssuing d etentions w hen t he n eed a rose. Assisting w ith a dditional p rojects w hen m y h elp w as needed.

Bus d uty, t aking t ickets o r m oney f or e xtra c urricular events a t t he s chool. D ue t o b udget c uts a t t he s chool this

position w as e liminated.



COOK r esponsible f or c ooking, s erving, c leaning f or 6 0 plus

children f rom t he a ge o f 2 a nd u p. R esponsible f or posting a

month i n a dvance t he m enu a nd t he a fternoon s nacks. Well

balanced n utritional m eals. K eeping i nventory, o rdering stock. S erving f ood a t t he c orrect t emperature. K eeping track o f s pecific c hildren w ith s pecific a llergies. C PR First A id.

This w as a t emporary j ob t hrough s chool y ear, t hey h ad a

summer c ook. L eft t his j ob t o w ork n ext d oor a t t he local

High S chool.



ADMINISTRATION A SSISTANT, I w as b rought i nto t his office t o

assist J oel, t he n ew a gent, i n s etting u p a ll h is client

files a nd t ransferring i t a ll t o a n ew c omputer s ystem. I

arranged m eetings w ith e very c lient, u pdated t heir i nfo and

pictures i nto s ystem, a nswered p hones, s et u p c alendar with

yearly r eminders w ho w as c oming d ue. G ot l eads o n potential

new c lients. J oel w as n ew t o D allas C ounty a nd I a m from

their s o I d id t he i ntroductions t o m ake c lients m ore comfortable. W hen I c ompleted a ll c lient i nformation set u p

and l oaded i nto s ystem m y j ob w as d one. I s imply h elped him

get s tarted w ith h is c areer a s a n I nsurance A gent w ith Farm


MARSH, W est D es M oines, I owa


CUSTOMER S ERVICE R EPRESENTATIVE, i nbound c all c enter, Administration O f G roup U niversal L ife I nsurance. Updating

beneficiary i nformation, b illing e mployers f or t he cost,

coverage i ncreases, d ecreases, o pen e nrollment. H ad 4 of m y

own a ccounts t o d o m onthly r econciliation f rom p ayroll deductions. O pen e nrollment p eriods, h andled w ritten requests a s w ell. D ocument d etails o f e very c all o n customers a ccount, c ontinuosly u pdating i nsurance information. C ontacting p ayroll w ith a ll c hanges. Sending

out f orms, v erifying e mployment. T his p osition w as outsourced t o I ndia.

COUNTRY K ITCHEN, S tuart, I owa


RESTAURANT A SSISTANT M ANAGER, r esponsible f or h iring, training, f iring, p ayroll, a ccounts r eceivable, accounts

payable, p rofit/loss r eports. K eeping t he s taff o n h and to

keep p rofilt a t a n a cceptable l evel. I nventory, ordering,

daily b ooks, d aily b ank d eposits, b ank r econciliations, scheduling. I f illed i n a s c ook, h ostess, s erver, dishwasher. I j umped i n w herever I w as n eeded. I w as responsible f or a pproximately 4 0 e mployees, t heir schedules,

and p ayroll. M ost o f e mployees w ere h igh s chool students s o

mediation c ame u p a l ot. T his w as a n e xtremely f ast paced

job, m ultitasking w as a m ust. M y p rofits d epended o n good

customer s ervice a nd I m ade s ure e veryone w as w ell trained

to o ffer g reat s ervice. I t hrived i n t his p osition, loved

the r esponsibility a nd t he w ork. T he r eason I l eft t his position w as t he b irth o f m y t wins.

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