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September 06, 2018

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Overall 5 years of IT experience in Analysis, Design, Development, Testing and Maintenance of Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing projects using Micro Strategy platform.

Micro Strategy Professional with extensive experience in BI project implementation, architecture, development and administration.

Expertise in using Micro Strategy product suite which includes Micro Strategy Intelligence Server, Micro Strategy Desktop/Developer, Narrowcast Server, Micro Strategy Architect, Administrator, Micro Strategy Office, Web, Visual Insight, Micro Strategy Object Manager

Experience in Full Life Cycle Implementation of Data warehouse projects

Good knowledge of business/process dataflow in organizations

Experience working on projects involving Star Schema and Snowflake Schema models

Extensively worked in creating and integrating Micro Strategy reports and objects (Attributes, Filters, Metrics, Facts, Prompts, etc.) with the data warehouse

Experience in creating complex reports in Micro Strategy Desktop using features like Templates, Transformations, Drill maps, Custom Groups and Consolidations

Experience in creating Report Service Documents, pixel perfect Dashboards and Visual Insight analytics

Expertise in working with very large databases like Oracle, SQL Server, Teradata, Sybase, Netezza with Micro Strategy

Experience in implementing Slowly Changing Dimensions within Micro Strategy Projects

Good experience in UNIX scripting and TSQL, PL/SQL programming

Ability to perform well in a group or individually and can cope well in a high intensity work environment

Strong quantitative, analytical, problem solving, communication and people skills.


BI Tools

Micro Strategyv10.4, v10.1, v9.4.1, v9.3.1, v9.2.1, v9.1.0, v9.0.2, v8.0.3/8.1 Micro strategy Administrator, Micro Strategy Desktop, Micro Strategy Intelligence Server, Micro Strategy Web, Micro Strategy Narrowcast Server, Micro Strategy OLAP Services, Micro Strategy Architect, Micro Strategy Distribution Services, Micro Strategy Office), Narrowcast Server, Business Objects.


Oracle 10g/9i/8i, MS Access, Teradata, MS SQL Server, DB2

Front End Tools

Oracle Developer 2000, Oracle Designer 2000, Visual Basic 6, SQL Navigator, Toad

Operating Systems

Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows vista, Windows 7, UNIX



Office Tools

MS Word, Excel, MS Visio, MS Project, MS Outlook


Master in Information System & Engineering Management, Harrisburg University, Harrisburg, PA

Master of Healthcare Administration, Webster University, Webster Groves, MO

B.Com, Maharaja Sayajirao University, Baroda, India


Jabil, St Petersburg, FL Oct 2017 to Present

Micro Strategy Developer

Project Description: Jabil is involved in design engineering services. The company has industrial design services that concentrate on designing the look and feel of plastic and metal enclosures that house printed circuit board assemblies and systems. Mechanical design services of Jabil include dimensional design and analysis of electronic and optical assemblies. Computer assisted design from Jabil includes printed circuit board assembly design testing and verification and other consulting services


Participated in BI team meetings to discuss the user requirements.

Involved in the gathering of business requirements and translating them to the report specifications for the MicroStrategy platform.

Reviewed requirement specifications and worked on preparation of ETL design documents.

Analyzed and detected the data quality issues and recommended corrective courses of action.

Development of Mappings based on given requirements and business rules to load data from desired source tables to target tables.

Designed Logical data model and Physical data models for the MicroStrategy applications.

Architected schema objects such as Attributes, Facts, Hierarchies and Transformations.

Manipulated various attribute properties to enforce right table joins.

Created various MicroStrategy objects such as Metrics (simple and compound), Filters, and Prompts.

Used Advanced, Conditional, Transformation and Level metrics to create complex reports.

Developed user-defined BI applications, projects against the business model stored in repository using MicroStrategy Architect.

Created transformations (Table Based and Expression Based) for YTD (Year to date), MTD (Month to date) and WTD (Week to date) analysis.

Implemented Report Data Options, Formatting, Dynamic Dates, VLDB Properties, Advanced Sorting, Prompt Ordering, and Totals, Outline Mode based upon the business user change request on UAT Testing.

Involved in Customer Support, Maintenance & Performance Tuning of reports.

Worked with MicroStrategy Object Manager to move objects among the Development, Testing and Production environments.

Created reports with various object prompts to generate various Ad hoc reports.

Created various Monthly Dynamic Dashboard documents for Field marketing people with multiple panel stacks, selectors and customized widgets.

Environment: Micro strategy 10.4 (Desktop, Administrator, Architect, Intelligence Server, Web and Enterprise Manager), SQL Studio 17, Excel UNIX.

Christiana hospital, Newark, DE July 2016 to Sept 2017

Sr. Micro Strategy Developer/Admin

Project Description: Christiana Care Health System is a network of private, non-profit hospitals providing health care services to all of Delaware and portions of seven counties bordering the state in Pennsylvania, Maryland and New Jersey. The system includes two hospitals in Delaware, Wilmington Hospital and Christiana Hospital, as well as the Eugene du Pont Preventive Medicine & Rehabilitation Center, the Helen F. Graham Cancer Center, the Center for Heart & Vascular Health, Visiting Nurse Association and a wide range of outpatient and satellite services. It is headquartered in Wilmington, Delaware.


Involved in implementing the Full Life Cycle of the project starting with gathering requirements from the business users and documenting the specifications to delivering the end reporting solutions.

Performed data analysis, data mapping, gap analysis, data integration from multiple sources, created data dictionary.

Involved in Micro Strategy upgrade to version 10.

Created Micro Strategy Schema objects and Application objects by creating Attributes, Facts, User hierarchies, reports, filters and metrics using Micro Strategy Desktop.

Designed and Developed Reports and Templates (Standard and Ad Hoc) using complex Filters, Prompts and compound Metrics.

Experience in creating complex reports in Micro Strategy Desktop using features like Templates, Transformations, Custom Groups and Consolidations.

Used the Object Manager to migrate the objects from Development to UAT/Production environment in Micro Strategy.

Extensively created Micro Strategy Report Services Documents, Dashboards for Web & Mobile (iPad) users.

Created Report Builder, Visual Insight screens for power users to help them create their own reports, dashboards.

Used Information windows extensively on iPad based dashboards for better interactivity and navigation.

Created Intelligence Cubes in Micro Strategy to overcome performance issues related to Report Service Documents using high volume datasets. Using I-cubes improved performance of the RS documents significantly.

Used Micro Strategy Distribution Manager for automation of reports that saved many man hours every day and helped departments focus on data analysis instead of data generation. This helped in accuracy and integrity of data presentation.

Depending on the requirement, used database specific Micro Strategy OLAP pass through functions like Apply Simple, Apply Comparison to overcome complex logic in creating objects

Widely used VLDB properties to set default criteria at project level and at individual report levels to overcome performance issues.

Tuned Business Intelligence driver to improve data transfer rates between database and Micro Strategy servers located at different physical locations

Experience working in various environments with change management, defect tracking and status reporting processes

Environment: Micro Strategy 10/9.3 (Intelligence Server, Administrator, Desktop/Developer, Web, Distribution Services, Visual Insight, Mobile, Object Manager, Command Manager), Linux, Windows Server, Oracle 11gR2, SQL Server.

Centene Corporation, Saint Louis MO Jan 2016 to June 2016

Micro Strategy Developer/Admin

Project Description: Centene Corporation is a large publicly-traded company and a leading multi-line healthcare enterprise that serves as a major intermediary for both government-sponsored and privately-insured health care programs. The main lines of Centene include Medicare, Medicaid, The Health Insurance Marketplace System, (via the ACA), Tricare, as well as traditional commercial insurance. It is the second-largest publicly-traded corporation in the state of Missouri.


Involved in the complete Life cycle of the Project.

Participated in the end user meetings to obtain the business requirements for creating reports.

Involved in the data analysis.

Used the Project Creation Wizard to create Facts and Attributes and used the respective editors to enhance them.

Created Schema Objects like facts, attributes, hierarchies and application objects filters, prompts, metrics, reports.

Generated reports using Advanced Metric objects, Filters, Prompts and created Customized Templates to facilitate the End users to create customized reports by choosing Filters, Metrics and Report Attributes

Created Advanced Reports in grid mode and graph mode using Micro Strategy Desktop.

Worked extensively in Micro Strategy Administration like Creation of new users, roles, privileges, shared folders, access controls list.

Taking regular Backups of the Production Metadata in SQL Server Database

Created advanced grid reports, consisting of data analysis by combining a template with filters.

The end-users could generate ad-hoc report by drilling up, down, within and across dimension or anywhere.

Created Customized Hierarchy for Drill Maps.

Created Free form SQL Reports.

Involved in creating users in Micro Strategy Desktop for testing the reports on Web.

Worked along with Micro Strategy Knowledge Base to troubleshoot some Report related issues.

Used Report cache sharing and Data mart reports to enhance the Report response time.

Used Micro Strategy Object Manager to deploy the Micro Strategy Objects from the development stage to the Test stage and then to the Production environment.

Extensively used Micro Strategy Report Services to generate Report Documents.

Designed an efficient BI Dashboard for the Company Executives, through efficient use of Micro Strategy Report Services.

Used conditional formatting feature to project trends for product sales and to enhance grid and graphs in documents.

Involved in troubleshooting micro strategy Web Reports, optimizing the SQL using the VLDB Properties.

Worked with Erwin in designing the schema for database views.

Responsible for creating process flows to execute mappings with the dependencies in Oracle warehouse Builder.

Involved in monitor users' typical actions and system usage by using Enterprise Manager.

Involved in optimization of code and tuning queries for performance.

Developed JSP’s with Custom Tag Libraries for control of the business processes in the middle-tier and was involved in their integration.

Implemented Struts Action classes using Struts controller component.

Developed Web services (SOAP) through WSDL in Apache Axis to interact with other components.

Environment: Micro strategy 9.3 (Desktop, Administrator, Architect, Narrowcast Server, Intelligence Server, Web and Enterprise Manager), Oracle 10g, Erwin, Windows, UNIX.

Bank of Baroda, Ahmedabad, India April 2013 to May 2014

BI Consultant/ Micro strategy Admin

Project Description: Bank of Baroda is an Indian state-owned International banking and financial services company headquartered in Vadodara (earlier known as Baroda) in Gujarat, India. It is the second largest bank in India, next to State Bank of India. Its headquarters is in Vadodara, it has a corporate office in Mumbai.


Involved in gathering of business requirements.

Architected schema objects such as attributes, facts and transformations.

Created a DB instance for Micro Strategy and added all the tables, table prefixes and updated the table structure required for the Project.

Created various Micro Strategy objects such as Metrics (simple and compound), Filters, Prompts, Custom Groups, Consolidations, etc.

Worked with micro strategy Object Manager to move objects among the Development, Testing and Production environments.

Involved in testing of the entire project when Teradata is upgraded from V2.5 to V2.6.

Involved in upgrade process of micro strategy 8.1.2 to 9.0.

Writing BAT file to call Command manager to execute Service.

Created custom attribute functionalities using OLAP services.

Set Up Micro Strategy and Windows Performance Counters and Log them to Text or CSV for Performance Tracking.

Perform Daily Checks for job Monitor, user sessions and Cache Monitor to keep the system stable.

Micro strategy Intelligent Server Tuning for performance.

Creation of Intelligent Cubes and sharing to reduce the database load and decreasing the report execution time by using the cube services.

Involved in creating services and objects in Narrowcast server.

Used Narrowcast Sever for timely delivery of report for authorized users.

Created various event based Schedules.

Actively participated in developing Report Delivery Schedules.

Created reports with various object prompts to generate various Ad hoc reports.

Worked with Erwin in designing the schema for database views.

Actively participated in creation of Dashboards for Revenue recognition, Claims processing and employee Performance.

Created Dynamic Dashboard documents for Field marketing people with multiple panel stacks, selectors and customized widgets.

Involved in gathering business requirements, analyzing the project, coming up with low level design, and then developing the code as per design.

Worked with Business Analyst and Architect in requirement Analysis and prepared detailed software requirement document.

Developed view components using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Ajax and JQuery.

Environment: Micro Strategy Desktop, Micro Strategy Intelligence Server 9.0 / 8.1.2, Micro Strategy Web, Teradata, and Windows 2000/2003.

Bank of Baroda, Ahmedabad, India Oct 2012 to Nov 2013

Finance Analyst

Project Description: Bank of Baroda is an Indian state-owned International banking and financial services company headquartered in Vadodara (earlier known as Baroda) in Gujarat, India. It is the second largest bank in India, next to State Bank of India. Its headquarters is in Vadodara, it has a corporate office in Mumbai.


Provide professional support to the Project Executive on accounts

Prepare accurate forecasts, and updating on regular basis

Provide analysis of Revenue, Cost, and GP to reach Targets and Plan

Reconcile Revenue, Cost, and Tax

Assist with Accounts Receivable in collection of funds

Extensively used Integrity Manager for verifying report/document SQL's and data in different environments: Dev, UAT and Prod.

Taking Baselines, Project Comparison between different environments for different projects using Integrity Manager.

Budget forecasting Support: Improved budget forecast process by conducting detailed analysis, providing thorough

Process journal entries for accruals, deferrals, and transfer of cost

Provide accurate outlook and bridging of deltas for month end and quarter close

Provide accurate invoicing to client

stakeholder budget support Interacting with Different Team involved in Deployments and Migrations for Code Migrations to Different Environments.

Extensively used Object Manager in Migrating objects between different environments Dev, Test and Production.

Experience in Enterprise Manager Activities like generating reports based on system performances and user analysis Involving in upgradation of 8.4

Experience on installations of Micro strategy products on client machines based on roles and privileges.

Environment: Micro Strategy 8.1, Intelligence Server, Web, Administration, SQL Server 2012, PL/SQL.

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