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Saint Paul, MN
September 06, 2018

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Timothy Michael Stanislav

Web Developer - *M

Saint Paul, MN 55102


Career Overview

I am a passionate Junior Developer. I focus primarily on Javascript, HTML, CSS, front end development. I am eager to improve software development skills. I am thrilled there is always so much to learn and improve. I am excited to learn and evolve with an experienced team.

Portfolio and Projects

I have been learning and practicing coding skills by building projects almost every day for the past 2 years. View these links to see how my code journey has progressed and for an overview of my work in code.

My Website:




Weatherscope, July 2018

A React application that displays local weather information based on the user’s geolocation.

Bayes-Predictor-JS, Jun 2018

A React JS application to calculate probabilities of events using Bayes' Theorem.

Pomodoro-JS, Jan 2018

A productivity timer to assist in managing focus and breaks.

Top Github Viewer, May 2018

A dashboard viewer for viewing the top Github repositories (Javascript, Ruby, Python) based on their star count.

Simon-JS, Feb 2018

A classic Simon game simplified.

Tic-Tac-Toe, Jan 2018

A tic tact toe game for the browser. Play against the ai.

Advanced Algorithm Library, Dec 2017

A library of algorithms engineered using vanilla Javascript.

Software Development Skills

High: Javascript, HTML, CSS/grid

Medium: React, Algorithms, Debugging/Testing, Bootstrap, Agile, Linux, Jira, Documentation

Low: jQuery, PhP, Python, Graphic Design, SQL

Professional Experience

Web Developer, 3M - Maplewood, MN - December 2017 to Present

Handled technical issues and design pattern flaws.

Advised 3M partners on technical specifications and usage.

Initiated site configuration file creation and maintenance.

Centralized and overhauled technical clarification documentation.

Scrutinized new site capabilities.

Standardized site themes across global web platform.

Screened new Design Pattern Library components.

Software Development Freelance, August 2014 to Present

Achieved certification in freeCodeCamp’s front end libraries React course.

Engineered a Bayesian probability calculator using React, CSS Grid and Flexbox.

Designed and implemented a Github top repository viewer application using React and Javascript.

Built a Simon memory application using CSS Grid and Javascript

Awarded certification in the freeCodeCamp front end online bootcamp.

Devised and organized two libraries of algorithms in Javascript.

Developed a local weather web application using JSON data and api requests.

Implemented two genetic algorithm simulations using Javascript and p5 JS

Redesigned three native applications with Python and the Pygame module

Achieved completion of Code Academy, Khan Academy, Javascript, Html and CSS courses.

Created a graphical user interface in Python.


Front End Development Certification in Software Development Engineering, freeCodeCamp - January 2017 to March 2018

Landscape Architecture Master’s Program, University of Minnesota - Minneapolis, Minnesota 2010-2011

B.S. Journalism, Print Journalism, University of Wisconsin - River Falls, Wisconsin 2005-2009

Minor - History, University of Wisconsin - River Falls, Wisconsin 2005-2009

General Skills

Problem Solving and Analysis

Concentration and Focus

Technical learning and Comprehension


Negotiation, Oral and Written Communication.

Operating Systems

Typography, Grammar and Style



Fiction Writing

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