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Security Officer

Fredericksburg, VA, 22407
September 08, 2018

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Joseph V. Fulco, ISP®

Security Professional

Fredericksburg, VA 22407



Board Certified Industrial Security Professional (ISP) – 2007 - present.

Top Secret Security Clearance granted September 2013.

Job History

June 2018 – Present

Fenice Industrial Security Consultants, LLC, Fredericksburg, VA

President/Senior Consultant

Provides advisory security services to government contractors, including program support, self-inspections, security system training, facility sponsorship, Operational Security (OPSEC), and Security Education and Awareness on a consultant basis. Assistance in personnel clearance processing and processing paperwork for facility clearances including the initial Security Agreement with the government. System training for the Joint Personnel Adjudication System (JPAS), Industrial Security Facility Database (ISFD), Electronic Facility Clearance System (e-FCL), Synchronized Pre-deployment & Operational Tracker (SPOT), and Army Centralized Contracts and Security Portal (ACCS). Additional security services as negotiated, including Alternate Facility Security Officer (AFSO) services.

Nov 2013 – May 2018

CALIBRE Systems Inc., Alexandria, VA

Director, Corporate Security Programs/Facility Security Officer

Manage the administration and enforcement of Security Policies and Procedures. Ensured facility clearance documentation is up to date and accurate. Documentation includes Key Management Personnel (KMP) list, Foreign Ownership Control and Influence (FOCI), DD Form 441. Provide information, guidance, direction, and interpretation for national level security directives. Established and maintains the CALIBRE Insider Threat Program. Prepare and present presentations as part of the corporate Security Education and Awareness Program – topics covered include Security basics, Counterintelligence, Operational Security (OPSEC), and the Insider Threat.

Responsible for the life cycle management of over 60 classified contracts. Review for completeness and accuracy the Contract Security Classification Specification forms (DD-254) issued to CALIBRE and prepare DD-254s to be flowed down to subcontractors. Manages over 500 personnel security clearances for company personnel and includes Consultants. Oversee the preparation of access requests, Common Access Card (CAC) requests, and visit authorization requests for access to government sites or other cleared facilities. Review and process SF-86 Security Questionnaires for personnel requiring access to classified information up to Top Secret and access to SCI. Review and process over 100 SF-85P Questionnaires for sensitive positions requiring a Public Trust determination. Conduct self-inspections and risk analysis to identify weaknesses and initiate corrective action. Provide guidance, direction, and mentorship to the Corporate Security Programs Directorate in order to achieve corporate goals and objectives.

Coordinates with Business Development, Contracts, Program Managers, and other within the company to ensure all paperwork is current and accurate. Facility clearances are verified by utilizing the ISFD database for all prospective partners. Utilized JPAS, ACAVs/ACCS, eFCL, EQIP, and other industrial security tools to ensure personnel clearances are maintained in the proper manner.

Responsible for the complete overhaul of the Security program as evidence by achieving a Superior rating during CALIBRE's Security Vulnerability Assessment conducted in February 2015, placing the Security program in the top 10% nationwide. Provided threat briefings from several agencies, including Defense Security Service, National Security Agency, and Naval Criminal Investigative Service on the local threat environment in the Washington, DC metro area; covering topics such as counter-intelligence, espionage, insider-threats, identity theft, internet safety, gang activity, and other local threats. Drafted a Technology Control Plan to ensure foreign national employees did not have access to classified or controlled unclassified information.

October 2005 – November 2013


Business Unit Senior Security Manager/Facility Security Officer

Maintain the company facility clearance and all pertinent documentation in compliance with the National Industrial Security Program with oversight from the Defense Security Service. Earned rating of Superior in the July 2013 Security Vulnerability Assessment and Commendable in five out of seven other assessments conducted by the Defense Security Service (DSS) in three different offices. Three of the last four assessments had zero findings. Assisted five other company offices in preparing for annual DSS inspections, each facility showed a rating improvement.

Responsible for life cycle management of 70 classified contracts. Ensures DD-254s are issued, performance follows the guidance provided, and sub contracts comply with the National Industrial Security Program Operating Manual (NISPOM) and baseline agreements. Manages over 400 personnel clearances for company personnel and includes Consultants. Provide company badges and finger printing services to personnel under my cognizance. Maintain the physical security and access controls for the facility. Responsible for the installation of access control systems at seven company facilities located throughout the country. Ensured each project remained on schedule and budget.

Ensures Security training requirements are met for all personnel under my cognizance. Established New Hire Orientation and Annual Refresher Training, and updated as required. Provides Security Awareness and Operational Security (OPSEC) training for company employees located throughout the world. Prepared and presented Orientation briefs for all new employees and debriefed outgoing employees under my cognizance.

Established and maintained the Communications Security Material System (CMS) and Defense Courier Service (DCS) accounts with zero discrepancies. Responsible for the life cycle management of over 1500 classified items, with no reportable incidents.

Ensured the certification and accreditation process was followed for multiple automated information systems. Responsible for a color copier being accredited for processing classified material. Backed up the Information System Security Manager, doing audits, backups, and resetting users as required.

Defined and authored standard processes for all local Security evolutions at three separate facilities in the Standard Practices and Procedures (SPP) and Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) manuals. Researched and developed the Emergency Action Plan (EAP) for two separate facilities. Reviewed the standing Standard Practices and Emergency Action Plans and performed a detailed gap analysis on each. Maintained the liaison with the Landlord, building management, and the building engineer for various security related issues.

November 1982- November 1986 and October 1989-October 2005

United States Navy

Responsible for the complete and proper administration of the security programs of one Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility (SCIF). Re-accredited the SCIF with the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) after upgrading classified systems and had zero discrepancies. Managed the complete SCIF inventory of classified materials, ensuring all material was handled, stored, and destroyed, as required with zero discrepancies.

Personally responsible for ensuring that over 120 personnel from seven different organizations received Security Awareness training on an annual basis. Developed and presented Orientation, Annual Refresher, and OPSEC training for all SCIF staff and tenants. Responsible for the oversight of the OPSEC programs for four subordinate commands. Defined and authored standard processes for all Security evolutions in the Standard Operating Procedures manual.

Responsible for reviewing and submitting over SF-86 Security questionnaires for personnel requiring initial access to Sensitive Compartmented Information (SCI) or periodic reviews while the managing the SCIF at the Marine Corps Air Base, Kaneohe Bay, Hawaii from 2002 to 2005. While a production Recruiter from 1999 to 2002, responsible for reviewing and submitting over 200 applicant SF-86 questionnaires prior to accession into the Navy.


NCMS, Quantico Chapter, Vice-Chair, ISP Committee member, and Exam Proctor


Bachelor of Science, 2014, Organizational Security Management University of Phoenix

Board Certified Industrial Security Professional (ISP), National Classification Management Society (NCMS), 2007, Recertified 2010, 2013, and 2016

Completed Curriculum for Insider Threat Program Management Personnel

Additional Skills

Problem Solving, Organization, Administration.

Microsoft Office Suite, including Word, Excel, Access, Powerpoint, and Outlook.

C-Cure, ISONAS, and Datawatch Access Control Systems

JPAS, EQIP, E-FCL, ACCS, ISFD, CCR, and BINCS Business database

Other items for consideration

Received four awards for exceptional performance via company sponsored award program OCTanner with Stanley Associates/CGI Federal.

PTA Treasurer for two years at McAuliffe Elementary School. Maintained the budget, distributed monies as necessary, and submitted tax documents for the PTA McAuliffe Elementary School.

Earned second place in the media category at the NCMS Annual Security Conference in 2016 for a two-minute video used in the CALIBRE security program.

Spoke as a panel member for Insider Threat, representing medium sized businesses at the NCMS Annual Security Conference in 2017.

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