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Construction Superintendent

Palestine, Texas, United States
September 08, 2018

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Hello Good day to you

Applying for pipeline & construction Superintendent or supervisor Position.

My Name is Gerald Hamilton I have many years in offshore supervisor pipe lay, construction operation and procedures from kick off to completion, my experience will serve any company as a benefit for a success full campaign. I have worked my way up the ladder hands own experience rigging, leader man, tower operator,anchor foreman,barge foreman to Superintendent, client rep, all sizes pipelines,subsea, jacket installation,hook up, risers, pilings,heavy lifts and so forth,

Multitasks operation simultaneous

Technical anchor plotting mooring setups

Auto- cad literate

Certified JMJ associates in Incident &injury free leadership, Crew Safety and Training awareness

Trouble shooting and solving issues

I would welcome the opportunity to speak with you to discuss how my back ground could

Make a major impact on your organization’s success .I look forward to hearing from you,

Feel free to contact any of my former employers, Reference on request

And thank you for your time

Gerald Hamilton

cell +1-903-***-****

home +1-903-***-****


many years of Hands on experience in all phases of the oil and gas industry from pipelines, fabrication,pipe bury barges, setting jackets and decks,hook-up, tie-ins,risers,spools, rigging,and heavy lifts up to 1200tn, working with divers, very safety conscious,safety record second to none, and leadership, started at the bottom and worked my way up

Working with engineers in planning, organizing, meeting and understanding clients requirements and qualification to move the Job forward.

A self-starter, Work with other to gets the job done safely and on time

Overseas Experience: West Africa, Far East, Middle East, South America, Gulf of Mexico,south pacific ocean, south and east china sea, Mediterranean, others

WORKING WITH Auto Cad drawings

EDUCATION and training high school Diploma-, FIRST AID, rigging, offshore Basic training Msts Asia SDN. BHD . JMJ associates certification of Leader ship. Charkin Maritime and offshore safety certificate of competency, current medical, current seaman book



Company : Hydra OPS,LLC

Position : Company Superintendent Rep

Clients : BP, Genesis, McMoran,3-C Metals.

heavy lifts

Pig and testing pipelines and flushing

Fabrication and job planning

Succeeding ahead of Schedule High profile jobs

Feb 25 2016 –July 3 2016

Company: Swiber /OER

Position: Barge foreman /superintendent

Clients: Alam Martian Malaysia PFLNG campaign 1-b FPSO Chain mooring system.

conduct pre- shift safety meeting Job inspection and tool box meetings

Oversee the operation of FPSO mooring chain lay operation

With team efforts and coordination completed two week ahead of schedules

Client- Natural gas corporation LT India project,

Pipe lay 10 and 12’’, and 16’’- Pipelines and risers.

riser fabricate and lifting pipeline from sea bed

Diving operation coordination work schedule and procedures 70meter waterdept

Heavy lifts of flex spool barge to barge change outs

Conducted pre job meeting and job inspection pre lift operations start up and lay down pipe lay operation .

Planning barge anchor setup and position at platforms

Completed season prepared barge for manned tow from India to Batom Indonesia


COMPANY: Prime Sources PSL limited,Nigeria

Position: Barge Superintendent

Client: Chevron - barge kha-1 hook up barge chevron field

Managed all offshore logistic

Manage three platform crews

Manage all barge operation

Daily meeting on planed work for safe operation

Completed job -accident and injury free

MD Francis Anyakwo 234-08037610167 Nigeria

Nov/18/2012- to 8/6/14

Company: Damas Groups Marine Services LLC

Position : Superintendent

Clients : Afren –Ebok field Nigeria West Africa

D B Dolphin Derik, lay barge 350 tn Clyde crane

Manage modification of pipe lay system

Correcting the Firing line and miss alignment of pipe lay equip’

Replace steel in tanks to meet ABS classification, working with Auto

Cad drawings, managing a shut down for Afren EBOK field 198

POB, morning reports, job safety meetings, continue on the upgrade of

The barge, job completed- accidents and injury free- G/M -John P Craig,Emad Mansour

Sept 2012 - Nov/12 /2012

LL&G Construction USA

Position - Superintendent

Client - WILD WELL AND Moran.

Activities - Responsible for all phases of barge operation and removal of two

Tripod platforms 80’and250’water dept Calculating weight, roll,

pitch to remove the platform, working within the load limits of

a 4100 Manitowoc crane, removed section up to

80 ton .Salvaged 130tn tug boat from 60ft water dept.

Accident/incident free. Owner Mr. ledet

Dec 2011/April 2012

Company: Kaztec/rapidlink

Position; Superintendent –Cheyenne750 ton crane

Client; Addax-Nigeria w-Africa Addax field

Activities; laid 8’’and 16’’pipeline, monitoring fuel and distributions logistics,

for field spread 2 jack up barges,dive support vessel 3AHT supply boat and crew

Change, risers and sub sea

Corresponding With the office and client rep on board, organize materials,

Barge setups and all other phase of barge operation’s under unusually condition.

G/M -Kenny Martin

Feb-2007 / Nov 2011

ASCOT International Nigeria (Formerly Willbros)

Position: Superintendent – barge wb318 and wb82

Client : Chevron Nigeria, Addax and Exxon/Mobil Nigeria west Africa

Activities: laid 16’’ 8’’ 12’’ pipe line,risers and subsea spools, pigging and testing pipelines, heavy lifts jackets and deck section, hook up jobs

Submit Anchor patterns for clients approvals

Schedule sub –contractors, materials and crews

Correspond logistic with management

Set safety standards, safety programs and awareness

2004 - 2007


Position: Senior Barge Foreman - Sea Horizon -pipeline heavy lifts

Activities: Refurbished the Pearl Horizon dive boat, utilizing the moon pool modified it for Client, transferred to the

DLB Sea Horizon 1400 ton tie back crane system, 750ton Swing- pipelay a 30” for Electric Corp., over saw phases of barge and pipe lay

activities in West Africa (352.55 miles of 20” p/l for West African Oil and Gas/Chevron (Barge Sea Horizon) Superintendents-William Loach-Tom Harvey

2002 - 2004

WILLBROS (now Ascot since Feb, 2007)

Position: Senior Barge Foreman – oversaw all phases of offshore

Activities: pipelines -hook up-construction work piles and decks

operation in West Africa, Nigeria WB82 hook-up work – DLB 318 250 ton crane, pipelines, drove pilings, set small jackets and decks, set spool,

pig and testing all pipe lay operation, derrick work, hook-ups Melvin Wells (Spook)

2001 - 2002


Position: Senior Barge Foreman -pipelines

Activities: Pushed crew, laid 12’’16’’ pipe, buried pipelines, set risers and guided all phases of operation for the LB Gulf Horizon (LB 282) Jack Burton-Joe Necase

2000 - 2001

NPCC DLB750, PLB648,DLB1000

Position: Barge Foreman -laid pipelines-construction subsea spools-heavy lifts

Activities: Pushed crew, laid pipeline, used gravity anchors, set platform decks 750 tn,under

water tie-ins, set spool pieces pipelines 10’’ up to 24’’, risers, miscellaneous hook-up Barges: LB648, DLB760, DLB1000 work for Ronny Harkins /Eddie Potter

1998 - 2000

TRANSCOASTAL MARINE B.B. 356 pipe bury barge

Position: Barge Foreman -acting Superintendent -bury pipelines

Activities: Coronate welders, rigging, mechanic department and sub-contractors, refurbished and modified barge from

a suction dredge to an airlift jet barge, buried pipelines in Gulf of Mexico -Hoss Price

1997 - 1998

E.M.C. jet barge331

Client pen-hue oil

Position: Anchor Foreman-bury pipelines

Activities: Positioned anchors, buried pipe, oversaw four-anchor handling tugs

12,000 hp in strong currents, buried 114 miles 14” & 10” pipeline

in south China Sea. Super’’ Galan Bryan/Tommy Kennedy

1996 - 1997

E.M.C. Sea Mac semi submergible

position: Anchor Operator -laid pipelines

Activities: Operated 12 anchors spread pull barge ahead laid pipelines 16’’upto36’’and

North Sea –Singapore, Sup= John Sullivan

1995 - 1996

GULF TECH (CCC) Lay Barge DB15- laid pipelines

Position: Anchor Operator

Activities: combination derrick crane and Sara Maria derrick crane, set-up platforms, constructed risers, pigs & tests, laid pipeline 16’’thru24’’in Bay of Campeche, Mexico

Sup=Richard Lobb / John Enrickis Doug Abear -Richard lobb



Position: Anchor Operator, leader man laid pipelines –bury pipelines

Activities: Dredged barge, BB356 pipe lay barge Lb280, laid & buried pipeline 8’’ 10’’12’’16’’24’’ in Bay of Campeche, Mexico & Northern Gulf of Mexico-Wade Tatum –Steve Lamback

1980 - 1993


Position: Superintendent

Activities: Oversaw all operation burying telephone cable, area coordination with utility companies for trenching and digging roads, pushed crew south Texas AREA owners David and Bobby Hamilton

1976 - 1980

SANTA FE MARINE Barge Creek pipe bury barge

Position: Tower Operator/anchor foreman -bury pipeline

Activities: Operated winches, maneuvered barge, kept log book, ran anchors

Keep barge moving to bury the pipeline in the North Sea and gulf of Mexico - supervisor Bobby Manning Galen Bryan

Choctaw II Tower Operator/Bevel Machine Operator laid pipe

Set bevel patterns and bevel ends of pipe, operated winches, maneuvered barge, laid pipe in the North Sea- Joe Evens

1971 - 1975


Position: Anchor Operator/Rigger laid pipelines

Activities: Off loaded pipe barges, general barge rigging, anchor operator, winches to maneuver barge & lay pipelines up to 24’’, set risers, under water tie-ins, pig & test

Top Hamilton /Elbert Herington/ Bill Plake/Marcy M Burns

1969 - 1971


Activities: Operated dozer, cleared crossings, put up temporary gates, restored right of way when pipeline completed Mr Gregg WELDER HELPER pipelines Helped welders with swamp on side boom, tie in & crossing

Right of Way Foreman Prepared right of way, temporary clear right of way for pipeline, oversaw doser, backhoe skid trucks all gaps and crossing, operated D9 cat dozer and trenching machine

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