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Technical lab skills, field skills

Snellville, GA
September 08, 2018

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George Bennett

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Georgia College & State University Milledgeville, GA Bachelor of Science in Biology- GPA 3.50 December 2018

• Minor Geology

• Dean's List 2015 Spring Semester

• President's List 2018 Spring Semester

• Beta Beta Beta Honor Society

Related Coursework

Genetics; Evolution; Ecology; Organic Chemistry 1; Cellular & Molecular Physiology; Field Ornithology; Biogeography; Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy; General Geomorphology; Biological Systematics; Natural History

Laboratory & Technical Skills

• Microsoft Programs: Word, PowerPoint, Excel

• Precise when using small tools (dental picks & brushes)

• Experienced with a dissecting microscope

• Proficient essay writer

• Expedient Note-taking in lab & field

Lab Experience

Florida Museum of Natural History Gainesville, FL

Volunteer May 20, 2018 – June 29, 2018

• Partook in voluntary work in the Dickenson Hall Vertebrate Paleontology lab over the course of 6 weeks

• Sorted and identified Montbrook vertebrate fossils by genus (fish, turtle, alligator, rhino)

• Reassembled damaged vertebrate fossils while sorting

• Cleaned vertebrate fossils and fossil-rich sediments using screen-washing techniques.

• Catalogued hundreds of identified vertebrate fossils into the university’s specify database

• Transported fossils from Dickenson Hall to the public museum

• Partook in a special project overseen by Dr. Richard Hulbert Paleo-Prep Techniques Lab Milledgeville, GA

Student Assistant August 2017 – Present

• Assisted in the preparation of fossil specimens

• Learned how to plaster and prepare vertebrate fossils for long-term storage

• Knowledgeable on the consolidants and solutions used for fossil preparation

• Logged objectives and experiences into a lab journal at the end of each session Microfossils from GA Coast Milledgeville, GA

Student Assistant January 2017 – May 2017

• Sifted through soil excavated from paleontological dig to find microfossils

• Spent over two hours a week using a dissecting microscope (28 total hours)

• Learned how to recognize and organize microfossils by type (vertebrae, teeth, scales, plant material)

• Cleaned some microfossils using a dental pick and toothbrush Field/Research Experience

Montbrook Fossil Site Gainesville, FL

Volunteer March 22, 2018 – March 24, 2018

• Partook in voluntary field paleontology work for the Florida Museum of Natural History

• Uncovered and collected several fossils from a single section over the course of 3 days

• Collected bones from several animals from an ancient Pliocene (~5 million years old) ecosystem including snapping turtles, catfish, & gomphothere elephants

• Participated in the plaster jacketing of a gompothere vertebral column. Geomorphology Lab Milledgeville, GA

Student August 2017 – December 2017

• Surveyed geomorphic features of Fishing Creek at Oconee Greenway using compasses, hand lenses, & GPS

• Gathered and logged data on statistics such as average water flow and stream width in field journal to measure stream environment change

• Sketched out portions of Fishing Creek while integrating mentioned statistics into the drawings. Field Ornithology Lab Milledgeville, GA

Student January 2017 – May 2017

• Travelled to various locations to identify bird species for approximately two and a half hours every Friday morning

• Learned how to identify several species of endemic Georgia birds by appearance, behavior, and/or call

• Aided in assembling mis-nets with a licensed ornithologist

• Gathered field data which was documented in a journal and logged on eBird database Academic Papers

Evolutionary History of Feathers on Dinosaurs: A Scientific Review Student Research Paper November 28, 2017

• Final Research Paper for my biology seminar curse

• Review of fossil discoveries and current theories relating to the evolution and function of feathers on dinosaurs

Presentation Experience

Georgia College Student Research Conference Milledgeville, GA March 9, 2018

• Presentation and summary of several trials conducted in the campus’ fossil preparation lab to test the potential of polymer felt as a replacement for the paper products that have been traditionally used in the creation of fossil plaster jackets for collections storage Scientific Report Milledgeville, GA

December 7, 2017

• Presentation and summary of my first scientific paper Evolutionary History of Feathers on Dinosaurs: A Scientific Review for my biology seminar course

Scientific Report Milledgeville, GA

October 19, 2017

• Presentation and summary of the scientific paper An Exceptionally Preserved Three-Dimensional Armored Dinosaur Reveals Insights into Coloration and Cretaceous Predator-Prey Dynamics authored by C.M. Brown et al. and of the dinosaur discussed in the paper Borealopelta markmithcelli for my biology seminar course

Community Involvement

• Red Cross Blood Drives

• 2016 MLK Day of Service at Milledgeville Greenway

• Beta Beta Beta Honor Society Volunteer Work since Fall 2016

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