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Software Engineer, C,C++,Java, Python, Assembly, SystemC,VHDL

Monroe Township, NJ, 08831
September 08, 2018

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Kinnari Surve

Fort Collins, Colorado, United States

970-***-**** /

O b j e c t i v e

To take a challenging role as Embedded Engineer in a highly technical company and utilize my skills in providing efficient and effective service to the company in attaining its goals.

E d u c a t i o n

Colorado State University – Master of Science in Electrical Engineering 2016 – 2018

University of Mumbai – Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics Engineering 2014 – 2016

Software Engineer – Tech Mahindra, Mumbai

E x p e r i e n c e

07/2014 – 07/2016

Implemented various process steps within SDLC, STLC and Defect Life Cycle by following Agile Scrum Technology. Developed Test Cases by evaluating various Business Requirements.

Performed Functional Testing and Automation Testing.

Developed Automation module designs, test cases and scripts in Selenium.

Worked with the Business Unit Head and Project Manager to understand and implement new functionality in new solutions. Work with Project Managers to provide estimate of effort for work and progress of work

Understood business requirements and provided standard solutions to other automation projects.

Assisted in answering basic technical questions in a timely basis to other project teams.

Community Desk Staff – Colorado State University, Fort Collins

Respond promptly to resident inquiries, concerns and handle/resolve any issues in a timely and efficient manner Ensure all safety precautions are followed while performing the work

Perform any range of special projects, tasks and other related duties as assigned

Assess and document all situations accordingly and contact Resident Managers on call when necessary

07/2017 – 07/2018

Perform clerical work of checking in and checking out residents, reserving rooms on occasions and mail services for residents and staff.

S k i l l s

Programming Languages: C, C++, Java, SystemC, Assembly, Verilog, VHDL, MATLAB, SQL, XML, OpenMP, CUDA, ISCC, Arduino,python.

IDEs and Dev Tools: Eclipse, GCC, Visual Studio, Keil, Cadence Virtuoso, Noxim, MARS Simulation, RobotStudio Workspace, jUnit, gem5, PoCC

Version Control Repositories: Git, SVN Tortoise, Mercurial. Debugging tools: GDB, valgrind

Good verbal and written communication skills Good multitasking and prioritization abilities Sound organization and public presentation skills Strong problem-solving and analytical skills Excellent time management skills

Ability to work under pressure

P r o j e c t s

Arduino based Anesthesia Injector: Arduino controlled a system where various bio medical parameter were sensed through sensor and fed to Arduino. Arduino would then estimate the amount of Anesthesia would be given to patient for duration of surgery and the would administer the calculated amount of anesthesia to patient by controlling a motor.

IR Distance Measurement using Microcontroller: A proximity sensor with the help of photo-transistor measures the intensity of light reflected from the obstacle to measure the distance.

Trajectory Computation for the Robot Joints and Objects Computing a trajectory for a Robot and moving objects within a workspace using Hermite Interpolation method and simulate the trajectory

N-Link Robot Hand Trajectory Computation: From the given Denavit-Hartenberg parameters, a trajectory and the joint angles are computed for the desired position and orientation using the Jacobian method and verified by using RobotStudio Workspace.

16,32,64-bit Adder-Subtractor with Carry Select Algorithm: Virtuoso Cadence was used to design Transistor level and then gate level circuits of Adder-Subtractor with overflow and underflow detection.

Lattice Boltzmann of Transient Poiseuille Flow: A self-designed boxframework written in C++ was used to implement lattice Boltzmann method with help of MPI, CUDA, CGNS and OpenMP programming models.

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