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Electric/Electronic testing, troubleshooting, repair

Reading, Massachusetts, United States
September 05, 2018

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Philip J. Donovan

** ******** ***.

Reading, Ma. 01867



A seasoned professional, with practical experience in and solid understanding of a diverse range of skills, including Technical Support Engineering, Technical Planning, and Scheduling.


Proven strengths in Leadership, Communications, Planning, Scheduling, Troubleshooting, Testing/Installation/Repair, Testing, Customer Relations and implementing multiple projects.

Work Experience:

Analogic, Inc. Peabody, MA 12/20/2017 to 07/31/2018

Scanner Security Server Computer Technician

Provide initial incoming inspection of security system servers for proper layout, cabling, hardware and ensure that motherboard and RAM memory are of the specified model, values and revisions.

Configure and/or verify security servers BIOS according to specifications according to procedures and charts.

Install specified operating system, software application and graphics card drivers using Linux according to specifications in procedures.

Install specified network cards, graphics cards, compression boards and DAS communication boards according to specifications – used proper hardware and mounting instructions.

Perform loop back testing on specific communication boards (DAS, compression, network) to verify functional communication with final system components.

Observe and practice GMP and proper ESD guidelines during all phases of configuring security servers and computers – wear electro-static wristbands on a daily and consistent basis.

Keep accurate and timely written and digital records of all related server components (model numbers, serial numbers, revision) using SAP and Unicam and provided paper forms and tags for traveller.

Provide detailed written technical description of any and all unconformities found in all aspects of procedure, drawings and hardware specifications.

Receive FRR server returns and provide diagnosis to verify customer failure report.

Identify sources of failure in FRR returned servers and replace failed components with either known good tested spares or place order for new components to be authorized by supervisor.

Perform standard configuration and testing on repaired FRR returns, provided specified written and digital documentation that prepare server for system testing.

Occasionally provide testing on system high voltage power supply circuit boards using Fluke multi-meters and engineering designed testing fixtures – complete pass/fail forms that include circuit board model and serial number.

Mersens, inc. Newburyport, MA 5/22/2017 to 12/13/2017

High Power Test Lab Engineering Technician

Provide testing for Fuses, Breakers and MOV’s (metal oxide varistors) in high power test lab according to electrical engineers testing project specifications and protocols. Test types: Ipeak, I2t, Max Energy, MBR (minimum breaking capacity), Let Through Current, IR.

Configure High Power circuits for 3-Phase, Single Phase and DC testing according to test specifications with the use of resistor and Inductor banks, series/parallel Delta/Wye taps, current shunts and CT’s, DC rectifiers, cabling, remote breaker, switches, Murrays, Voltage transfer boxes, Rogowski current sensors.

Troubleshoot circuits for inaccurate currents or time constants/power factor – inspect resistor and inductor banks for improper configuration, validate proper calibration factors for Essco validated components (shunts/Ct’s).

Provide data acquisition using Perception Data acquisition software. Use markers to establish start and end of voltage/current, Melting point, clearing point, arc angle, Peak/RMS current and voltage, restrike point while using results of software acquisition to calculate and determine power factor, time constant, arc angle and closing switching angle.

Use selection of Fluke meters and “megars” to determine continuity, voltage, resistance, current, temperature and humidity as test process requires.

Man control panel for the adjustment and control of voltage, switching, 4160 commercial power, breakers, generator paralleling, hydraulics, fans, motors, louvres,

Provide daily maintenance and service for twin high power (4000vac) three-phase generators – meg out and clean exciter motors, service brushes, observe proper levels of oil and water, replace filters on schedule.

Keep comprehensive and accurate logs, digital and written hardcopy for test results, circuit specifications and updates, failure descriptions, including real-time data logs of each separate product test to include product model, circuit number, applied voltage, current, power factor or time constant and comments for analysis and validation.

Use wide selection of hand and power tools to prepare and implement tests – clamps, vice grips, sockets, wire and heavy cable cutter and wire strippers, drills, hammers, solder guns and stations, crimping tools, torque wrenches, hex, sawzall,

Use oscilloscopes and high voltage generators in surge lab testing of MOV’s.

Practice a high degree of vigilant safety protocol and awareness in environment producing lethal voltages (1500V and higher) and currents (up to 100kA).

Work with main supervisor and associate technicians’ to carry out in house testing with representatives from UL and CSA for product validation and test witnessing.

Adhere to UL standards when providing testing for classified fuses, breakers and MOV’s.

Microsemi, Inc. Beverly, MA 6/20/2016 to 4/28/2017

Rubidium Atomic Clock Test Technician

Oversee and perform the five levels of testing on production Rubidium atomic clocks.

Implement software test programs for the tuning, aging, tempco and finalization of atomic clocks

Use both hardware and virtual meters to tune microwave range oscillators to precise and consistently accurate frequency values.

Observe computer graphs and digital counters for adjusting f2mod to highest or optimum values.

Perform tempco testing on atomic clocks via setting up tempco chambers, outboard digital counters, waveform generators, power supplies and testing software programs.

Observe for proper power values during burn-in phase of testing.

Maintain concise and accurate database records for product serial numbers, models, notes, and testing dates/time.

Log in failed product into rework database that includes precise description of the nature of the failure.

Respond to requests from principle manufacturing engineer to implement and carry out specialized testing on units for data study and research into specific failure trends.

Remain flexible to be called on for any other aspect of production or testing should the situation demand. (example: help with prepping products for shipping, provide on the spot requests for alternate testing of atomic clocks.

Exercise proper ESD protocol – wear prescribed lab coats, finger cots and static dissipative shoe harnesses – test and log for daily passing of ESD testing.

Use hand and basic power tools for assembly/disassembly of product when necessary (replacing circuit boards, replacing hardware, inspecting for circuit board burns, lifted IC legs, open connections and loose hardware).

Nutfield Technology Hudson, NH 1/27/2016 to 5/27/2016

Precision Electronic Galvanometer Test/Modify/Repair Technician

Provide electronic and functional tuning and testing for high speed precision galvanometers.

Use digital oscilloscopes, spectrum analyzers, frequency generators, power supplies and VOM to aid in the precision tuning of galvanometers in the range of 1200 to 200 micro-seconds.

Modify surface mount circuit boards using standard soldering/desoldering equipment for custom configurations according to customer specific requirements and specifications – involves changing values of resistors, capacitors and configuring various jumpers for internal gain structure.

Troubleshoot and Debug issues on electronic boards and galvanometers using diagnostic equipment and component substitution to identify root cause followed by repair and/or replacement of component.

Accurately record data into DHR during tuning and testing (Voltages, current, resonance, resistance, inductance, velocity, bode plot curves and frequency) as measured on diagnostic equipment.

Continually practice effective verbal communication with engineers to report testing abnormalities and to clarify process and product custom configurations and specifications.

Receive and perform diagnosis on product RMA’s for quote’s and repair.

Perform repairs and parts replacements on RMA products – record repair/test data, parts replacements and reflect the RMA process phase in JIRA software.

Following final product burn-in, implement tested galvanometers, circuit boards, mounts, cables and fixtures into completed package including all hardware, panels, cabling, connectors, and interfaces that is prepared for a final inspection and shipping.

Be flexible in aiding with any and all general company processes when called on to help – this may include pre-fabrication of product parts, quality inspection, and shipping preparations.

Use a variety of tools and solutions – Drills, torque wrenches and drivers, all hand tools, knives, cutters, files, saws, dremels, heli-coils, Loctite, Alcohol, Acetone, epoxies, glue, thermal grease, blades, digital calipers, gauges.

Perform all phases of production with a high degree of personal commitment to precision, accuracy and repeatability. Maintain a high degree of attention to detail and diligently record data consistently and accurately.

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Noon Company Cambridge, Ma 11/28/2015 to 1/17/2016

Project Circuit Board(s) up-bring Technician

Provide electronic and functional testing for new electronic product prototype according to verbal and/or written protocol and procedure.

Use high precision digital oscilloscopes, Multi-meters, microscopes and power supplies to facilitate testing and measurement of prototype circuit boards.

Perform modifications, substitutions or removals of critical electronic components on high density, multi-layer circuit boards using professional soldering/de-soldering equipment using magnifiers or microscope.

Be able to read complex schematics while having a good working knowledge of individual components and IC functions as well as expected circuit behavior under various states and conditions.

Perform troubleshooting and debugging of system components to identify root cause and follow up with necessary repair or component replacement.

Practice good verbal communication with design engineers and fellow technicians to orchestrate testing roles, procedures and scheduling.

Report findings of prescribed test procedures to design engineer either verbally or with clearly defined notes and lists.

Work directly with engineers and tech associates on test procedures while offering ideas and insights into unexpected circuit behaviors or test results that will ultimately guide process toward useful discoveries and solutions

Set up test fixture using diagrams and verbal recommendations for product testing with maximum load and power for fully integrated product function assessment.

Energetiq Woburn, Ma 2/15/2015 to 11/28/2015

Senior Test/Assemble/Repair/Modify Technician

Senior Test Technician responsible for validating product capability of new product offerings for short wavelength light sources. Test activities will include the validation and verification of software, hardware and mechanical and optical systems prior to release for shipment on customer orders. This position will report to a more senior test engineer or department manager.

Perform testing on products to ensure performance standards are met.

Perform highly accurate bonding of optical components using sophisticated and delicate alignment fixtures – 3-axis micrometers, camera’s and computer alignment software.

Assembly of integrated systems consisting of optical components and mechanical assemblies

Optical alignment of parabolic laser reflectors for maximum power using thermopile/power meters.

Using precision Fluke meters to adjust for specified power supply output voltages.

Troubleshoot and debug to identify root cause of issues and resolve with repair or replacement of components.

Use a wide range of hand tools and measurement devices – torque wrenches, calipers, micrometers, depth gauges.

Provide constant quality control over all processes and materials.

Complete assigned tasks in a timely fashion. Immediately report schedule delays or quality problems to Lead Test Engineer or department manager.

Adhere to production test protocols and perform computerized record keeping.

Utilize automated test processes and fixtures.

Maintain shop organization and cleanliness.

Required Soft Skills

Effective communication skills, both written and verbal.

Must be willing to do whatever is required to complete task or project on schedule and have a strong commitment to on-time performance with minimal supervision.

Demonstrate a high degree of initiative and motivation and willingness to work proactively, either independently or within a team.

Assertive, take-charge, self-directed personality, with an ability to work pro-actively in solving problems and in the performance of work duties.

Strong organizational, time management and interpersonal skills. Team player with the ability to work in a “hands-on” environment.

QinetiQ North America, Inc. Waltham, MA 7/2007-6/2014

Unmanned Robotics Troubleshoot/Test/Repair Technician

Read, understand and follow detailed and complex test procedures including process and use of diagnostic and measuring equipment.

Provide experience in troubleshooting, debugging and diagnose/measure, and modify components to board level. Use experienced component substitution methods of diagnosis to isolate failed components for generating repair/replacement estimates and reports. Implement tests.

Create detailed reports on errors and failure trends - provide step by step procedures used to outline process and procedure in highlighting the source/cause of failure.

Provide on the spot verbal communication and reports to Engineers regarding specific abnormalities of unit function and procedures.

Apply understanding of electrical schematics and mechanical diagrams for Troubleshooting, Test processes, Repair and Assembly. Electronic measuring devices: Oscilloscopes, voltage/amperage/ohm meters, tachometers, force gauge, Radio frequency spectrum analyzers, Fiber optic light intensity meters, Fiber-cable test meters, waveform generators, AC/DC Power supplies, and precision Fluke Scope-meters.

Implement computer diagnostics to monitor communication data strings from OCU controllers and Vehicles.

Upload software and codes to multiple digital systems within the unit.

Repaired, refurbish, update, modify and test Talon 4 unmanned robots.

Perform Incoming Inspection, repair, updates, software, physical, mechanical and final inspection to robotic sub-assemblies and/or entire systems

Skilled in all hardware tooling, solvents

Review full Robotic System for final QA inspection

Update multiple specified Firmware, software, and code updates to fulfill customer requests.

Qualify Robotic systems for meeting Data, Video and Audio radio transmission strength using simulated range testing techniques. (Anritzu Spectrum Analyzers).

Certified to solder under a microscope in an ISO 9000/9001 environment.

Kaiser Electronics Beverly, MA 2007

Modification and Repair of High Voltage Power supplies.

Per customer request, modify circuit boards and wiring according to updated schematics and drawings - involving removal and replacement of components (transistors, resistors, diodes, associated electronic components)

Removal/replacement of circuit traces, wires, contacts, and receptacles utilizing hi-tech soldering/de-soldering system stations to implement modifications and repairs.

Insert repaired/modified boards into electrical fixtures to test for electrical function before final installation.

Kiva Systems Inc. Woburn, MA 2006 - 2007

Robotics Assembly Technician

Hi tolerance design and build to customer spec for Kiva Systems Autonomous Mobile Robots, and drive units.

Further testing of such systems utilizing Kiva Systems test programs, procedures, and processes.

Required knowledge of electronic micrometers and high tolerance tooling for hardware builds.

Additional skills include, but not limited to, repair, to board level.

Further experience includes encoders, motors, gearboxes, high power batteries configurations, drills, presses, and other machine shop equipment for correcting any problems with products during the manufacturing process.

Coordinated logistics with product packaging for shipment of our products to our domestic customers.

NMT Medical Inc. Boston, MA 1996 -2006

Medical Manufacturing Technician

Perform preventive maintenance on various EQ's, production tools and manufacturing process equipment, according to production schedule.

Responsibilities include but not limited to, electronic database and hard copy records for ISO 9000/9001 environment.

Entire pre-production preparation. Involving, pre-heat liquids solder station prep.

Lockout/tagout procedures, update records in conjunction with database specific to company policy, parallel to OSHA safety standards.

Generate engineering change request (ECR's) for EQ's, PT's and manufacturing processes.

Coordinate with QA in implementation of production tools, EQ's for required calibration.

Perform QC inspection on incoming PT's, templates, machine parts and raw materials for pass/fail disposition using digital metering tools, for voltage correction of products.

Designed and fabricated fixtures for production and QC as requested by Manufacturing Engineers.

Design and Built customized product demos for marketing.

Collaborated in the fabrication of PT's, EQ's, templates and variety of ongoing repair and modifications, to satisfy customers’ needs.

Program and operate Bridgeport and similar milling machines for fabrication of materials for manufacturing.

Use of standard machine shop tools for fabrication of PT's, EQ's, templates and variety of ongoing repair, and modifications.

Other experience in Electronics:

As a part time musician I have fabricated many of the electronic devices that I use professionally, for live use, and home recording. These devices include many types of overdrive and distortion pedals, compressors, filters, buffers. These are built in prototype fashion from the ground up directly from schematics, plans, and notes, ordering parts and components from well-known sources such as McMaster-Carr, Newark, Digikey, and other smaller but dedicated sources such as Small Bear Electronics, (add-in many visits to You-Do-It-Electronics). My latest undertaking has been building a multi-module rack of very high end microphone pre amps based on designs of the classic preamps used at major recording studios. These preamps are either transformer or non-transformer based and require me to provide the necessary biasing of the transistors, FETs, VCAs using scopes and meters to do so. I now also replace and bias the power tubes in my tube amps. This entails measuring for the output transformers DC resistance, using the formulas for Power and Ohms law to calculate the desired power dissipation and plate current in milliamps. These plats hold voltage approaching 450 to 500 volts and thus require an understanding of electronic safety guidelines when dealing with voltages that can be fatal.

In compliment to the high end mic preamps I most recently built a high quality large diaphragm condenser microphone from “” which required a good degree of soldering/assembly vigilance. The capsule, being of very high impedance called for the input connections to be floating “off board”, well soldered and cleaned to avoid sonic artifacts that would otherwise result from poor connectivity, flux residue or dirt contamination. Sensitivity could be adjusted anywhere from 50 to 80 volts depending on the sound sources and required headroom. (I choose high sensitivity for recording vocals and acoustic sources).

I am presently doing my own research on building a high power, dual channel tube amplifier.

(preferable a vintage Fender)



Somerville, MA

Earned certificate for completion of a 1020-hour (20 month) intensive hands-on computer Systems Technology program. Maintained a 3.9 G.P.A.

Massasoit Community College

Canton, MA

Some of the courses completed included analog/digital circuitry, technical math, Physics, Graphics/drawing.

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