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Project Software Engineer

Santa Clara, CA
September 06, 2018

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Shwetha Shivaraju

: : +1-408-***-****



MS, Computer Science at San Diego State University (CGPA 3.7) Aug 2016- May 2018

Advanced certificate in web and mobile application development

San Diego State University (CGPA 4.0) Aug 2015- Aug 2016

Profile Summary

MS graduate with 6 years of professional experience in designing, coding and testing in Java, C/C++.

Worked extensively in SDLC, STLC and agile models.

Proficient in object oriented design methodology and large scale application development.

Experience in GIT (version control), Linux commands, Big data tools and machine learning concepts.

Proficient in writing SQL queries, database setup and object relational mapping(ORM).

Excellent trouble shooting skills, project management and exceptional customer relationship management.

Proven experience in being innovative, flexible and self directed.

Excellent ability to listen to customer needs and transforming them into software requirement specifications.

Good experience with SOAP and REST web services

Technical Skills/Languages

Web Technologies HTML5, AJAX, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP

Programming Languages Java, C, C++, Scala, Python, Unix shell scripting

Database Technologies Oracle 9i, My SQL, MongoDB(No SQL), JDBC

Server Management Skills Apache Tomcat, MySQL,

Tools/ IDE IntelliJ, MS Visual Studio, Apache Spark, Oracle SQL, Jupyter Notebook, Maven, Spring boot, JMS


1.SMS Spam Classification using Machine Learning Algorithms. Sept 2016-Dec 2016

Three different machine learning algorithms were used to classify SMS messages as spam or ham. The SMS spam collection used was a public set of 5574 labeled SMS messages that have been collected for mobile spam research. The machine learning algorithms used were logistic regression, neural networks and SVM algorithms to classify SMS. The coding was done in Matlab. Neural networks achieved the best accuracy and other metrics. Since the dataset had unstructured text messages, text was processed and features were extracted and used for algorithms. Link

2.Classification of Amazon fine food reviews using spark on AWS. Sept 2017-May2018

Amazon fine food reviews were analyzed and classified using logistic regression and decision tree classifier models. The dataset had 568k reviews comprising of 10 columns. Models were implemented using Apache spark(SCALA) on AWS. The results were compared and presented the findings. Also analyzed how preprocessing could greatly impact the results. Data preprocessing was done using countVectorizer for feature extraction while PCA was used for feature reduction. Spark mlLib was used to run machine learning algorithms.

Tools and Technologies used: Scala, Apache Spark(mlLib), AWS-EMR. Link

3.Airport finder app Jan 2018-May2018

This is a web based application to find airports and filter them based on state in united states. To build the web app front end, HTML, CSS, JavaScript was used. The data was stored on backend using No SQL database Mongo DB.

Technologies used: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, MongoDB.

Work experience:

Infosys Limited (Software Engineer, Mysore, India) July 2007-Mar 2014

1)Project: Field Modelling and Merging (July 2013-Mar 2014)

Customer Name: MassMutual life, USA.

Tools and Technologies: Oracle 10g, VB6, Java.

Description: The client had 17 different applications that were built in early 2000s. The applications were used for various insurance related businesses such as underwriting, field modelling, claims, collections and report. Team was responsible to analyze, merge and create single bed of applications.


Responsible for analyzing various small applications and creating requirement specification document with workflows.

Involved in design, development and testing a merged component in java with good object oriented design and scalability. Interface with other teams to incorporate their contributions and vice versa.

Created good interface between different applications and made the maintenance simple and elegant.

Used core java concepts such as collection APIs, Exception handling and multithreading.

Explored Java Spring framework and presented the findings of how Spring could solve various issues currently faced by customer.

Constructed reports module, which extracted data using SQL server and demonstrated the findings.

2)Project: Dividend Schedule (Dec 2012- June 2013)

Customer Name: MassMutual life, USA.

Tools and Technologies: C++, SQL, Eclipse, Borland compiler, Java.

Description: Insurance companies give dividends to all stakeholders every year and dividend rates varies from product to product and year to year. The goal of this project was to incorporate dividend rates in all applications that have dividend calculations.


Responsible for data collection, analyzing the application and developing separate dividend trigger module.

Developed a single repository of product and dividend rates mapping. Used this as the base for all future dividend changes.

Automated the test scripts using Perl and created a test engine for dividends.

Created reusable assets and improved the turn around time for this project.

Managed the project single handedly with direct interaction with client SME. Gained experience in taking a project from scoping requirements through launch and operations of project.

Won STAR performer award for project reusability category.

3)Project: Annuity policy development (March 2011- Dec 2012)

Customer Name: MassMutual life, USA.

Description: There are various types of annuities with different benefits and features. The goal of this project was to develop annuity products.

Tools and Technologies: Java, SQL, Eclipse, Borland compiler.


Responsible for design, development, testing, application support of a major module – ‘Deferred compensation annuity’.

Developed the module with strong OOD principles and reusability aspect.

Conducted design and code reviews to ensure quality standards.

Involved in UAT, signing off deliveries, post production support.

Created the knowledge artifacts and training plan for on boarding the new team members.

Created reusable documents and tools for future reference, which would save 1-person hour/1000 LOC.

4)Project: ETRADE and broker management (July 2007- March 2011)

Customer Name: Royal Bank of Scotland, UK.

Description: Broker management is an application used by brokers to manage their customer data, quotes proposed, commission calculations and claims data. The goal of the project was to develop multiple new components and making enhancements proposed.

Tools and Technologies: C++, SQL, Eclipse, Borland compiler, HTML, CSS, JQuery, JavaScript.


Involved in requirement analysis, design, development and testing of backend component of broker management system.

Built highly scalable and modular abstractions that enabled future products.

Created a web based application called market report that enabled client to get concrete data on brokers and products. This report helped client in making key financial decisions and saved several man hours.

Won Infosys’ Star Performer Award for my contribution.

Academic Courses & Projects (MS in CS) Aug 2015-May 2018

Advanced Web Application Development Machine learning Analysis of Algorithms

Database Management Systems Operating Systems Android app development

Big data Tools & Methods Bio informatics iOS app development

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