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Infection Prevention and Control Specialist, Executive Manager

Damanhur, Beheira Governorate, Egypt
September 06, 2018

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Personal Data

Name : Obaid Mohamed Saad OMara

Date of Birth : Feb.25th, 1974 .

Place of Birth : Egypt.

Marital Status : Married.

Nationality : Egyptian

Religion : Islam.

Mobile : +201*********, +201*********

E-mail :

Address : Sanhour- Damanhur- Elbohaira- Egypt.

Objective: :

My objective is to get a new position in a well established organization and get more experience in the field of pharmaceuticals, Health Care services to develop and learn more skills.

Education :

Scientific Degree: B.Sc. Pharmacy, Faculty of Pharmacy, Alexandria University, Egypt 1999.

Post Graduate :

i.Professional Master degree in Hospital Management, Cairo University 2012 .

ii.Professional Diploma in Infection Control Management, Sadat Academy for Administrative Sciences 2013.

iii.Hospital Management specialist certificate from the General Pharmacist Syndicate 2013.

iv.Basic training for CMO (case management office) in Mubarat Kafer Eladawar Hospital 2015.

v.Basic training for Quality Auditing Requirement in Mubarat Kafer Eladawar Hospital (under the supervision of Dr.Iman Abdulfattah ) 2015.

vi.Leadership Express III, Egyptian HIO 2016.

vii.Advanced Training Course in Infection control from HIO (General directory of Infection control) December 2017.

viii.Training course in Advanced Health Economics from American University in Cairo AUC 2018

ix. Master Degree in Infection Control and its Management from the Medical Research Institute, Alexandria University 2017 (Title of the thesis "Patterns of HCV Infections among healthcare workers of HIO (Health Insurance Organization) evaluating study for the Risk Factors (RFs) and the applied infection Control Program".

Experiences :

As a Pharmacist in ZOHAIR Pharmacy – Damanhur, Elbohaira Egypt from July 1999 till December 1999.

As a Military Pharmacist in the Egyptian Army from December 1999 till December 2000.

As a Pharmacy Manager for Aleman Pharmacy– Elbohaira from January 2000 till September 2000.

As a Pharmacist in Al- Quiay Pharmacy in Hail, KSA from Sept 2000 till September 2002.

As a Pharmacist in Al- Saggaf Pharmacies Chain in Riyadh, KSA from September 2002 till December 2006.

As a Managing Director for obtaining the Agency of the French infant powdered milk LAILAC™ (the Trademark of the famous French Company named NUTRIBIO) from January 2007 till September 2007.

As the planner and the Executive Manager for the Saudi Company ZAMZAM COMMERCIAL INVESTMENTS CO. Ltd. from September 2007 up till end of Jun 2010.

The responsibilities and duties as Executive Manager :

1.In charge of the communications with the supplier “NUTRIBIO”.

2.In charge of H.R. Department of ZAMZAM company (recruitment, isolation, pay roll of 35 employees of ZAMZAM CO., incentives, retributions,….etc).

3.In charge of revision and signing of all the financial rolls, determination of the financial target of the company and planning the sales and general budget corresponding to that goal.

4.In charge of all custom’s necessaries till the release of the goods from the custom and warehousing of the goods at ZAMZAM warehouse.

5.In charge of designing and execution of all prints, brochures and the other promotional tools for the product also the official prints for the company (invoices, lay off bills, collecting bills …etc) .

6.In charge of all the banking procedures (LC, LG, TT,…etc.)

7.In charge of the LAN application managing and as the main officer for controlling the process achieved by the LAN application and the IT department.

8.Reporting, Presentation and Direction of the Company’s board meetings.

9.Arranging and Planning for all the promotional meetings with the cooperation of the Sales and Promotional Managers.

The Infection Control responsible Senior in the technical office of Elbohaira branch's Head office, Egyptian HIO from 1st January 2014 till May 2015.

Manager of Damanhur Poly Clinics, HIO Elbohaira Branch from May 2015 till January 2016.

As the Infection Control responsible Senior in the technical office of Elbohaira branch's Head office, Egyptian HIO from 1st January 2016 till December 2016.

Manager for the Central Customer Cervices Center of HIO Elbohaira Branch from January 2017 till October2017.

Manager of HIO-Elbohaira Branch Training and cultural relation directorate from May 2015 up till now (beside IC department)

As the Infection Control responsible Senior in the technical office of Elbohaira branch's Head office, Egyptian HIO from October 2017 till now.

Participate in all meetings of Elbohaira branch's Head office with the branch manager.

In charge of many tasks beside the main job (auditing team, purchasing committee, contracting committee …).

Skills :

Excellent communication skills.

Excellent command of English (reading, writing and speaking).

Excellent command of computer {Office ( Word, Excel, PowerPoint), Internet, ERPs


Obaid Omara

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