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Assistant Medical

Dallas, Texas, United States
August 31, 2018

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Xiumin Li

I am an experienced biologist who has worked in both academic and biopharmaceutical companies. I have extensive knowledge in oncology, cell biology, cardiovascular biology, genetics, genomics, developmental biology, metabolism, inflammation & general medicine. I have mastered broad ranges of techniques in molecular biology, immunology, antibody engineering, oncology, cell biology and other biochemistry research. I am seeking a challenging position in an academic laboratory or Biopharmaceutical Company to contribute and learn more.


2014-present Self Learner of Science and American law

2011.12- 2013.09 Research Associate Genentech, South San Francisco, California

Supported phase II clinical trial via immunological and biochemical assays, antibody cardiovascular and obesity therapeutic evaluation in vitro and in vivo.

New drug target identification via molecular biology and immuno- activation and suppression in mouse/rat/human PBMC and animal models. Small molecules immuno-metabolic efficacy and mechanism study in human cells.

Data collection and analysis. Database maintenance and presentation

Rewarded for “extreme-productive” in February 2013

2011.8-2011.11 Senior Research Associate (contractor) Cellerant Therapeutics. San Carlos, California

Monoclonal antibody engineering. Human-mouse chimerical antibody expression and purification. Antibody functional analysis in vitro and in vivo

• Data collection and analysis. Database maintenance and presentation

2010.12-2011.6 Senior Research Associate NGM Pharmaceuticals Inc. South San Francisco, California

Protein metabolic efficacy evaluation in vivo and in vitro. AAV surgical implantation in vivo.

Protein PK/PD study in vivo and in vitro

Data collection and analysis. Database maintenance and presentation

2009.7-2010.4 Scientist I Joyant Pharmaceuticals Inc.(closed) Dallas, Texas

Small molecules apoptotic mechanism exploration via siRNA, QPCR, cell viability, kinase assay, ELISA, apoptosis assay, cell cycle assay, western blot and other biochemistry assays.

Compounds oncology efficacy and toxicity evaluation in vivo in different xenograft models; compounds chemotherapeutic combination study in vitro ( in > 54 cell lines)

Data collection and analysis.

2007.12- 2009.6 Senior Research Associate Dept. of Cellular Pharmacology, Myriad Genetics Inc. Salt Lake City, Utah

Support of Alzheimer clinical trial, cancer drug preclinical discovery and development

Drug discovery: In vitro biochemical and cellular assay development, target validation, high throughput screening, biology support of lead optimization and pre-clinical development programs. Developed, optimized, validated and executed in vitro biochemical and cellular assays to support specific drug discovery projects. Established and optimized multiple cellular and biochemical assays for pre-clinical evaluation of lead compounds.

Data collection and analysis. Database maintenance and presentation

1999-2007 Research Assistant/ Research Associate Dept. of Molecular biology, UT Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas

Functional study of transcriptional factors and chromatic remodeling enzymes evolutionarily in Drosophila and mice via variety of biology techniques in vitro and in vivo

Genetic study and generation of mutant flies by using homologous recombination technology

Adenoviruses engineering, cDNA library expression Data collection and analysis.

Studies of histone H3 phosphorylation and regulation in various mutant strains of C.elegans with RNAi, molecular biology, cell biology and genetic techniques

1999.1-1999.6 postdoctoral fellow Dept. of Physiology, UTSW

Genetic screening in Drosophila for gene regulation

1994-1997 Assistant researcher, Dept. of Public Health, Wuhan Center for Preventive Medicine,

Effects of CUDAN, a compound from Chinese herbs metabolic study in vivo and in vitro

1993-1994 Research fellow Dept. of Pharmacology and Toxicology, Tongji Medical University


1988-1993 M.D., Tongji Medical University, Wuhan, China


Computer Skills: Statistical analysis, word processing, excel, PowerPoint, GraphPad Prism, JMP and Flojio software application, html coding, CSS coding,DNA sequence analysis, Vector NTI application etc.

Molecular Biology, Cell Biology, biochemistry, Animal Science, Immunological techniques, genetics, genomics, developmental biology, Radio-isotopic techniques, microinjection etc.


Outstanding student scholarship 1988-1993


2003-2004 officer of Chinese Students Scholars Association (CSSA) at UTSW

2004-2005 Vice president and treasurer of CSSA at UTSW


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5. Han Z., Li X., Wu J. and Olson EN. A myocardin-related transcription factor regulates activity of serum response factor in Drosophila .PNAS 2004; 101: 125**-***** .

6. Detwiler, M., M. Reuben, X. Li, E. Rogers, R. Lin, Two Zinc-Finger Proteins, OMA-1 and OMA-2, Are Redundantly Required for Oocyte Maturation in C. elegans. Dev. Cell 1: 187-199.

7. Hsu, J-Y., Z-W. Sun, X. Li, M. Reuben, K. Tatchell, D. K. Bishop, J. M. Grushcow, R. Lin, M. M. Smith, and C. D. Allis. Mitotic phosphorylation of histone H3 is governed by Ipl1/aurora kinase and Glc7/PP1 phosphatase in budding yeast and nematodes. CELL 2000; 102:279-291.

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