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Medical Care

Louisville, Kentucky, 40291, United States
$ 25.50
August 31, 2018

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Tracy Houston-Lewis

Phone: 502-***-****


Morning Point of Louisville January 2017-Present

Currently I am working at Morning Point. The facility Is home to residents with Dementia and diseases that fall under that umbrella. I enjoy working with these residents because I believe I make a difference in their lives. On any given day I find myself using many of the skills I have acquired in nursing as well as the experience I learned, as daughter or parent, that I gleaned from my own life experiences. All of these are within the scope of my practice.

Masonic Homes of Louisville March 2017 – January 2018

I work with LTC residents, residents who receive dialysis at an on site Fresenius facility, and Rehab patients. I pass medications, do treatments per MD orders, and prepare residents to go out to dialysis and therapies. I perform skilled charting, LTC assessments, and daily skin assessments on fresh rehab residents.

I also educate residents and their families about any ongoing services. Working with residents and their families to ensure their loved ones return home and continue to thrive is one of the most rewarding parts of my job.

Springhurst Health And Rehab June 2016 – Feb 2017

I worked with long-term care and dementia residents. My job is to ensure each resident receives competent and dignified care. I administer medications per the Physicians order, and I also provide dressing changes. I work with residents using gastric tubes and tracts, providing external nourishment, securing a clear airway during meals, and keeping those airways clean to prevent infection. I ensure the residents receive nutrition/feedings per MAR. I also monitor each resident’s medical needs, as well as their level of pain and or discomfort.

Horizon Bay/Brookdale Blankenbaker May 2014 – Aug 2016

I was the night shift Supervisor at this facility, with four caregivers that worked alongside me. It was my job to oversee the care of the residents, pass the HS meds and the early AM meds. If there were any falls or other incidents, it was my job to treat and care for the affected resident. If the incident/accident was outside my scope of practice, I was responsible for determining if the resident needed to be sent out to the hospital, contacting the MD for orders and informing the POA.

I had a monthly group of residents whose Wellness packets and skin checks I was personally responsible for. I wrote nightly progress notes for any resident that was involved in any type of incident, written after laying eyes on them, and discussing the incident if they were awake and able. Each night I checked our PT/INR book and ensured the lab slips were filled out and ready in the file folder.

I was also responsible for a resident’s medical packets if they were going out the following day. This included a med list, last labs, any physician’s notes, and insurance cards. Those were to be ready for the AM nurse so any residents leaving early were prepared with the necessary documentation before leaving the facility.

Arden Courts March 2013 – April 2014

Arden Courts is a facility for Dementia and Alzheimer’s residents. I worked as the Night Shift Supervisor, overseeing the night shift staff and caring for the residents’ medical needs.

Accurate Health Services Aug 2012 – Jan 2013

I provided home healthcare to infants on ventilators, with g-tubes. My cases involved care to infants, less than 10 months old, who were home for the first time. These cases were 8 to 12 hours, or whatever the family required. One case required an 8 hour feed on a pump while another was a two hour feed by bag and GTTS. Both children received hands on care, including cuddling, rocking and love.

Hazelwood-Louisville May 2012 – July 2012

Hazelwood functioned as a medical surgery facility, for adults with a variety of mental handicaps. These patients had a multitude of physical handicaps, such as MS, drop foot, or paralysis (full or partial). Most were unable to walk, and even more were incontinent. Our patients would receive medications for psych, seizures, depression and a variety of antibiotics as the type of living space often led to nosocomial infections.

As part of the nursing staff, I was often the first eyes and ears available to notice changes in these residents. I also served as an intermediary for other workers, such as physical therapy, dental staff, or anyone else who might be new to working with these clients, as their normal routine was often not the expected routine for other similarly aged patients. I cared for the infections and/or wounds of some long-term post op patients, until they were ready to return to their floor. I often assisted with feeding/by mouth and ADL’s of our patients. G-tube feedings were also an essential part of our daily routine.

Jefferson Place May 2011 – Apr 2012

My general duties were med pass and patient/family teaching. I also monitored day-to-day changes in patient’s wounds, as well as any other physical or mental changes. I worked towards goals that helped to prepare most of our patients to return to their homes, and helped the others for the transition to other living arrangements. As the nurse for these patients, their wellbeing was my first concern. I was the eyes and ears for the physician, informing them of the needs patients routinely forget or hadn’t told the physician during rounds.

For those patients that came to us to receive palliative care, I served as a sounding board for the patient and often the family. I tried to be their voice when they could no longer speak for themselves; looking for physical signs of pain, discomfort or agitation, and making sure there was dignity to the end.

Maxim Health Care Dec 2009 – Jan 2012

I worked with pediatric children on ventilators and g-tubes, changing and doing complete vent care in the homes of these clients. Some children had continuous feeds while others received bolus feeding. I performed their complete ADL’s as well as played games with them that reinforced their physical therapy. Medications were given via G-tube after or during meals.

I would monitor these children for any physical changes as well as cognitive changes, perform a complete head-to-toe physical assessment, and document this per protocol. If necessary, I would call the attending physician for orders, or changes in existing orders. One of my most important responsibilities would be to educate parents on how and why things were done, as well as talking with parents to glean any information about how the child’s day had progressed prior to my arrival.


Spencerian College - Graduated Dec 2002

Spalding University - Graduated June 1996

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