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Charlotte, North Carolina, United States
August 30, 2018

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Maryam Azmoon

Charlotte, NC. Mobile: 704-***-**** email:

OBJECTIVE: Seeking SQL Developer / Data Analyst position to utilize my skill sets, experience in development of data processing and management solution in the financial industry. Skills:

MS SQL SERVER: Certified MS-SQL Developer (G877-9373) with experience in MS-SQL Server including UNION and UNION ALL, INNER JOIN, LEFT/RIGHT/FULL OUTTER JOIN and CROSS JOIN. Multi-table joins, scalar-valued and table-valued functions, query performance and sargability. TOP and OFFSET-FETCH, set operators, date and time functions, user-defined function, output option, subquery and APPLY operator including CROSS APPLY and OUTTER APPLY, GROUP By and GROUPING SETS, CUBE, PIVOT, and UNPIVOT. common table expression (CTE), Derived tables. Inline table-valued functions, System-versioned temporal tables, query, and output XML / JSON data, table-valued and scalar Stored procedures and error handling with TRY-CATCH, THROW and RAISERROR. Transaction isolation. SQL Integration Services (SSIS): Loop and Log Controller, Sending Email Notifications, Error Flow Redirection, Package Configurations for the Package Deployment, Using Parameters with the Project, Working with Flat files, Excel files, Delimited files.

Others: Possess strong working knowledge of MS Excel: Working knowledge of Formula Functions, Charts, Text Manipulation, Pivot, Unpivot, V-lookup, Power Query, Statistical Tools, What-if Analysis, Solver. Familiarity with Agile software development and Jira.

Active Certification:

• Querying Data with Transact-SQL (70-761): Transcript ID :1222998, Access Code: Taslimi2018


Saman Bank, SQL Server Database Developer, Audit and regulation 01/2011-06/2012

• Worked on ad-hoc requests initiated by regulators. Responsibilities included design and development of views and queries to extract customer data and transactions from SQL data warehouse system of records, aggregate and summarize the results and push transformed data into staging for final review and processing. o Design and development of cursor within the stored procedure to navigate through the result set and find the matches for requested transactions.

o Utilizing transaction isolation on frequently used stored procedures, i.e. SPs which are called by the monitoring system for post-transaction verification. Saman Bank, SQL Server Database Developer, Customer Relation Management 12/2009-01/2011

• Worked on various weekly and monthly reports including weekly new accounts report by branch, city, and weekly customer spending reports. Complex joins, derived tables used to extract periodic report Worked on quarterly sales reports, prepared XML, Excel or flat file output to be further processed by marketing and sales department.

o Developed SSIS packages to filter and export data to excel files, send the notification email and log errors.

o Developed views using functions and cross apply to retrieve regional / branch reports. o Developed Stored Procedures to identify customer for loan and credit offers based on income and spending. Developed different cursors to fetch data, developed joins and derived tables developed on multiple tables to select, update or insert data.

Mapna, SQL Server Database Developer 04/2008-12/2009

• Worked on data warehouse system using MS-SQL Server to integrate project control data across multiple geographical locations. Worked on data retrieval queries for management reporting including: o Generating procurement list for piping, instruments, civil and steel structure based on available inventory for items with different lead time. These views compare material needed to take off with available material then generates procurement list based on each item lead time. o Designing SSIS packages to digest excel files from daily reports.

• Worked with .Net developer team to design and implement various SQL stored procedures, views, and functions. Worked with different departments to integrate data across them by utilizing complex views, subqueries, and stored procedures including:

o Creating SPs to take item code and return its suppliers, inventory, shortage etc. o Creating aggregated enterprise level reports based on project data using views and subqueries to include or exclude specific projects.

• Worked on Bill-of-Material views to report the availability of material for each section of the project. Recursive CTE was used to retrieve BoM. CTE was introduced in SQL 2008 and was utilized for the first time. Kamal, Mathematics and Statistics Tutor 01/2005-04/2008

• Taught undergraduate statistics and mathematics courses. Helped students to build confidence and learn advanced topics by example and repetition.


B. Sc., Accounting, University of North Carolina at Charlotte, NC Aug 2015 - Dec 2017 Complete all prerequisites needed for Master Program AA, Accounting and Finance - Financial services, CPCC, Charlotte, NC Jan 2013 - July 2015 B.Sc., Pure Mathematics, Azad University, Noor Sep 2000 - May 2004

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