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Administrative Assistant III

Austin, Texas, United States
September 01, 2018

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. S TREET, A PT. 1 235, A USTIN, T X 7 8748


Career O bjectives

To obtain a challenging and rewarding position with a successful organization as a Support Representative, using my experience, education and training; Professional Skills in Office Organization, Communication, Interpersonal Relations.

Summary o f Q ualifications

Ability to function as leader and team member; to establish priorities and work under time constraints in a multitask environment, Microsoft Office Suite, Bilingual; Ten-Key by touch 14850 KPH 100% Accuracy, 55 WPM 99% A ccuracy.

Work H istory

Railroad C ommission o f T exas, A USTIN, T exas A dministrative A ssistant I II Aug 0 8, 2 012 - P resent Key Contact Person for keeping accounting of Monthly Gas Process Reporting for all Gas Processing Plants in the state of Texas; Ensure that all GPP producing liquid hydrocarbons are in compliance with Statewide Rule 61; Produce Monthly and Annual Summary Reports uploaded to the Railroad Commission Website; Routinely communicate with Oil and Gas Operators and the general public with enthusiasm and professionalism; Prepare, edit, and distribute correspondence, reports, studies, forms, and documents; Maintain filing, Record-Keeping, and Records Management Systems; Perform detailed Data Entry, Copying, Faxing, Scanning and Printing, and other general office duties; Respond to inquiries to Interpret Rules, Regulations, Policies, and Procedures; Prepare, Scan, and Transfer Archive documents for Online public use; Assist Development of Administrative and Technical Assistance Policies and Procedures; Answer and Route Phone Calls, Messaging, Greeting, provide guidance to Visitors, routed to the appropriate technical and managerial staff; Perform Related work as Assigned.

Priority P ersonnel I ncorporated, S AN M ARCOS, T exas D ata E ntry J an 1 1, 2 011 - J an 2 2, 2 012 Accurately scanned 600-800 Documents daily. Documents consisted of highly precise Technical Data related to Individual C ommercial J et A irline E ngine B lades. San M arcos H igh S chool, S AN M ARCOS, T exas A ttendance C lerk J ul 2 1, 2 008 - F eb 1 1, 2 010 Communicated with Students, Teachers, Parents, District Employees for Resolving Problems and Coordinated Activities. Accurately Managed Attendance Records, Schedules, and Confidential Files. notified parents and/or Guardians of their Student Absences to meet County, State and Federal Attendance Requirements. Obtained Attendance Records for student arrival and departure from campus during school hours to ensure Accurate Reporting of Excused and Unexcused Absences and Truancies. Prepared Attendance-Related Reports and written materials for conveying Information regarding school and/or district activities and procedures. Processed documents and materials for Disseminating Information to Appropriate Parties. Researched discrepancies of attendance information and/or documentation to ensure accurate Attendance data before processing. Reported Truant Students to the district office and Attended Truancy Court Hearings on a Regular Basis.

Martinez a nd H romada A ssociates, D ENVER, C olorado Field A dministrative A ssistant A ug 0 1, 2 005 - S ep 2 7, 2 007 Agencies Assigned to: Suncor Energy Inc. - Supported Suncor Energy Incorporated, Project Odyssey Management Team of Six; Coordinated with Local Venues for Company Special, Educational and Safety Events; Planned, Scheduled and Facilitated Department Meetings and Functions; Posted Monthly Reports to the Company Portal; Distributed Mail and Ordered Supplies; Worked Unsupervised; Spanish Interpreter; Responsible for documenting and distributing Large Business Funds; Worked with Microsoft Office Suite; Responsible for Scheduling New Sub-Contractor Employees for Suncor Safety Orientation; Responsible for getting Leased Vehicles Serviced; Reported Safety Hazards and Accidents to Safety Director and Security Personnel; Suncor Energy Fire Department - Assisted in Updating Safety Regulation Manual; Assisted Accounts Payable with Filing and Data Entry to System, Application, and Products (SAP); Created Spreadsheet on Excel, Labeled, and Organized all Media for Fire Station Safety and to Consolidate all part numbers used at Fire Station for Data Entry. Alliance Engineering – Directed calls with a Professional and Courteous Attitude; Processed Invoices for Accounts Payable; Updated PowerPoint Kiosk; Maintained Accounts Payable Files on Excel Spreadsheet; Scanned and Emailed Invoices for Electronic and Physical Storage; Prepared all Travel Arrangements for Staff; Maintained Confidentiality between Clients and Staff; Ordered general office supplies; Made copies and secured Shipping of Large Scale Documents and Architectural Drawings; Check, Sort and Distribute Mail and Deliveries; Processed a ll E xpense R eports; C reated E xcel S preadsheets f or P roject T eams a nd O ffice R ecords. American Academy of Forensic Sciences, COLORADO SPRINGS, Colorado Receptionist/Volunteer Coordinator A PR 0 5, 2 004 - F eb 0 4, 2 005 Handled all Calls in a Professional and Courteous Manner; Routed the Caller to the Appropriate Staff or Department, Picked-up and Distributed Mail Processed Checks from Payments; Mailed Financial Records and Statements to Organization Section Chairs, Board of Directors and Officers of the Organization; Assisted Reporters in Obtaining the Appropriate Experts to Interview or to Assist in High Profile Criminal Cases; Researched Archives for Past Abstracts from Experts for Attorneys or Law Enforcement Personnel; Managed Schedule for over 300 Volunteers to Assist with the AAFS Annual Meeting; Boxed, Labeled and Shipped Packages via F edEx, U PS, a nd U SPS.

Girl S couts W agon W heel C ouncil, C OLORADO S PRINGS, C olorado M embership a nd Diversity S pecialist M ay 0 1, 2 003 - M ar 3 0, 2 004 Managed Eight Service Units throughout Colorado Springs; Coordinated with individual Unit Leaders to ensure proper logistics to keep their Troops Active; Made sure Leaders had all Necessary Forms signed and turned in to Headquarters; Collected End of Year Financial Reports from all Units; Calculated Numbers for all Unit Expenditures and Allowances; Represented the Wagon Wheel Council as a Member of the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, and Hispanic Education Committee; Coordinated Partnerships with Local Church and Religious Organizations f or T roop O pportunities; R ecruited N ew T roop L eaders.

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