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SQL, Tableau, Microsoft Excel, Accounting

Fairfax, Virginia, United States
August 31, 2018

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Stony Brook University GPA 3.38/4.00 Stony Brook, NY (August 2015 - May 2018)

§ Bachelor of Science: Applied Mathematics and Statistics, Business Management, Accounting (Minor) SKILLS

§ SQL: Write SQL queries with DDL, DML commands to retrieve information from database

§ Tableau: Project data visualization in forms of graphs, charts and dashboards from CSV files

§ Advanced in Microsoft Excel: Create pivot tables, apply common functions with VLOOKUP and MATCH, extract optimal solutions with solver

§ Basic Accounting knowledge: Preparation of journal entries, adjustments and the financial statements

§ Quantitative Modelling Techniques: Linear, optimization, simulation and break-even analysis to support decision making

§ Statistical Methods: Familiar with mean, standard deviation, regression and hypothesis test for data analysis

§ Data Collecting and Organizing: Ability to collect information, organize big data, create accurate, well-design tables

§ Communication Skills: Fluent in English, Mandarin, Cantonese, professional interpersonal, verbal and written skills REVELANT COURSE & COURSE PROJECT

SQL Online Course (MySQL for data analytics and Business Intelligence) July 2018

§ Interacted sophisticated Employees’ info database with 10 tables and 300,000 records using MySQL

§ Executed insert, update, delete statement, operators and aggregate functions to construct and modify data structures

§ Created stored procedures and user-defined function to return desired output

§ Utilized Joins to build a relationship between objects and delivered matching values Marketing Plan Project (Principles of Marketing) April 2018

§ Researched a company’s (Jamba Juice) background and identified the mission and brand inventory, concluded current situation with the SWOT analysis to understand the company’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats

§ Discovered new and potential business expansion for Jamba Juice, proposed a brand extension marketing plan

§ Utilized online marketing database ‘Mintel’ to determine customer base and defined market segmentation, target marketing and market positioning

§ Identified marketing strategies with product elements, place, price and promotion Data Analysis Computing Project (Data Analysis) May 2017

§ Computed linear regression model for two databases with 3000 entries, including subject IDs, dependent variables and independent variables

§ Used Excel to clean data with bad entries using built-in functions, to sort and merge files

§ Imported data to R-Studio and assumed liner regression to find the fitted function, defined the fraction of variance was explained and the association between the independent and dependent variable by analysis of variance table

§ Plotted data and LOWESS curve for a different set of data to determine the transformation of variables

§ Conducted the Lack-of-fit test and comparing p-values to demonstrate the best fit model

§ Worked with a group for final reporting and presented project result to class LEADSHIP EXPERIENCES AND ACTIVITIES

Chinese Student & Scholars Association (Activity Plan Department) January 2016 – May 2017

§ Worked with a group of members to organize gala nights in Chinese Spring Festival and Moon Festival with up to 300 attendees

§ Designed effective fliers, tickets and posters to promote events

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