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Manager Project

Montreal, Quebec, Canada
August 31, 2018

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Jose Antonio Gallardo PEng., PMP

Montréal, Qc 514-***-****, 514-***-****


Deployment procedure implementation / Implementation of PMI methodologies / Work optimization / Well organized / Good interpersonal skills

Electrical Engineer, manager, project manager and trainer with divers experience in the energy, electrical engineering, aeronautic and telecommunication industries. Appreciated leader by teams of international projects and remote multi-sites experience. With excellent knowledge of PMI methodologies and practices that has a solid expertise in problem resolution.

Responsible professional and well organized, good planner, recognized for recognizing priorities and great determination to deliver project on time and on budget. Tri-lingual: English, French (70%) and Spanish.

Technical Expertise:

Electrical Engineering: Power Engineer experience, Modbus, BACnet, protocols, OPC, ETLs

Operating systems: UNIX (Solaris), LINUX, MSDOS, Windows, Windows NT, Windows XP,

Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Widows Server 2008, Widows Server 2012, Windows server 2016

Programming: C, Fortran, Pascal, Clips, Matlab, HTML

Software: Word, Access, Excel, Microsoft Project, Power Point, Internet browsing,

Oracle, Times 10, SQL, .net, web applications

Flight simulators: Developed, tested and debugged software for flight simulators in a

UNIX, Electrical Industry in .net

Networks: Network security, protocol analyzers, security systems, routers,

switches, CISCO, NetGear, F5 Load Balancers, NTP, SNMP, DNS, SFTP, FTP, HTTP, TCP/IP, Wireshark

Telecommunications: GSM (MSC, HLR, OSS, STP, MGW, RNC), WCDMA (RNC), SS7

protocol (MAP, SCCP, TCAP), 3GPP and OMA standards, MMS, SMS,


Related Accomplishments - Project management

Managed multiple hardware and software development projects in a matrix organization (of up to 200 people) from different departments. My duties included: analyzing scope of work, coordinate meetings, deliverable assessment, engineering planning, coordinating, controlling, scheduling, budgeting, cost quality controlling, risk assessment, issue assessment and resolution, risk managing, change management, subcontracting, prioritizing, monitoring and tracking project milestones, creating reports project status to customers and internal stakeholders, verifying that customer requirements were met. Acquired experience in project management methods, techniques and practices.

Reduced the project schedule by 25% by coordinating and managing the critical path on the project; 11 million dollars project for the GURI hydroelectric dam.

Reduced cost by 10 % by convincing a customer to provide resources for the development/ implementation/testing of the EDELCA project. This ensured delivering the project on time and a smooth transition of the project to operational staff during handover of the system

Managed an average of 20 engineers and project staff for 3 simultaneous projects on time and on budget in a matrix organization that involved dealing with many different priorities from other projects by influencing staff and line managers to assign resources and work on critical path tasks.

Improved Customer Relations by working with customers that had a different language and culture then that of Canadians by using my Latin-Americans background to facilitate communications and working environment with the customer

Saved 10% in cost by successfully completing projects before scheduled by performing critical path analysis and risk analysis and by managing, installing, integrating and commissioning projects for Complexe Desjardins worth more than 1 million dollars.

Improved customer relations by successfully managing and completing projects on time and on budget managing teams in 16 different sites over Canada and the US. Managed, installed, integrated and commissioned a nationwide and multisite project for CN rail worth more than 800,000 dollars.

Professional Experience

ISC Applied Systems, MONTRÉAL, CANADA 2017 – present

Systems Engineering Supervisor/Team Leader

Leading a team of 8 engineers to provide CCTV solutions for the transport industry. SCRUM master that facilitates sprint leadership for projects. Reviewing, creating engineering documents, test procedures, functional description documents and other deliverables for customers. Developing solutions and testing at customer’s sites.


Power Application Engineer (PAE) Supervisor Project Manager

Installed, integrated internal equipment and third party vendor equipment as well as tested the power monitoring systems to measure, monitor and control energy consumption at client sites. Supervised four other power application engineers on projects for the eastern Canada region. Provided training for customers on the power application systems and produced test documents. Established procedures and processes to enable the PAE group to trace, report and commission the PAE projects at customers projects. Acted as the Project Manager for big projects and implemented internal PM methodologies.

Grew the installation capacity of the team by 300% by hiring, mentoring, training and supervising 4 engineers for the Power Monitoring Expert system and executed project management functions for customers

Saved 20 % of the deployment time by developing functional procedures to standardize job tasks of software deployment team

Saved 5% of time by developing integration and troubleshooting procedures that enabled the team to

record and reuse knowledge when deploying, integrating and commissioning systems


Solution Integrator

Installed, integrated and tested hardware and software in the Electrical Utilities industry for different clients (Long Island Power Authority, British Columbia Hydro, Great Lakes Power Transmission, Manitoba Hydro). Performed detailed testing on new releases and opened snags (problem request on the product). Performed analysis of software performance and correctness. Wrote installation procedures, Acceptance test documents, Functional description documents, Factory acceptances tests and provided second line support to Utilicase’s software for clients.


Customer System/Solution Integrator Project Manager

Project Manager, Installed, integrated and tested hardware and software in the telecommunication industry. Provided second line support and services to SMPC (Serving Mobile Positioning Center) and GMPC (Global Mobile Positioning Center) products under a UNIX environment. Acted as a consultant to develop additional business with the customer. Worked in over 50 projects with international customers.

Successfully completed projects on time and on budget increasing customer satisfaction KPI. Even after workweeks of 100 hours, under the pressure of demanding customers.

Improved Customer Relations by resolving issues with a project and troubleshooting a project that had been going on for 1.5 years that involved changing most of the customer’s network configuration (complex problem). Lead a team of 3 Engineers and successfully resolved the problem in 2 weeks

Reduced downtime by fixed a critical emergency in a couple of hours that had been going on for 2 days without resolution and a customer that was discontent due to the outage

Received several recognitions by customers (Telcel, Vodafone, Telefonica) as being a very valuable resource in completing complex and important projects

Enabled the company to increase by 300% the personnel that installed/configured and was trained to work on the Mobile Positioning Platform by mentoring and trained 10 engineers in the platform and Project Management methodologies that enabled the company to integrate more projects and support to other countries

Recognized by my manager as the big guns when it came to resolving difficult and critical issues on projects

Prior: Wireless technical and Sales representative at Protocol, Montréal, Canada (1 yrs); Systems Integrator at CAE Inc., Montréal, Canada (2 yrs); Project Manager at SNC-LAVALIN Inc. (ECS), Montréal, Canada (3 yrs).


Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering, McGill University, Canada

Bachelors in Telecommunications & Electronic Eng, National Polytechnic Institute, Mexico

Professional Development

Project Management course at McGill University

PMP Certification

Advanced Networking course

Customer Service course

Scripting course for UNIX

Telecommunications 2000 Fundamentals

“C” programming

UNIX fundamentals

UNIX system administrator

Network installation for Ethernet, under UNIX operating system

SS7 Communication protocol

Negotiation skills

Cultural awareness course

Modbus, BACnet, Jbus, Ion, OPC, ETL protocols

Safety and Security in the work place

Awards, Scholarships & Recognition

PEMEX Student scholarship for a duration of 11 years

National Technological Scholarship from CONACYT Mexico to study a Master’s degree abroad

Published an article in the international journal for Computation and Mathematics in Electrical and Electronic Engineering “COMPEL”, 1999, that was selected as one of the 30 best articles of the publication

Represented Quebec in the Squash Masters championship 2014 and came in second place nationwide

Professional Affiliations

Member, Order of Quebec Engineers

Project Management Professional (PMP) certification, 2003

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