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Management Accounting

Silver Spring, Maryland, United States
August 29, 2018

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Résumé of Norville Thorpe

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U.S. Citizen


Action oriented leader with a track record of 10+ years as an accounting, finance, Comprehensive Capital Analysis and Review (“CCAR”) analyst, management, cash management, risk management, financial system and implementation professional. Formulated estimates for multi-year budgets, budget plans, budget allocations, budget justifications, forecasting, budget projects, and budget implementations. As a functional lead worked within FRB requirements, (ex.) FR2900, CCAR, DFAS, Basel compliance, and CAMEL. Proficient in data analytics, data modeling, financial system reporting, and project management with 10 + years of experience. Written and run queries, developed, and produced Monthly Management Reports for senior management using SAS, Business Objects, MS Fleet, SQL and Tableau. Overall projects have encompassed, risk based capital assessments, credit validation, derivative trading, securities, and fixed income securities. Finally, manage synergies around financial analytical tools, domestic and global treasury functions, developed data marts, OBIEE, governance, COSO, mitigate cross-functional, and cross-work stream dependencies systems and applications..

Core Qualifications & Proven Areas of Expertise

Financial/Quantitative Data Analysis

Governance on Organization Policy and Compliance

Capital Markets-related Horizontal Reviews

Comprehensive Quantitative Risk Weighted Analysis

Budget and Variance Analysis

Operational Analysis, OBIEE Analysis

Asset Management and Valuation

Financial Statements/Regulatory Reporting

Federal/State Regulatory Banking Compliance Laws

DFAST/CCAR, Basel I,II, & III, Risk Management

Banking Asset/ Liability Portfolio Management

Corporate and Investment Banking

Statistical Tracking, Metrics/Monitoring Measures

Capital Markets Products

Accounting/Cash Management/P&L Management


Barclays Bank, 01/2017 to Present

Wilmington, DE, Assistant Vice President, Consumer Retail Risk Analytics

Recalibrate three CCAR PPNR non-regression (Miscellaneous, Interchange & Partner’s Comp) models in the Consumer Retail Risk Quantitative Unit for the CCAR PPNR 2018 submission.

Assist in the development of both regression and historical benchmark models. By performing data validation and attestation from the ASP data mart, accounting data and Hand-ins supplemental data. Data validation includes, record count, balance verification, statistical comparison, Input/Output verification of ensure segmentation reconciles to production ASP.

Produce a number CCAR PPNR Outcome Analysis graphs as part of the Fed. Submission package.

Prepare the CCAR PPNR Model Summary Report. In the PPNR regression models in milestone # 3, variable selection, and macroeconomic variables are analyzed and selected.

Produce Fixed Value Hand-in data inputs for the Model Execution Framework (“MEF”) CCAR data processing system. These Fixed Value Hand-ins include, PCCR Book-value, PCCR Amortization, SignOn Bonus Amortization, FMV Credit Adjustment, FMV Interest Amortization, Intangible Amortization and more.

Help update the Module Dependency Template for the MEF in the IHC Internal Baseline, IHC Internal Adverse, Fed. Baseline, Fed. Adverse, and Fed. Severely Adverse scenarios forecast runs.

Maintain and enhance the IHC PPNR Balance Sheet and Income Statement combiners, utilizing the MEF runs, Monikers, central views and Roll-Forward results. Used a number of the Moody Analytics suits as framework.

Engage in CCAR operation audits for the Module Dependency Template process, Fixed Value Hand-ins files, Recalibration Driver Template, etc.,

Federal Deposit Insurance Corporatiom, 06/2009 to 12/2015

Washington, Washington DC, Sr. Capital Market Specialist

Develop tool for senior management to manage level of compliance reviews of Share Loss claims in the HQ office by apply theories, concepts, and practices of statistics, data analysis, variance estimation, survey, sampling design, statistical computing, modeling and simulation develop a Regression Analysis Model to determine the appropriate level Charge-offs and determine number of reviews to be conducted in the HQ office. The study took the 2013 Shared Loss Payments of $2.96 billion and 2,450 certifications processed. RSAM needed to determine the appropriate asset level charge-offs and asset count to be reviewed in the HQ office. The results revealed by the use of regression analysis, set charge-off level at =>$2.5MM, 286 certification will be reviewed, or 79% of total payments. However, when asset level charge-off is set at =>$5MM, 137 will be reviewed or 61% or $1.8 billion of Shared Loss payments will be covered. Therefore, the study shows that at the $2.5MM and above, 108% more certifications will have to be reviewed, but only 18% more payments will be covered. Conclusion demonstrated that the maximum efficiency level will be at the $5MM and above level. The recommendation at the $5MM charge-off level was accepted by senior management.

Applied Lead Business Analyst skills and experience necessary to perform data profiling analysis on large sets of financial data to ascertain patterns that enhance decision making. Experience include the ability to identify, develop, implement and refine the results using data analysis tools and relational database management systems from major vendors primarily Oracle, Business Objects, Enterprise Service Bus (ESB), SAS Institute, RADR, Tableau, IBM Websphere Data Integration Suite, and MS SQL Server).

Build risk portfolio management models that measure (Tactical, Strategic, Operation, Market, & Credit risks), for Initial Contracts, Loan Modifications, Loss Share Certificates and Data Analysis. Determine solutions to minimize or eliminate risks by Use the Monte Carlo Simulation model to determine which Assuming Institutions have the largest and number of performing loans charge-offs in the Shared Loss Program that adversely affect the DIF. The model reveals at the right inflection point of the concave curve, the bulk of AI’s with performing loans charge-offs are nestled.

The Certificate Data Integrity Investigation Model (CDII) was developed out of the need to validate the accuracy of AI’s payment vouchers. The model evaluate Shared Loss data at the granular asset level in four criteria: (I) Accrued Interest Failure (no claims paid on non-accrued loans), (II) Performing Loans Charge-offs (no claims paid on loans less than 90 days past-due), (III) Duplicate Charge-offs (no claims pay more than once on one appraisal), and (IV) Loss Severity (no claims paid in excesses of 110% of loan). To-date the model has identified $53,129,784 in findings; the FDIC has already clawed back $31,109,649. Result to-date 59% return.

Provides supervisory oversight support to senior management, develop governance, internal controls, (COSO), give guidance, analyze complex and sensitive mission critical work, via developing new theories, criteria techniques encompassing the entire scope of the loss share program; serve as point-of-contact in launching reports, models, and analytics to resolve new challenges in the SLA program, by utilizing excel formulas, such as Concatenate, Pivot table, Max, Hlookup, Vlookup, extracting data from RTSP, ICE, Venue, SharePoint, SAP, Business Objects, RADR, SAS, CAMELS scores etc., to provide senior management with Management Reports, design Work-load Management Tools, Certificate Detail Aging Analysis and more. Plus, define application problems by conferring with clients, evaluation procedures and processes, develop business requirements, establish specifications, UAT testing, and write documentations.

Lead a team that devises effective and efficient ways to measure (quantify) market risk by (AI), Asset Portfolios Type, by Performing vs. Non-performing loans, and by Region in an attempted to determine risk exposure. Use Basel II & III recommendations on capital adequacy, market, credit, operational risks, as well as counterparty credit risk (CCR) to determine (AI) risk rating. With these weighs, applied risk-based approach to forecasting. Results have been encouraging; now supplement model, with stress testing techniques to determine both prepayment, and default risks and correlation on (AI) Loss Share portfolio assets. Senior management use analysis to make early termination decisions.

Axia Financial,

Tukwila, Washington, Finacial Controller 03/2008 to 09/2008

Authored company comprehensive divisional short, medium and long range budget forecast models.

Helped draft company five-year business model, broken into divisional units and consolidated plan.

Directed the general ledger close, prepared financial statements, and managerial accounting.

Ensured all mortgage accounting financial statement comply with applicable GAAP and FASB pronouncements.

Washington Mutual 09/2003 – 11/2007

Seattle, Washington, Lead Business/Systems Analyst

Develop Business Requirements for all Washington Mutual’s Treasury Systems products.

Wrote functional specifications

Developed test plan, test cases, and test summary report.

Jointly wrote business requirements with business unit to correct problems and filed production change request (PCR) forms

Ensured all treasury system projects follow established standards including delivery life cycle methods, and meets audit requirements.

Concurrently, performed UAT testing with business unit and the development team performed the coding.

Evaluated regression testing from QA team and discussed final test summary report.

Coordinated meeting between the business UAT team and IT team to determine the “Go, no go call.”

I was the Subject Matter Expert for the InTrader application. The InTrader application was the system of records for the banks fixed income investment security products, of which, 85% were in Mortgage Back Securities. I started to work with the InTrader application in 2003. Almost immediately, I recognized that the monthly output of the constant effective yield for the proper application of FASB 91 was incorrect. In fact, one of my main functions was to ensure the proper interpretation and application of the appropriate FASB(s) by product type. Subsequently, I conducted a quantitative analysis of both the fixed and variable MBS securities over a month, three month, six month, one year, and two year periods. This study resulted in the findings and solutions: - InTrader unable to properly calculate the effective yield on variable instruments. - Performed extensive 100% study of both fixed and variable instruments. - Conducted presentation that revealed huge cash-flow differences on variable securities calculated. - Developed solution: InTrader treated all interest rate re-set as "bullet" rate. Therefore, no retroactive periodic adjustments were performed. SOX remediation on Financial Systems, FASB 91 & 133, and all Treasury Systems support operations.

Resolved complex treasury issues and conflicts and escalates to executive level where required.

Developed risk analytic reports for the senior management team to highlight key risk exposures; present issues at monthly forums, Basel II requirements, assisted in efforts to improve risk oversight, transparency and infrastructure within the Treasury Division and across the company.

Worked extensively in the application of FASB 5, 65, 91, 115, 118, 133, compliant issues and Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) 404 remediation on financial systems requirements. Wrote numerous articles for client on various product types and have authored and implemented new Month-end-close policy and procedures.

Contributed to the continuous functional improvement of Project Management processes and procedures at the PMO level, and enterprise wide, through application best practices for obtaining and sharing Lessons Learned.

Gain Specialize experience using risk management information systems that identify, measure, and analyze risk levels across large, complex financial companies. Risk levels in a number of the following: lending, trading, counterparty risk (CVA, EE, PFE, EFE, & IRC), foreign exposures, liquidity risk, earnings performance, capital adequacy, or operational risk. Capital adequacy measured in the following: Risk weighted Ratios, Interest Covered Ratios, and Liquidity Ratios on Tier 1 capital.

InTrader System production support in Market Pricing, Monthly Factor/Interest Rate Payments, Daily Fed Fund Pricing, and Daily reconciliation of security data integrity

Responsible for all Down-Stream data in the TPG InTrader replacement project

Direct both the month-end close for the InTrader System, and the FAS 91 Book-Price upload.

Other Professional Accomplishment:

Citicapital/Division of CitiGroup 02/2003 – 07/2003

Mahwah, New Jersey, Consultant

Financial & Investment Consulting 01/2002 – 01/2003

Financial Planner

Trepp, LLC, 02/2000 – 12/2001

New York, New York, Controller

Conceived and established plan to improve corporate cash-flow problem. Dissected and uncovered ineffective operating and timing processes. Generated average of over $150,000 additional cash per month.

Built the accounting/finance department at Trepp, LLC.

Contributed to the continuous functional improvement of Project Management processes and procedures at the PMO level, and enterprise wide, through application best practices for obtaining and sharing Lessons Learned.

Drove, monthly, quarterly, and annual financial and regulatory reporting. Plus, set-up monthly accruals, and devised and maintained appropriate interest income and expense calculations: (e.g.) Actual/Actual, 30/360, Actual/360, etc., payments and collections.

Collaborated with the board of directors on all critical and strategic financial projects and financial management. Ensured appropriate accounting policies and procedures.

Analyzed and finalized all monthly, quarterly, reconciliations, and annual financial statements.

Assisted independent accounting firm on audited financial statements and tax returns.

Diagnosed intricate financial error that negatively impacted company’s income statements. Uncovered unutilized accounting principle, to assess and implement appropriate solutions. Generated increase in monthly income by hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Performed analyses to determine potential profitability and lost savings of specific projects.

Ensured all financial management statement comply with applicable GAAP and FASB pronouncements.

Devised, and initiated policy and procedures for Accounting Department. Planned, organized, structured, and centralized operating functions and responsibilities. This involved physically relocated all the various accounting operation units in one building. Wrote new process flow, and job responsibilities, established functional responsibilities, risk management, eliminated duplication on duties, retraining employees, developed business and industry knowledge data and established an incentive system. Result: Accomplished elimination of back-lagged accounting and financial statements within five months and reduced employee turnover rate 80%.

Prepared monthly income forecast, and annual budget for upper management.

- Income and expense forecast calculated on generated revenues.

- Interest rate accruals on investments, accretion of discount instruments, amortization on premiums, and deferred income tax.

- Income forecast reflected total consolidated revenues, fee payments, revenues by unit, revenues by cost center, revenues by department, and aid in business making decisions.

- Forecast on expense type, projection on purchases, projection on administration expense, projection on operation expense, projection on depreciation expense, and projection on business expansion expense.

Performed accounting functions for structured finance (e.g.) Leases and Mortgages.

Assisted in monthly close in general ledger, financial statements, Call Report, and managerial accounting.

Reviewed and streamlined all accounting, finance, and cash management procedures.

Morgan Stanley 09/1997 – 02/2000

New York, New York, Investment Management Accounting Manager

Led and wrote general ledger month-end close procedures and financial reporting for 141 Families of Mutual Funds. For audited financial statements, provided schedules and report for both internal and external auditors.

Organized process to improve staff error rate and re-works. Developed, coordinated and presented innovated cross-functional training program. Increased job completion by 40%, and reduced error rate by 60%.

Reviewed regulatory reports (e.g.) FOCUS Reports, 15C, 17H, Edgar Filings, FFIEC 101, FRY-9C, FR 2644, FR 2915 & X-17A-5.

Coordinated Federal & State Regulatory Reports and SEC Reports (ex. 10-Q).

Directed the monthly general ledger close including Income Forecast Estimates, GL System version upgrades, New Allocation Models, Monthly Reconciliations, and Variance Analysis.

Assisted in monthly close in general ledger, internal compliance, financial management, data governance, financial statements, risk management, and managerial accounting.

Reviewed and approved monthly P&L Analysis, Supplemental Package, Accrual Package, and Allocation Model Tables. Ensured appropriate accounting policies and procedures.

Finalized monthly and annual consolidated income forecast along with annual budget for senior management.

Implemented employee job training, business related, industry related, and management courses to all employees. This resulted in an employee turnover rate decrease of 70%.

Contributed to the continuous functional improvement of Project Management processes and procedures at the PMO level, and enterprise wide, through application best practices for obtaining and sharing Lessons Learned.

Assisted in year-end audit, special projects, and financial presentations.

Developed financial reporting/control requirements for new products and enhancements in conjunction with accounting.

Federal Home Loan Bank of New York 02/1989 – 09/1997

New York, New York, Accounting Supervisor/Senior Financial Reporting Accountant/Senior Accountant

Authored policy and procedures for month-end close manual. Researched, analyzed, and designed method of managing data-flow more efficiently. Reduced both accounting and financial reporting time by 50%.

Provided mortgage-backed, money market securities, swaps, and bond derivative accounting.

Monitored money transfer treasury functions.

Project led the redesigned, maintained, internal compliance, and managed the banks’ Advance Loans Investment Portfolio of $16.5 billion.

Built risk portfolio management models that provided quantitative and qualitative measurements for the Loan Advances, in the area of assessments, inherent and vulnerability risks via ratings, reputation and internal and external control activities.

Developed, and managed the bank’s largest liability portfolio (e.g.) the Consolidated Obligation Portfolio of $15.5 billion.

Managed Trading and Counterparty Risks (CVA, EE, PFE, EPE, and IRC): By the utilization of Overnight Fed Funds, Swaps, and Letter-of-Credit instruments.

Maintained, managed, and reported on the bank’s Investment Portfolio of $6.5 billion of which MBS was 80% of the portfolio.

Project led the conversion, managed, and filed both state and federal regulatory reports for the $2.5 billion Agency of International Development Housing Guaranteed Loan Project Program (A.I.D.). The program focused on 89 countries, moderate to low income housing, and foreign agencies.

Prepared budget allocation models and generated both monthly and quarterly budget variance analysis.

Created both weekly and monthly income forecasts, fee payment forecasts, for upper management.

Project led, planned and implemented two General Ledger Accounting Systems. Interfaced with external vendors to vertically integrate stand-alone sub-systems. Saved over $457,000 in the implementation process.

Performed financial management analysis and reported to senior management and Federal Housing Finance Board on variances in operating budget.

Provided mortgage-backed, money market securities, swaps, and bond derivative accounting. Plus, applied asset evaluations, determined asset impairment “FASB 118,” and risk management: credit, market, and operational.

Provided analytical support to senior management on quantitative cash-flow reports.

Performed Asset Ratio reports for Credit Department.

Conducted analysis on the performance of various classes of interest assets and liabilities analysis, as well as variances in fee income, and risk management.

Oversaw automation of the Federal Reserve Board (FR) 2900 2644, 2420 & 2950 financial reports. Gathered, downloaded and interfaced multi-site data. Created 72% more productive time per week. Plus, SEC 10-Q.

Streamlined Mortgage Origination Report, and Loan-Loss Report for the 252 Report.

Maintained Pledged Collateral Reports for the subsidiaries.

Prepared the SBT quarterly questionnaire report & Monthly Statistics Report for the national Council of Economics.

Project led the redesigned, maintained, and managed the Advances Portfolio of $16.5 billion asset from Lotus 123 to Excel. The bank was “faced” with a system integration issue, after the system conversion from M&D system to MVS system. The MVS system used excel templates to journalize entries. However, all $16.5 billion investment portfolio was housed in Lotus 123 spread sheets. Solution: converted entire portfolio from Lotus 123 to excel. In addition, redesigned reports led to improve time efficiency.

Managed and modeled fixed income products, such as agency securities (Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac/Ginnie Mae).

Developed and monitored strategic projects, debt equity deals, modeling and investor relations.


MBA Degree, Major: Finance, Minor: Business Management, Honors: Magna Cum Laude Long Island University

BS Degree, Accounting, Brooklyn College

Corporate University, FDIC, Washington DC, Washington DC, United States

Certification: Acquisition and Oversight Management, Level 1, 2, & 3 07/2014

License: Series 63

TECHNOLOGIES/TOOLS:, Mainframe and PC systems, Oracle RDBMS, WebFOCUS- Report writer, Business Intelligence Tool - Business Objects, SAS 9.4, NFE, 4C’s, CTM, RTSP(PeopleSoft), RADR, RTSP, Salomon Accounting System, MS/DOS, Digital DEC VT220/VT240, MVS, LAN, Lotus 123, Lotus Notes, Excel, Word, Access, VBA, ISQL, Progress, Tableau, Dbase III, WordPerfect, Impromptu, AMB, Data-Trac, Bloomberg, InTrader, Summit, Hyperion Enterprise, SAP, Detopex, Crystal Reports, MVS System, GSM System, Lawson System, Report Manager, Q&E, SQL G/L System, and McCormack & Dodge G/L System.

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