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Manager Marketing

Torrance, California, United States
August 29, 2018

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Emily Midori Nelson

<Professional Experience >

City of Los Angeles Election Division (Contract Full-Time) March 2017 - June 2017

Community Event Specialist /Japanese translator

* Translation: Election related bullet, Amendment, City Election Materials, Community Service

* Event participation. Public Relations. Community Outreach. Japanese Community Specialist.

* Voice Over, Sub-title translation for You tube channel, Publications and INKA Voting System.

Atomic Monkey Entertainment Production January 2013 - Dec. 2016

Business Development Manager (Contract. Project base)

* U.S. Office Manager. Copyright, licensing and trademarks. Business Licensing acquisition. Actors contract agreement. Office lease agreement. Corporate attorney contact.

* Convention coordinator. New client service. Event Planner.

* Oversee Voice Over recording. Production Coordinator

* English Dub speech supervision (Assist Japanese VOA with pronunciation via Skype)

* On-Line program co-producer, localization. script translator. (Japanese<-> English)

* Industry event guest speaker (Anime Jungle Fun Club)

* U.S. website and international e-mail maintenance.

* Translation: Live action script, narration, music relics translation, e-books,

on-line/console/arcade games, government promotional materials,

legal contract translation, press release.

Global Picture Association March 2015-March 2017

Researcher (Contract as needed base after 3/2017)

* Research, negotiate, arrange guests for Japanese TV production.

* Film location negotiation with city, corporation, public facility including use of Film L.A.

* Copyright permission and acquisition for use in broadcasting.

* Licensing permission by major film studios, TV studios, NFLP and other licensing entity.

* Sub-title and voice over translation for NHK documentary and other TV networks.

* American TV and Movie production (ILM) contact negotiation.

JCI Japanese Language School /Teacher February 2012 - June 2015

* Sub- teacher from 2012-2013 school year. Advance class teacher from 2013-2014

* Beginner class teacher from 2014-2015 school year. Private Japanese language tutor.

Japanese Translation/Interpreter/Localization/Researcher (Independent) 1998 – Present

* Las Vegas Convention Simultaneous Japanese Interpreter May 2017

* Monstorprazza Japanese Interpreter for Godzilla actor and Garo Director Mar. 2017

* New York Film Academy: Interpreter, Film making (2 Wks. Feb 2017)

* "Behind The Cove" Documentary Interpreter, promoter (Nov/Dec 2016)

* "Last Ship" TNT Sub-Title final check, Localization (Season 1 2016)

* "Power Ranger Morphincon" : Sentai Panel Interpreter (August 2016)

* "Ultraman Series" Tsuburaya Script translator. Localization. Sub-Title. (2015-Current)

* "Gamera 50th Anniversary" : At NYCC Kadokawa Production. (October 2015)

* "Breakthrough for Change" : Studio Wave Production Sub-Title ( 2015)

* Attack on Titan" Live Action: Hollywood Premier Toho Production. (July 2015)

* "Eden": by Production Reed. Script translator. Localization for American VO ( 2015)

* "Free! Eternal Summer II" Kyoto Studio: Script check /VO recording supervisor ( 2014)

* Afro Samurai : Game Concept Translator (Aug. 2015)

* E3 Global Conference, E3 Sony Entertainment Japan Interpreter. (June 2012, 2013)

* JETRO: CNBC TV Production interpreter. Media Translation (2015,2016, 2017)

* Sonny (Shinichi) Chiba: Panel/Personal Interpreter (March 2015)

Other specialties: Conference simultaneous interpreter at the large convention (from 200 - over 3000). Mediation, HR, LLC, Licensing, Marketing

IMAX (On Call bases) 2015 - 2016

Japanese Sub-title : Final Check Translator

* Copyright, trademark, licensing cross examination. IP check

Education/School District (On Call by districts) 2015 - Present

*LAUSD, El Segundo District, Glendale District : simultaneous Japanese interpeter

Anime Expo June 2007 - Present

Panel Interpreter: AKB 48, Kalefina, Megumi Han, Director, Producer, Artist, Studios

Yoshinoya Oct. 2001 -- Oct. 2009

Public Relations Manager / Research Manager

* Pepsico Co-Op promotions. (City permit. Certificate of insurance.)

* Advertisement: Local TV commercials. Newspapers. Community outreach. Franchising.

* Product placement: Dreamworks, Tri-star, Columbia pictures, Fox news, among others.

* Website content update and press release.

* In charge of Yoshinoya's global trademarks, licensing and copyright. Printed materials, company logo,

* Trademark, licensing and merchandising (T-shirts, Tea cups, Kid's meal toys, packaging, insert materials). Trademark Attorney contact person.

Namco America Inc. June 1995 - Oct. 1998

Co-Producer/Marketing Manager

* Corporate Attorney contact.

* Co-producing computer game titles.

* 3D Animation motion picture project with Oscar winning Hollywood studios.

* LLC Document review. Contract agreement review.

* Trademark, copyright and licensing Namco game titles for merchandising, DVD, games, etc.

* Third party developer licensing negotiation.

Tecmo Inc. June 1990 - March 1995

Marketing Manager/Public Relations Manager

* Marketing console and arcade games including advertisement, news release,

* Product placement for Nickelodeon, .Universal Studio, Tri-Star, ABC, among others.

* Co-op advertisement of merchandising: Target, Toys-R-Us, Walmart (Certificate of Ins.)

* Responsible for Licensing.: Scholastics, Tiger Electronics, Nabisco, etc.

* Copyright and trademark company products. Patent submission. IP check.

* Press release, localization, legal, overseeing R & D from story board to submission.

* Sports Licensing negotiation with: NFLP, NFLPA, MLBPA, NBA and NHLPA

* Licensing negotiation with Nintendo, Sega and other platforms.

* Third party developer licensing negotiation. Main Contact for R & D.

* In charge of packaging, instruction manuals, cross-sales inserts, visual merchandising.

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