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Lexington, Kentucky, United States
August 29, 2018

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As a member of management, I was able to hone my communication skills by dealing with employees, team leads, IT, HR, and payroll. When our clients come to visit, I host the onsite tours. Microsoft Excel is a must have in my profession and with my added experience, I am a true proficient in this program. My typing skills are the cornerstone for everything I have been able to accomplish in my career. Emails, client reports, and training itineraries, are just a few things that require superb typing skills. Time management, organization, and problem solving are required skills that have allowed me to obtain and maintain my current position.


Supervisor Conduent 5/2017 - Present

As a supervisor for Conduent, I am in charge of the Sedgwick Data Entry and Outbound Correspondence departments. Each department is a production driven environment that contains a workflow for each. I have a total of 21 outbound correspondence employees and 10 data entry employees. To help with the volume of work and the amount of employees, I have 4 team leads that have been appointed to a specific part of the workflow. When there are issues I have to go into our workflow and fix those files so that they can be processed within a timely manner. Each department has a turnaround time (TAT) for each of its processes and since I have been in this position, we have never missed TAT for either department. I work closely with my team leads to ensure all employees are doing their part and processing good quality work by implementing training itineraries, as well as, scheduling accordingly to keep up with any increase or decrease in units per day. Within a year I have been able to take on more clients and increase revenue for the departments, which means more work, but also meant a lift on a decade long pay freeze. This allowed the company to issue raises to its more senior and more valuable employees. At this point our client, Sedgwick, is looking to increase our workload by almost 50 percent, but seating is the only thing keeping me from taking on that extra work. We are currently in the bidding for bigger space, but have been for almost 3yrs. The hiring process for both departments is another thing I am closely involved with. Due to unmet staffing needs within our recruiting department, I have become heavily involved with the hiring process. Posting my departments on job websites, making visits to the Kentucky Career Center, and simply posting flyers around Lexington, KY. I schedule my own interviews and contact the available recruiter to send job offers to the candidate of my choice.

Data Entry Team Leader Conduent 9/2015 – 5/2017

I became data entry team lead after about 5 years of being a production floor printer. I was selected because of my ability to bring the best out of those I trained, and a recommendation from my team leader at the time. We worked well together and he saw me as an equal when it came to problem solving and making things better for the department. During my time as a DE team lead, i began with a small group of 5, which is all that was required at that time, but by the time I left, I was able orchestrate a plan to get that department on Activity Based Compensation pay (ABC pay). ABC, or piece rate, is an incentive base pay plan that allows the employees to make money for the amount of work they process. I knew of ABC pay when I was a production printer and wanted to give others that same opportunity. The department was fairly new and the training methods were outdated, along with Scope of Procedure (SOP) manual. I made it a point to listen to my employees and see what we could improve on to increase quality scores, and our workload. We were able to establish a training regimen and update the SOP, so that new employees in training could understand the work better and decrease the amount of training time.


N/A N/A BCTC & National College

I enrolled into BCTC right after high school, but experience some major hardships, that were too much for a young man to go through and therefore I had to resign from BCTC. Years later, I enrolled into National College in order to pursue a degree in Information Systems Engineering (ISE). During my tenor at National, I held a 3.0 GPA, found a job with my current company, and they offered me a full time printing job with good pay, because of the degree I was working towards. After accepting the position, I resigned from national and have been working full time with the same company, from entry level, to Team Lead, to now Supervisor.

Diploma Class of ‘03 Tates Creek High

2.6 GPA, played basketball and football

Took several computer classes including but not limited to: Computer Apps, Web Design, and Computer Graphics Engineering.


To obtain a position that allows me to grow with the company. I want to provide growth and mentorship for those looking to enhance their skills and find their passion in life.



Leaders have the ability to bring a team together with respect that is earned. That respect is earned based on how you lead, and regardless if the situation is good or bad, a good leader will still have the respect of his team. As family man, I take on the role of orchestrating our annual family vacations, including all aunts, uncles, and cousins. Making sure all money is collected on time by setting deadlines, putting goals in place to make sure all 15 family members have the opportunity to go, and work out transportation arrangements.

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