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Active Directory Service

United States
August 29, 2018

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David Anderson

*** - * ****** • Los Banos, CA 93635 • Telephone: 209-***-**** PROFESSIONAL SUMMARY

A seasoned professional with a diverse background in Technical Support, management and customer service relations. Possesses experience in the fields of IT, emergency services, agriculture, government, retail, and communications (radio and land wire). A skilled communicator and team player who quickly adapts to changing environments and excels in tackling new challenges. Project and team management experience in deploying, building, developing, and adapting telecom and IT services and projects. TECHNICAL EXPERIENCE

Software/Databases: MS - Excel, PowerPoint, Word, Access, Publisher, Outlook, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe - Acrobat, GoLive, Dreamweaver, Adobe Web Design Premium CS4, Studio, Premier, SoundBooth, Audition, Encore, Media Encoder, Handbrake, Picasa, Thumbs, FireSim CAD, VNC, TeamViewer, Perfect Disk, Partition Magic, Drive Image (now Ghost), Ghost Server, MS Security Essentials, Trend Micro House Doctor, Malwarebites, Google Migrations, Active Directory, IBM Big Fix, Service Now ticketing system, CISCO VoIP Phone Management

Operating Systems: Windows (3.1x, 95, 98, XP, Vista, 7, 8.1, 10), Windows Server

(2000/3/8), WHS, Linux

Networking: DNS, DHCP, VoIP, UDP, TCP/IP, Wi-Fi, LAN, WAN, IPTV, Router/Switch Racks, LAN Topography, My Cloud, In house cloud systems, GPO management, VoIP

Radio Technology: Licensed radio operator (KG6NUO), VoIP, radio and repeater linking (via internet (rf, adsl, vdsl, & fiber) and telecom lines), EchoLink, D-Star, P-25, MotoTurbo, APRS, AM, FM, SSB, microwave, linking systems, repeater/system controllers, repeaters, repeater coordination, radio spectrum allocation, antenna configuration, RF feedlines, RFI troubleshooting, digital recording of analog systems, RF signal finding, trunking systems knowledge, voter repeaters/link, repeater and tower site negotiations and selection.


Pride Staff Staffing April 2018 to Aug. 2018

Client: Stansauslas County IT

Contract IT, Telecom, and Network Technician

Management team of local servers, workstations, and LANs

Office 365 Deployment team member

Imaging of workstations and laptops

Hardware and software upgrades and repair

Management of local service/help desk tickets (Troubleshooting of user's issues)

Troubleshooting and oversight of local printers and copiers

Relocating users and working with IT infrastructure in remodeling

Active Directory, GPO, User management, User Security

Email, portal, internet, VPN accessibility and conductivity Enterprise Solutions Jan. 2015 to Oct. 2017

Client: Le Cordon Bleu

Contract IT, Telecom, and Network Technician

Management of local servers, workstations, and LANs

Imaging of workstations and laptops

Securing public accessed computers (GPO and application lockdowns)

Hardware and software upgrades and repair

Management and rebuilding of Card access system to site

Maintenance of CCTV and DVR

Oversight of security cameras

Management of local CISCO VoIP phone system and MS Voice Mail System

Management of local service/help desk tickets (Troubleshooting of user's issues)

Troubleshooting and oversight of local printers and copiers

Relocating users and working with IT infrastructure in remodeling

Student Net Server Admin – Active Directory, GPO, User management, User Security

Email, portal, internet, VPN accessibility and conductivity Alert Systems Jan. 2013 to 2016

Contract IT/Telecom/Network Technician

Manage remote servers, workstations, and LANs.

Inspection of remote sites, insurance of proper performance of hardlines and antennas, and making sure housekeeping rules are adhered to.

Tracing interference, crosstalk, and intermod problems.

Installing, programming radio racks, and coaxial connections, over seeing antenna installations of such..

Program radios.

Managed VoIP streams.

Building radio/computer racks to be used at remote radio sites.

Back up, image, and restore profiles of sites, workstations and servers.

Program routers and switches.

Manage servers, data terminals, and VoIP processing equipment.

Deployed virtual boxes within the WAN.

Designed and installed antenna systems.

Working with static and dynamic IPs within a WAN.

Remote access into remote sites.

Technical Tools Used: PC, Tablet, VOM, Service Monitor, Spectrum Analyzer, Team Viewer, VNC, Log Me In

Various IT Staffing Agencies 2000 to 2016

Bayside Solutions

Client: Safeway Corp Offices, Palo Alto Health Foundation IT Support Technician

Break down and reassemble of Windows 7 Workstations.

Break down and reassemble of custom stations and printers.

Setting up and customizing of monitors for use (1 to 4 per workstation).

Project Team Lead of up to a dozen team members. Tech Service Today

IT and Networking Support

Deployment and installation of Cisco Switches.

Wiring infrastructure of LAN

Eyes and ears for NOC and Helpdesk of WAN.

Core Staff

Client: Wells Fargo & Union Bank/SBST Merger

Project/Site Lead - Upgrade and Deployment Engineer

Deployed upgraded Servers, PCs, and peripherals for a Win7 migration

Reimaged PCs and Servers as required and application of CSSM patches are required

Scrubbed Servers and other hard drives going out of service

Inventoried incoming and out going equipment

Site Lead for deployment upgrades and network swing over related to a merger initiative

Team management while directing site progress as the liaison with the phone bridge and project managers

Coordinated with site personal to insure proper operation of system and network for the next day Volt

Robert Half

Teksystems and Others

AT&T March 2008 to Aug 2009

Prem Tech

Managed assigned trouble tickets and install orders.

Provided technical support for VDSL and the initial roll-out of UVerse.

Worked with Fiber, Copper, CAT5, Coaxial, Wi-Fi and Powerline networking.

Support POTS, VoIP and CVoIP and deployment to Windows and Mac computers.

Used broadband tools, JDSU other company provided tools and equipment.

Built extended computer networks for AT&T’s fiber optic product, U-verse, an IPTV product.

Responsible for troubleshooting and testing of the network and equipment as required, insuring a successful installation.

Customer instruction on how their system works.

Frequently worked with support staff to fix orders and configurations of the service with the servers in different parts of the country in order to provide the customers the desired features of the IPTV, VoIP, or DSL services requested.

Technical Tools Used: JDSU, Broadband Tools, VDSL, CAT5, POTS. City of Los Banos Sept 1994 to March 2005

Project Management – IT/TV/Special Projects

Served as the Manager/Operator of the City's TV programming and station and cable feed.

Served as the City’s Webmaster, search optimization and interaction with Google and Yahoo

Worked on multifunction Printers (ink jet and laser), and scanners.

Provided desktop support for about 50 to 70 workstations (Dell and HP).

Responsible for troubleshooting software, virus removal, computer migrations, and configuring systems for users.

Managed the email server, media server, and CCTV feed.

Served as the primary contact for technical upgrades for Council Chambers.

Managed upgrades to City Channel to the cable system.

Agile knowledge and experience used.

Technical Tools Used: PC, TV Switcher, DVR, IP Audio System OTHER PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE

Friday’s at the Fairgrounds 1995 to Present

Field Operations / Logistics Manager

Supporting Los Banos’s “Friday’s at the Fairgrounds” events, working under little to no direct supervision.

Managing a crew of up to eight people engaging with shoppers/vendors and providing issue resolution.

Providing direction on promotion, advertising, and other activities to ensure longevity of the event. Los Banos Volunteer Fire Department 1995 to Present Volunteer Firefighter / Haz-Mat Specialist / EMT

Completed training for Firefighter I certificate and Haz-Mat Tech 1G (Haz-Mat Specialist).

Serve as the City’s Haz-Mat Officer.

Provide overhead incident support.

Former Business Owner

Member, NARCC former Board of Director

Member Los Banos Airport Commission, Past Chairman Assistant Emergency Coordinator, Merced County Amateur Radio Emergency Services EDUCATION

City College of San Francisco

Concentration in Business

California Specialized Training Institute

State Issued Haz-Mat Certs (listed below)


FCC Amateur Radio License: KG6NUO

Merced County: EMT1D

California State Fire Marshal - Firefighter I

California Specialized Training Institute - Haz-Mat Specialist California Specialized Training Institute - Haz-Mat Haz-Mat TechRef California Specialized Training Institute - Haz-Mat Incident Command California Specialized Training Institute - Haz-Mat Safety Officer California Specialized Training Institute - Haz-Mat Instructor

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