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Double degree in Finance and Healthcare Management

Corvallis, Oregon, United States
August 29, 2018

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Hussain Alzayer

Current Address:

**** ** *** **

Corvallis, OR 97333

United States of America


Current senior student at Oregon State University studying two majors; Healthcare Management and Policy and Finance. Acquired two accredited certifications in strategic management and executive communication. Participated in Toastmasters International via Aramco Co.



• College of Public Health and Human Sciences

Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Management and Policy GPA: 3.51/4.00

• College of Business

Bachelor of Science in Finance GPA: 3.40/4.00



• Strategic Management Certification

• Executive Communication Certification

OREGON STATE UNIVERSITY January 2014–Winter 2017

• Honors list


• Toastmasters International



Portfolio Management January 2018

• Constructed and managed a portfolio worth of 10 million dollars and made 9% profit over the course of 3 months

• Completed 6 reports focused on the strategic and tactical asset allocation process, Value at Risk, Mean Variance Optimization and Efficient Frontier

• Calculated the covariance and correlation between securities.

• Constructed equity portfolios using passive and active equity portfolio management techniques

Progressive Co. Case November 2017

• Analyzed the variable dividends of Progressive Co. and was able to determine what dividends would have been paid from 2004-2006

• Reconciled the annual dividends paid by the company from 2007-2014

• Completed a detailed comparison of the different dividend paying policies in the insurance industry

Investment November 2017

• Participated in a project that focused on solving problems using CAPM and WACC

• Completed 2 reports that triggered the concept of intrinsic value and present value of growth opportunities

• Evaluated Treasury Bill investments using the effective annual rate of return and the holding period return

Financial Statement Analysis May 2018

• Studied the components of the four financial statements, how they tie together, the accounting

principles that frame them, and the suppliers and users of them

• Computed return on equity, weighted average cost of capital, discounted cash flow valuations, residual income valuations, and discounted dividends for different firms

• Performed credit risk analysis and sensitivity analysis

• Analyzed asset accounts, liability accounts, and equity accounts

International Financial Management May 2018

• Studied floating exchange rate systems and worked on inflation rates, spot exchange rates, forward exchange rates, and interest rates resulted from arbitrage activities

• Analyzed the pros and cons of hedging foreign exchange transaction exposure

• Demonstrated how interest rate risk can be managed by various financial instruments

• Analyzed the Swiss market and gave recommendations regarding foreign direct investment


Foundations of Epidemiology May 2018

• Calculated different components including prevalence, incidence, odds ratio, and risk ratio as measures of morbidity and mortality

• Differentiated among the common types of epidemiological study designs

• Explained how chance, bias, and confounding could affect study results

Biomedical Ethics May 2018

• Covered different moral perspectives including moral perception, moral imagination, moral deliberation, moral responsibility, and moral respect

• Studied ethical issues related to different medical settings including moral reasoning and professional ethics, physician-patient relationship ethics, vaccination ethics, Repro-genetics, and justice and access to healthcare

• Studied moral statuses related to abortion, organ transplantation, end-of-life decisions, and medical assisted death

Advanced Topics in Health Management January 2018

• Participated in a project that aimed at finding solutions to the problem of understaffed nurses in some healthcare organizations in California

• Completed a case study that focused on managing employees and finding solutions to different problems as a manager

Social and Individual Determinants of Health April 2015

• Created an asset map for physical activity and fitness centers providing important data to determine the need of setting up similar facilities and training in Corvallis, Oregon

US Healthcare System February 2015

• Analyzed the nation’s need for Affordable Care Act

• Applied a variety of healthcare policies and considerations to challenging health scenarios about medical insurance, group life insurance, Rule of 90, IRA, and Roth IRA


Accounting Information Management March 2018

• Created a purchases system for a startup business that allowed for easy entry of purchases orders, track of payables, and internal controls using Excel

• Developed a relational database from an entity-relationship diagram and a data dictionary using Access

• Manipulated and arranged data stored in a database with queries using Access

• Deducted fraud activities using Benford’s Law through Excel

Managerial Accounting April 2017

• Worked on different methods including ABC costing Job Costing to understand and solve internal management issues

• Created different types of budgets that included master budgets, operating budgets, flexible budgets, and cash budgets

• Conducted debt collection and debt reconciliations

• Prepared T Accounts and Journal Entries


SAMARITAN HEALTH PLANS July 2018- September 2018

• Regulatory Compliance Auditor

• Conducted fraud, waste, and abuse audits to make sure that the health insurance providers that Samaritan Health Plans is contracted with follow state and federal regulations and policies

• Created more than 10 flowcharts using Visio to serve different work procedures including revisions of different types of reports and activities

• Audited the monthly grievances report to assure all grievances have been dealt with

• Audited cleanup reports to assure all CMS requirements have been met by the organization

• Audited the monthly task submissions to report the overdue tasks to the compliance officer

• Audited the annual training reports to identify the employees who did not complete their training sessions

• Audited the websites of the three lines of business of Samaritan Health Plans and created Desk Top Procedures of how to audit the three websites

• Assisted the compliance officer in conducting risk assessment audit

• Tracked compliance incident reports

• Conducted external quality review audit


• Computer Skills: Proficient in Microsoft Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Visio, Bloomberg

• Other Skills: Tutoring in intermediate classes of math, accounting, finance, and health insurance

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