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Engineer Developer

St. Petersburg, Florida, United States
August 29, 2018

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Fifteen (**) year experience in Initiation, Analysis, Design, Development, Optimization, Code Reviews, Deployment and Testing.

Core expertise in C/C++, STL (12 years) with 2 year experience in Python and 2 years in Java.

Experience in Technology, Capital Markets - Lending and Retail Banking, Fixed Income, Asset Backed Securities, Insurance, Risk Management Systems, Healthcare and Embedded Systems.

Extensive experience in all phases of SDLC using waterfall as well as Iterative/Agile Methodologies including Scrum and Kanban.

Expertise on MOM (middleware) in heterogeneous distributed systems.

Experienced in Service Oriented Architectures (SOA) using SOAP, REST, SaaS, XML/XSLT, JSON, JAX-WS.

Experience building Scalable Systems, Highly Available, Real Time, Multi-threaded Applications.

Experience with Test Driven Development, Unit Testing and performing Product Validation & Verification.

Sound knowledge of Relational Databases including Oracle SQL, PL/SQL, PostgreSQL, Sybase.

Experience writing SQL Queries, Stored Procedures, Oracle Packages and building Database Objects.

Familiar with DevOps, Contiguous Integration, Shell Scripting, Python, Build Scripts, Batch jobs, Autosys.

Technical Skills

Programming: C/C++, STL, Python, Core Java, PL/SQL, Unix Shell Scripting, Uniface, Android, Verilog, Matlab.

Databases: Oracle (SQL, PL/SQL, OCI, OTL, Pro *C), Sybase, PostgreSQL, IBM DB2, Informix.

Technologies: REST, Posix, gSOAP, Json, XML/XLST, XSD, Spring, DOM, Multi-threading, Open Source, Agile Methodologies, Design Patterns, Embedded Systems, Internationalization.

Tools: Eclipse, MS Visual Studio, Project, Android Studio, Netbeans, Visio, ERWin, Matlab, PowerQuest Toad, Rapid SQL, Sqsh, Aqua Studio, Autosys, Jira, Bash, Ksh, Gcc, CVS, Perforce, SVN, Source Safe, Ab Initio, SAP, VMWare, Clearcase, ClearQuest, Jira, Doors, Rally, pydicom.

Professional Experience

J.P. Morgan Chase, Tampa FL Mar’ 18 – To Date

Consultant – Merchant Services

Stratus Front End Development

Working on Merchant Services and Payment processing applications.

Bug Fixes and Enhancements in Batch/Online Transaction Processing in Stratus.

Part of an agile team following a hybrid Scrum/Kanban approach.

Development Environment: C, Stratus, VOS.

Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) United States Mar’ 16 – Jan’ 18

Assistant Consultant

Provided Onsite Consultancy at client sites including Transamerica and GE-Healthcare

Transamerica (AEGON), Cedar Rapids - IA Aug’ 17 – Jan’18

Consultant – C++, ActiveMQ– Retirement Statement Processing

Worked on developing various Extraction components using MOM (Messaging based middleware) Publish/Subscribe pattern.

Wrote producer/consumers for Asynchronous Extractions using C++ and ActiveMQ.

Designed loan extraction retrieval from database using C++, DB2 SQL.

Development Environment: C++, ActiveMQ, JMS/CMS, Pub/Sub Message Queue, SQL.

GE Healthcare, Waukesha - WI Mar’ 16 – July’ 17

Consultant – Embedded, C++, Python– Clinical Imaging (MR/PET) Technologies

Worked on Signa’s multi-modality PET/MR Scanners in Scaled Agile Environment (SAFe) with daily standups, bi weekly spring planning and quarterly Program Increment (P&I) sessions.

Worked in PET Image Reconstruction subsystem on refactoring some components of MR based Attenuation Correction (MRAC) C++ codebase.

Demonstrated ITK equivalent Image Filters/Segmentation functions to replace legacy C/C++ code.

Introduced Python based Performance Analysis automated scripts based on Data Analytics techniques.

Wrote a Python based utility for Attenuation Correction to handle user defined scanning objects (UDO).

Designed and developed Dicom Tags/Sequences insertion and modification tool based on pydicom.

Performing Validation and Verification of product, executing test plans, dry runs using DOORS.

Development Environment: C++, Linux, pthreads, ITK, Dicom, Pydicom, Python, Clearcase, ClearQuest, Rally, Doors.

Infogroup, Papillion-NE Apr’ 15 – Feb’ 16

Sr. Software Engineer – C++/ Big Data Analytics

Implemented Multi pattern search algorithms Bitap, Fuzzy Matching for Data Standardization in C++.

Worked on SAP Data Quality Management C++ SDK as a replacement for SAP Business Objects for Data Standardization and Scrubbing. The initiative saved $150,000/year in terms of maintenance cost.

Worked on AbInitio Graphical Development Environment and Refactored AbInitio C++ utilities.

Development Environment: C++, Linux, Posix, Abinitio, SAP DQMSDK

First Data Corporation, Omaha-NE Jun’ 14 – Dec’14

Consultant (C++) – Fraud Monitoring Applications

Worked on DSTP, that is a Service Oriented Platform built around online transaction processing (OLTP) framework for Payment Processing Applications related with Security Breaches and Credit Card Fraud.

Optimized/Enhanced Fraud monitoring applications FirstTrack & First Disputes applications using C++.

Development Environment: C++(Windows), MFC, COM, Sybase.

Morgan Stanley, Baltimore-MD Nov’ 12 – Mar’14

Consultant (Java, C++) – Risk Analytics

Developed Lending Products, Asset backed Securities focusing Mortgage Backed Securities.

Liquidity Asset Line

Designed /developed Java, SOAP based Market Data Interfaces using Morgan Stanley’s Datalink Interface.

Pricing Derivative Instruments, deriving Interest Rate Swaps using Fixed Income Analytics Library.

JAD sessions with business teams and SMEs for Requirement engineering.

Development Environment: Java, Scala, C++, Linux, gsoap, JSON, JAX, Datalink, AIOP, FidXL, Autosys, Jira.

FASB-91 Effective Yield Amortization Calculator

Fas91 establishes accounting for non-refundable fees and costs associated with lending.

Developed Fas91 Amortization Calculator for Bonds and Mortgages including Residential Mortgages and Tailored Loans.

Developed Java/Spring based framework, wrote Amortization classes, Cache classes and processing Classes.

Wrote Soap based Calculation Engine for generating Cashflows in C++ FidXL Library.

Wrote Sybase SQL Queries to load loan data in cache, modify/update database tables.

Development Environment: Java, Spring, C++, WSDL, Linux, Shell Scripts, Autosys, Jira, MQ, Sybase, Eclipse.

Liquidity Hub

Designed/Developed liquidity hub feed for Morgan Stanley’s internal International Securities Group.

Responsible for Requirement Gathering, System Analysis, Design and Development.

Generating reports by pulling data from the database and applying business logic using Python.

Development Environment: Python, Sybase, Sqsh, VMS, Autosys.

Verizon, Tampa-FL Feb’ 12 – Nov’ 12

Consultant Support Lead (C++, SQL)

Virtual Inventory/Status Tracker

Organize, direct and collaborate with offshore development teams for industry standard techniques and design patterns.

Implemented High Frequency backend modules for data processing using C++, Shell Scripts & SQL.

Worked with network elements, handling Fallouts and monitoring flow-thru of network interfaces.

Implemented Data Unloading scripts using combination UNIX environment utilities and Shell scripts.

Optimizing and improving existing C++ Servers, analyzing SQL queries.

Development Environment: C++, Posix, XML, Solaris, Linux, Informix, SQL, Embedded SQL, Shell Scripts.

National Consulting Group Inc. United States Apr’ 09 – Jan’ 12

Onsite Consultant System Analyst – C++, Oracle

Provided Onsite Consultancy at client sites including PepsiCo, Bloomberg and Fidelity Information Services.

PepsiCo, Somers-NY [2011]

Embedded Developer - Express Delivery [Windows Mobile]

Replaced third party libraries and Re-factored application to work with IBM Web sphere MQ’s.

Redesigned and implemented a new middleware component based on store and forward Messaging protocol.

Designed C++ classes to work with Messages, wrote C++ XML parsers, adding GPRS support in the application.

Performance benchmarking, creating test scenarios, writing test cases and executing plans.

Development Environment: C++, MQ Series, XML, MS Visual Studio, MFC, Visual Source Safe, Motorola MC Series Devices.

Bloomberg, Manhattan-NY [2010]

Senior C++, PL/SQL Developer - DART [BackOffice Trading System]

Involved in requirement engineering for Back office Trading for portfolio Accounting.

Designed C++ services, OTL procedures, XSD’s and integrating with front end Bloomberg’s API.

Wrote ETL stored procedures/packages in Oracle PL/SQL.

Implemented data loading scripts using C++, Shell scripts, awk and UNIX environment utilities.

Wrote Bloomberg’s internal Database (Comdb) Replication commands in K-Shell Scripts.

Development Environment: C++, STL, Solaris Threads, OTL, Oracle, Korn Shell Scripts, Solaris.

Fidelity Information Services/CapitalOne Bank, Charlotte-NC [2009]

Lead C++, SQL Developer, Fidelity TouchPoint Sales and Services [CapitalOne Bank]

Worked on optimization and scalability for the C++ Middleware (Enterprise Services Layer).

Performance Tuning & Benchmarking of backend services and servers.

Analyzed functional & Technical Specifications and implemented new C++ services.

Creating Dynamic SQL, Index Creations for optimization, scalability and performance enhancements.

Development Environment: C++, XML, AIX, Oracle, SQL, Rogue Wave library.

DigiDent Solutions, Piscataway - NJ [Apr’ 09 – Aug’ 09]

Java, Shell Scripts[ Single Sign On]

Automated Single Sign On Solution

Developed/deployed an enterprise level federated Shibboleth/SAML based SSO Desktop/Web Solution.

Wrote installation and configurations scripts to integrate LDAP, Active Directory, Kerberos, apache, tomcat.

Designed and implement DOM based XML processor for the application.

Development Environment: Java, Swing, XML, Ant, Shell Scripts, Web Services, Tomcat, MIT Kerberos, LDAP, AD, Red Hat Linux, Windows Server 2003.

LMKR [A Halliburton/Landmark Graphix company ] Islamabad Pk Sep’ 07 – Jan’ 09

Application Design Engineer (C++, Oracle, Uniface)

Worked as Full Stack (C++, Uniface, Oracle) developer on Halliburton’s flagship database product Petrobank MDS used in Gas/Exploration Industry as primary Data Management tool.

PetroBank Master Data Storage

Design documents and review high level architecture and design of solution components.

Enhancements, optimization for Seismic PreStack and PostStack Data Modules using C++.

User Interface designing (GUI) in Uniface and its interaction/integration with Oracle 10g.

Designed & developed Database Objects (tables, views, functions, procedures, triggers and constraints) using Toad, Oracle.

Development Environment: C++, g++, Oracle, Toad, XML, Uniface, Shell scripts, Source Insight, AIX/ Linux.

EnterpriseDB, Islamabad Pk Aug’ 06 – Aug’ 07

Sr. Software Test Engineer (C, Oracle, PostgreSQL)

EnterpriseDB is built on top of an open source RDBMS PostgreSQL to add Oracle compatibility and compliance.

Database Connectors, Drivers and Interface Enhancements: Worked on developing/hacking native database connectors and Interfaces including LibPQ and ECPG. ECPG is based on Embedded SQL (Pro*C in Oracle) utilizing LibPQ at the backend.

Cross platform Application Development/Testing : Creating scenarios, Designing test plans, executing test cases for PG-SPL and maintaining Regression Testing Suites like Cunit.

Development Environment: ANSI C, gcc, vim, pico, SQL, PL/SQL, SPL, PG SQL, PG-SPL, Developer studio, unix shell scripts.

COMSATS University, Islamabad Pk Oct’ 03 – Aug’ 06

Junior Lecturer/Research Associate - Department of Electrical Engineering

Research and Development

Implemented real time algorithms related with Bio-Informatics, Machine Vision/DIP using Texas Instruments DSP processors SDK.

Finger print Verification System: Implemented Minutiae based Fingerprint Verification in Matlab and C++.

Face Recognition System: Implemented facial recognition system using Matlab Image Processing.

MIPS: Simulated complete data path and control unit of 5-staged pipelined MIPS architecture.


Masters in Information Systems (CGPA 4.0/4.0) Bellevue University, Nebraska Nov’ 2014- Mar’ 2016

Masters in Computer Sciences IQRA University, Islamabad – PK Mar’ 2002- Aug’ 2003

Oracle Certified PL/SQL Developer Oracle April 2007

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