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Manager Project

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, United States
August 28, 2018

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Richard Lesley

**** ***** **. ******, *.C. ****6 843-***-**** /843-***-****

Senior Project manager with 30-year track record of successful leadership of in design and

development with expertise in value engineering and management. Achieving a maximum

cost effectiveness and timely completion of work. Demonstrated ability in developing skill

team members and conveying project objectives.

Effective planning, organizational and communication skills, as well as an solutions

-oriented approach to problem solving. Able to perceive clients objectives and formulate

design concepts to meet their goals.


-Leadership Abilities -Processing Permits -Public Relations

-Negotiating Contracts -Site and Building Layouts -Supervision of Work

-Cost Estimation - C.A.D. in Arch. & Eng. Disciplines -Code Comprehension


University of South Carolina - BS in Interdisciplinary Studies (management)

Horry-Georgetown Technical College ASSO. IN Civil Engineering Technology

Mary Brewer School of Insurance Adjusters Diploma of Insurance Adjustment

Employers & Work Summary

SafeRack Corporation 10/15 – 05/17 Budgets 20m

Retain as Project Manager and Senior C.A.D. Designer to over see the additional of

20 million manufacturing warehouse/plant.

Designing and Drafting of preliminary plans with adaptations to existing

plants as per Owners specifications for Architects and Engineers.

Review building plans by Architects and Engineers to ensure they meet

specifications of Owners.

Drafting of interior design of equipment locations and interior offices.

Design structural steel raised platforms for upper office levels.

Preliminary design and drafting of cafeteria and projected cost.

Supervision of all subcontractors and General contractor operations to

insure the proper work was done and on time.

Conducted weekly mandatory construction meetings with all General and Subcontractors and superintendent schedule work and progress of work.

Review construction techniques and review faults and corrections.

Consult with Architects and Engineers over construction progress and

changes made by Owners.

Sent as-build drawings to Architects and Engineers for their approval.

Wiggins/Lesley Palmetto Construction LLC. 04/12- 09/15 Budgets .9 m to 6.1m Retain for Project Manager position w/ Part Ownership, Senior CAD Drafter and Qualifying Party

for Corporation's Contractor Licenses.

Forming partnership with lead Owner (Marvin Wiggins) in order to establish

viable Corporation.

Using my status a Qualifying party for contractor licenses in South Carolina for Corporation contractor licenses.

Used of my skills as Senior C.A.D. Drafter to design all new and remodeling

of Hotels, Inns, and multifamily housing saving the company the company

$125,000 in preliminary Architectural and Engineering fees the first year of

of operations.

Setup teams of Architects and Engineers in development and approval of

building plans for the work.

Used of my skills and talents as a General Contractor in building and layout

of sites.

Hiring of Construction Crews and subcontractors.

Cost estimation of all work and time scheduling.

Processing plans through plan review board and code enforcement offices to obtain building permits.

Supervision and Project Management of all work

SCOPE OF WORK: Hotels and Multifamily Housing

Construction Design Associates Inc. 07/97 – 02/12 BUDGETS 1.2M to 4.3m

Retain as Chief Operational officer and Senior Project manager for Design-Building construction


Establish corporation status with the State of South and North Carolina.

Obtain building license (class 5) in South and North Carolina.

Use of my skills as Senior C.A.D. Drafter to design all new building plans

from conception to working with Architects and Engineers to design main

plans. Develop as built drawings for Architects and Engineers.

These skills saved the Corporation approximately $30,000 to $40,000 in

Architectural Engineering fees per construction project. First and second year

of my tenure I save approximately $240,000 in Architectural and Engineering


Cost estimation of all work and time scheduling for each construction project.

Redesign conventional style construction on 3 story Hotel/inn projects to use

of per-engineer metal building systems those cutting cost by 20 to 30 percent

in material and time it would take by use of the confidential method of

construction. 4 Hotels where built in this manner and conveying $1,240,000

in saving to corporation.

Hiring and training project managers and superintendents and I gave them

copies of Building Code Manuals and sending them to a local code schools to

help them in understanding and comprehending the latest codes. This lead

to better and faster construction. This also lead to better relationships with code

enforcement inspectors. This training also lead to better quality of construction.

This type training cut construction labor cost by approximately 15% thus saving

around $280,000.

Construction Design Associates Inc. Continued

As Chief Operational Officer, I handle the meetings with the potential and actual

clients, preparing contracts and developing a one on one relationship with each

individual client. Providing preliminary building designs base on their criteria and

budgets. This one on one relationship with the clients lead to future projects with

the clients and promoted a good standing and reputation in community

Took active participation in bidding projects and receiving bids from subcontractors.

Hiring office staff and accountants/CPA

Devising payroll systems for staff and crews members.

SCOPE OF WORK:, Hotels, Medical Offices, Educational Centers, Multi -familly homes,Residential homes,

Lesley Company Inc. 05/87-07/97 Budgets .4m to 1.5m

Retain for Vice President of Operations, Construction Manager

Part Owner in Corporation, in charge of operations and controls of

construction projects.

Senior C.A.D. Designer design of all construction projects. This skill

lead to faster drafting of plans and speed up construction process.

Eliminating need for Architects and Engineers drafting teams and savings

of $8,00 to $15,000. per project. Architects and Engineers review and

approved all building plans for construction

Cost Estimation of labor and Building materials.

Hire all construction crews and Subcontractors.

Applied to State Contractor's Board for Contractor Licenses (5)

Obtain licenses and Qualifying party status.

Held week meeting with all superintendents and subcontractors

to ensure progress of work and scheduling of their work.

Meet building officials concerning inspections.

SCOPE OF WORK: Restaurants, Convenience Stores & Truck Stops, Multifamily housing, Medical Offices, and retirement centers.

SUMMARY: With all my years of experience, I find no greater accomplishment

in my ability to design and build a project and to see it rise out of ground to come something

useful and lasting.

REFER: John Watkins AIA 803-***-**** wakins@adapa,biz

James Huggins P.E. 843-***-**** Ext 102 james

Rodney Cameron P.E. 843-654- 1102 EXT 101

Dave Garner 843-***-****

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