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Software Engineer Java

Mount Laurel, New Jersey, United States
August 28, 2018

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Bhavneet Singh

Add: *** William Street, Harrison, NJ,07029 Phone: 856-***-**** Email: GitHub LinkedIn

Career Objective

To secure a full-time Software Engineer position in an IT industry.


New Jersey Institute of Technology, Newark, NJ May 2018

Master of Science in Computer Sciences, GPA:3.25

Chandigarh Engineering College, Punjab, India Aug 2010-April 2014

Bachelor of Technology in Computer Sciences, GPA:3.3

Work Experience

New Jersey Institute of Technology Sept 2016-May 2018

Graduate Student in Computer Science

Developing NJIT Online training and services web portal for students using JSP, Spring MVC and MySQL.

Experience in Database Design, Creation and management of Schemas, writing DDL and DML SQL queries.

Specializing in Object-Oriented Programming using Java and relational databases such as MySQL and Oracle.

Specializing in implementation and application of Data Structures and Algorithms using Java.

Solving more than 500 coding problem on Leetcode and Hackerrank and reducing space and time complexity.

Accenture India Pvt. Ltd., Gurgaon, India Jan 2015-Aug2016

Associate Software Engineer

Designing, Developing, Implementing, Testing and Deploying more than 30 sprints for T-Mobile Rebellion web application’s Payment and Billing and Account information module.

Developing responsive and user-friendly landing pages for the T-Mobile Rebellion web application using HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript and jQuery.

Developing interactive UI/UX design for the Payments and Account module of T-Mobile web application.

Following Agile SDLC with SCRUM framework including Test Driven Development(TDD) to build the application iteratively and incrementally in sprints following the product backlog.

Performing Automation testing using Selenium using keyword driven approach by creating XPath using firebug add-on and Junit test cases for method with annotations and assertions.

Hands on experience in using GIT as code repository to manage code reviews and maintaining version control.

Exëvo India Pvt. Ltd., Delhi, India April 2014-Sept2014

Back-End Developer

Developing the back-end of Moody’s Corporation portal using Core Java, JDBC, Connector JAR and MySQL to display the market research results through the filters.

Optimizing the queries in MySQL and improving performance through indexing techniques.

Technical Skills

Object Oriented programming in Java, CSS, HTML, Bootstrap, jQuery, JavaScript, MySQL, Oracle, JDBC, Git, GitHub, Agile methodologies using SCRUM, Rally CA, HP ALM, RESTful API, Spring MVC.


Full-Stack Development of the T-Mobile Rebellion web application using CSS, HTML, Bootstrap, Java, MySQL, Spring MVC, RESTful API’s, Rally CA, HP ALM, Selenium and Protractor.

Developing a Color-guessing game using HTML, CSS and JavaScript that uses the RGB combination to display colors and prompts the user to guess the right color from an array of colors displayed.

Creating a HTTP Proxy Server using C and Socket programming in Linux terminal fetches the web page based on the request made by the user.

Designing REST API for a Messenger Application that allows user to post message, comment on posts using Java and JAX RS to implement the API.

Coding an application that converts Context Free Grammar (CFG) to Chomsky Normal Form by string manipulation using Core Java in low time and space complexity.

Algorithm Design - Huffman Encoding in Java used for the file compression that worked both for the text files and all types of binary files such as pdf, mpeg, mp3 etc.

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