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Exploration and Appraisal Geologist/Geophysicist

Houston, Texas, United States
August 28, 2018

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David Angstadt

Exploration Geoscientist

(Extensive Global basins experience at Chevron as a Sequence

Stratigrapher, Senior Earth Scientist, Senior Staff Geophysicist, and Prospect Generator; New Ventures, Exporation, and Appraisal)

Skills: in finding hydrocarbons; assessing discoveries; evaluating deals

•Landmark, GeoProbe, VoxelGeo, Petrel, and Paradigm interpretations of 2- and 3-D seismic volume integrated with well log evaluation in a Sequence Stratigraphic context. Regional basin evaluations and prospect generation

•Develop prospects and new plays with good mix of risk and reward through tight integration of seismic and well interpretation, seismic attribute, AVO and fluid substitution analyses. Hands on with ARIES software, worked closely with Hampson-Russel and Jason rock properties-to-seismic analysts.

•Provide surfaces, fault planes, seismic and reservoir attribute distribution maps for input to with static models (experience primarily goCad and Petrel).

•Set-up models with cross sections and well log interpretations for geosteering.

•Prospect evaluation for risk and hydrocarbon resource volume distributions

•Corporate divestiture or purchase reviews of upstream assets - both for exporation potential of held acreage and existing fields in production.

•Develop wildcat well data collection program, work with drilling engineer to design well optimizing high data collection, low cost, and short drill time.

•Skilled user of Spotfire for data mining and analysis. Extremely useful for spotting hidden or ambiguous trends or correlations between attributes and reservoir qualities; rock properties vs ability to hold good fracking results, tied to GIS system to spot spatial trends and relationships to infrastructure.

Accomplishments (33 years all at ChevronTexaco)

•East Wafra and NW Humma discoveries in Kuwait/Saudi Partitioned Neutral Zone. NW Humma was in “Eagle Ford analog” tight shaley limestone produced with acid fracking. Developed GIS prospect portfolio database characterizing prospects, their likely producing zones, tied to existing infrastructure using map-based ESRI software for use by geoscientists, reservoir engineers, and facilities engineers alike. Invited speaker at GIS symposium 2014.

•Principle Explorationist for developing the wildcat Agbami Prospect, obtaining block, and delineation through 3 appraisal wells. Reserves are estimated at 1.2 billion barrels recoverable of 38-40 API low sulfur crude. Currently producing over 250,000 barrels a day as one of deepwater West Africa’s most prolific fields

•Interpeting geophysicist on Colville Delta discovery on Alaskan Northslope with over 1 Billion barrels in place.

•Rhu clastic discovery - first in Penyu Basin frontier in Malaysia. Built Spotfire (data mining and analysis program) data base for prospects, plays, and geologic trends. Used for mosts evaluations.

•Regional Sequence Strat mapping studies Beaufort Sea and Cretaceous of offshore Angola generating numerous oil prospects, leads, and concepts.


Basin studies utilizing sequence and seismic stratigraphic principles to develop “Stoplight Maps” showing most to least prospective areas in terms of reservoir, seal, source, and structural geometry risk. First level volumetrics of oil and gas in place per exploration block, play, basin. Rapid evaluation in large OCS sales. Shale and other unconventional “Sweet Spot” determination from brittleness, TOC, thermal maturity, and other appropriate maps.


Undertake seismic survey and geologic study planning, supervision and evaluation. Produce internal, partnoership group, and government reports describing a prospect portfolio with a range of exploration targets, play types, volumes, risks and financial return if successful.


Work with geomodelers, technical geophysicists, petroleum and drilling engineers and petrophysicists to develop a robust reservoir model of the discovery and subsequently a thorough appraisal strategy, maximizing data collection to improve the model and develop the resource most economically. Design follow-up wells as horizontals, acid or hydraulic frac.; geosteer to target.


One of my personal strengths, so I’ve been told, is my ability to make the other members of my technical team stronger. Not just performing my own tasks, I can pass on my learning, including procedures and “tricks” learned over the years “the hard way”, not from text books. I’ve also worked with, formally trained in workshops, and mentored not only Americans in Houston, but earth scientists in Lagos, Kuala Lumpur, Luanda, Kuwait, and Saudi Arabia (over four years in Saudi Arabian Chevron). Quality control and review of preliminary reports and editing to standard American Technical English. Representation, consultation, at government and partner review meetings.

Work Record:

Principle, Alpha-Omega Holdings LTD, 2016-Current, Developed properties in Puerto Rico and Houston including two restaurant/convenience stores in Puerto Rico and three residential rentals.

Chevron-Texaco, Exploration Geophysicist, Sequence Statigrapher, 1983-2016, Held roles as sequence stratigrapher, exploration geologist/geophysicist, velocity-field creation specialist, acting exploration team leader, and appraisal geologist. Spent most of my career as exploration geophysicist / prospect generator. Worked deepwater clastics (Niger and Congo Delta, West Africa; Carbonates (Lisburne LS Northslope of Alaska, Black Sea, Arabian Peninsula in Kuwait and Saudi Arabia for Saudi-Arabian Chevron 4 years, and shallow water clastics (Angolan shelf and Northslope of Alaska, Penyu and Malay Basins, Malaysia, NW Shelf of Australia).

EDUCATION: MA Texas, 1983, BS Youngstown St, 1980; Geological Science

Master’s: University of Texas at Austin: 3.83/4.00 in Geological Sciences, Geophysics Option. Thesis: “Sequence Stratigraphy of the SE Gulf of Mexico”. Published in AAPG Bulletin. achelor’s: Summa cum Laude. Youngstown State University. Geology Major, Mathmatics Minor. Geologic Field Camp” Waynesburg University, Front Range of Rockies, Colorado. Tutored mathematics and physics, Depart. of Developmental Education.

Community Work: Explorer Scouts Leader, AAPG/NAPE Geo Books for Nigeria, collected and shipped over 10 tons ! Texas Star Singers (nursing homes, shelters, etc)

Born in USA. US Citizen.

email:; phone +1-832-***-****

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