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Manager .Net

Colorado Springs, Colorado, United States
August 28, 2018

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Michel A. (Mike) Maddux

Software Development – Architect - Consultant

*** ****** **** *****

Woodland Park, Colorado 80863


Summary of Experience:

Full stack developer with detailed knowledge of operating systems internals, network internals, .NET knowledge. Specialist in development of WEB based solutions using C#, ASP.NET/MVC, WEB API, SQL Server. Experience managing and leading teams using Agile methodology and eXtreme Programming processes. Custom application development for Windows based products, including ASP.NET MVC, WebForms, Umbraco CMS, WCF, C#, Visual Basic .NET, JavaScript, jQuery, using object oriented design patterns and implementation. Experience leading teams to implement solutions including global and enterprise software application architectures, with successful implementations including mission critical applications for worldwide enterprise applications and architectures for Fortune 100 companies. Experience leading projects from conception to consumption, including proposal and requirements definition through implementation for fully distributed applications. Papers published in IEC Annual Review of Communications and Compaq and Digital Equipment Corporation whitepapers. Senior member of Compaq CTO Telecommunications Architecture Team. Adjunct Professor CTU, teaching JavaScript, ASP.NET, Visual Basic. IETF Working Group Contributor for VoIP (SIP) protocols. Featured speaker at international forums, including Intelligent Network World forum, SIP Applications, Voice on the Net, and others.

Prior Secret Clearance (inactive) adjudicated April 2008

Technologies and Capabilities:

Enterprise and Global Architectures Design and Implementation: Designed and implemented mission critical, fully distributed transaction based applications including n-Tier, Client-Server, SOA, Multi-tier Security Architectures, Web Services, WPF, WCF, for Fortune 100 companies with global and enterprise requirements.

Current Programming: C#, JavaScript, .NET, VisualBasic.NET (VB.NET), jQuery, json, XML, Visual Studio 2010, AJAX, UML, SQL, HTML, CSS

Software: ASP.Net (MVC and WebForms), Umbraco, SQLServer, .NET V1.0 through .NET V4.5, Office Tools Suite, Visual Studio 2015

Professional Experience:

3/2014 – 12/2017

1/2014 – 3/2014

1/2013 – 10/2013

4/2010 – 1/2013

USFSA (Colorado Springs, Co) Technical Lead/Architect

Technical lead and management of multiple developers for new development, enhancements, maintenance, and troubleshooting ASP.NET MVC, Umbraco, and WPF applications. Visual Studio 2015, IIS, ASP.NET, C#, Javascript, Jquery, MVC, AJAX, JSON, SQL Server stored procedures.

Implemented Agile/eXtreme Programming processes and trained the team both business and developers in Agile methodology. Interviewed and hired team members. Implemented TFS for source control release and configuration and backlog management. Delivered Umbraco CMS site. Migrated applications from local servers to Cloud based. Provided operations and configuration support as well as implementation and maintenance of existing production applications . Created load test transactions,

All phases of development, from requirements definition, technical specification to implementation of User Interface.

Skyline Technologies ( Neenah, Wi) Software Development

Short term contract to deliver specific upgrades for an MVC/jQuery/Javascript/C# web application. Implemented new controller/views using MVC and Razor/C#.

Fanatics, Inc. (Boulder, Co) Mobile Web Lead

Technical lead and management for new development, enhancements, maintenance, and troubleshooting Fanatics mobile web sites. Visual Studio 2010, IIS, ASP.NET, C#, Javascript, Jquery, MVC3, SQL Server stored procedures. Implemented and trained the team in Agile methodology, planned and executed Agile iterations to delivery of Mobile Web using Responsive Web Design from conception to production.

All phases of development, from requirements definition, technical specification to implementation of User Interface.

Neudesic, LLC (Denver, CO) Principal Consultant

Clients and Projects

Microsoft – MS Communities Web Sites

Development, enhancements, maintenance, and troubleshooting web sites for major software provider. Umbraco CMS development, Visual Studio 2010, IIS, ASP.NET, C#, Javascript, Jquery, MVC3, SQL Server stored procedures and ADO.NET, Windows 2008, Windows 8, development, maintenance, troubleshooting for large ASP.NET and MVC sites traffic in excess of 1,500,000 hits / day worldwide.

All phases of development, from requirements definition, technical specification to implementation of User Interface and network based system services.


Visual Studio SDK – Software development kit and project templates for transmission and receipt of messages using SMS (Short Message Services).

Developed middle tier and tests for Silverlight client to invoke the RESTful services provided on the backend.

C#, WCF, WPF, TFS, REST, custom API, Visual Studio Templates, Silverlight, ASP.NET, ASP/MVC


POC – Developed proof of concept using 3D technologies to demonstrate capabilities for leading edge User Experience design. C#, WPF, Expression Blend.


Cloud Visual Studio Toolkit – Architect and lead developer for an extension to Visual Studio 2010, a fully functioning interface to the RESTful services which provide access and management of the Cloud servers, including creation, deletion, copy, configuration from within the Visual Studio 2010 environment.

C#, WCF, WPF, TFS, Team Build, VS Extension, REST, custom API.

Newmont Mining

KPI Real-Time Dashboard. Developer for a flexible distributed metric-based data generation and consumption framework. Operational metrics were generated from near-real-time field data and surfaced to consumers through a service bus. Flexible calculation and caching services reduced load on source systems. A Silverlight dashboard surfaced the metric data to field personnel for real-time decision making. Developed extensions for WCF behavior, and performance metrics capture for display using Windows PerfMon. C#, WCF, Postgres, Neuron ESB, Silverlight, Team Build/MS Build.

12/2009 – 3/2010

SANBORN Corporation

Designed and implemented SOAP/XML web services in C# for NavTEQ EGIS application. Created UML design and wrote the system architecture document. Defined multi-tier architecture and developed the business logic using object oriented design patterns. Wrote the custom installation kit for deployment.

Toolset included Sharp MVC, ASP.NET V3.5, JavaScript, Oracle database. Developed Object Data Source (ODS) controls used for data binding from the ASP.NET controls to the business objects returned from the DAL interface in order to maintain n-tier architectural integrity. AJAX Toolkit controls and JavaScript used throughout for enhanced user experience.

C#, Sharp MVC, Custom Install, Web Services, Subversion, AJAX, JavaScript, Cruise Control

10/2008 – 10/2009


Designed and implemented web client interface to the Centracs traffic management platform using ASP.NET V3.5, Silverlight XAML controls, and Windows Communications Foundation (WCF) connectivity from the IIS Server to the Centracs Core. Object Data Source (ODS) controls used for data binding from the ASP.NET controls to the business objects returned from the WCF interface in order to maintain n-tier architectural integrity. AJAX Toolkit controls and JavaScript used throughout for enhanced user experience.

Implemented MVC architecture and complete functionality for the initial product offering

Implemented Silverlight map control embedded within ASP.NET web site. Created XAML / WPF objects for display on the map control.

Implemented Windows Communications Foundation (WCF) interface in C# for Data Access Layer (DAL).

Implemented Raster Image processor front end to add custom images to the database for use by the map control.

Implemented Help subsystem for WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation) controls in Centracs client.

C#, ASP.NET, WCF, Silverlight, JavaScript, AJAX toolkit, Custom Install, Web Services, Subversion, Cruise Control

5/2007 – 10/2008

INFOZEN – Chief Architect

Lead design teams and design reviews for adherence to coding standards, architectural objectives and quality of implementation.

Developed document and project tracking repository in SharePoint and SharePoint services.

Lead Architecture design and acquisition team for NEON project, achieving an order of magnitude improvement in performance, enhanced reliability, upgraded from 32 bit to 64 bit operating systems and current product versions, reduction in footprint, and maintenance costs.

Implemented a prototype configuration management system in C# and ASP.NET using point in time architectural style, ASP.NET /C# and SQL Server.

Created detailed project plans with cross project dependencies in Microsoft Project.

Led development teams in design reviews for complex designs in SQL Server stored procedures, ASP.NET, C#, MQ, and other technologies.

Developed SQL Server 2005 tables, stored procedures, and worked with DBA teams for appropriate implementation for replication and failover.

Provided mentoring in use and application of UML and design patterns.

Guided implementation of Enterprise Patterns and Practices application blocks for exception handling.

Provided overall architectural guidance and management for architecture team members.

Interviewed candidates for multiple staffing positions for senior level technical positions.

Created and delivered presentations to customer on details and recommendations affecting operations, acquisition, design, and schedules.

Provided detailed analysis and recommendations for improvements in overall application architecture and design issues, including performance, availability, reliability and network bandwidth use.

Wrote the system design documentation for the application.

Wrote, reviewed, and commented on RFP's, SOW's and other systems engineering and business initiatives.

Participated in CMMi process improvement working groups and establishing processes for systems engineering continuous improvement.

Provided guidance in implementing and migration to new technologies, including the introduction of Windows Cluster, Visual Studio 2008 / C# / ASP.NET and .NET Framework product enhancements.

Led team training sessions in UML and design improvements for enhanced object oriented design.

Provided guidance and consulting for senior management.

Early adopter of Visual Studio 2008 - C# - Visio – Design Patterns – ASP.NET – VSS

6/2002 – 5/2007

MCG - Maddux Consulting Group

Focus on solution delivery with .NET Framework /C#

The Maddux Consulting Group has provided consulting, design, programming, and analysis for over two decades, on platforms ranging from RSTS/E and VMS to Unix and Windows variants. Programming languages include fluency in Basic, Pascal, C, C++, Java, and C#, TCL/TK, DCL, KSH and others. An early adopter of HTML, MCG developed a VMS based web browser soon after the initial HTML specification was released, and continues to stay abreast of the World Wide Web architectures and extensions. During the period from 2002 through 2007 MCG provided services for the clients listed below.

MCG Clients and Accomplishments:

Colorado Technical University 2007 - 2010

Adjunct Professor and Instructor Visual Basic .NET – Visual Studio 2005

Developed course work; delivered lectures, labs, for CTU EBUS115 - Visual Basic .Net programming

Adjunct Professor and Instructor Advanced Web Development – ASP.NET 3.5 Web Programming using Visual Basic .NET Visual Studio 2008

Adjunct Professor and Instructor Advanced Web Publishing – JavaScript and AJAX Programming – PHP and JSON

EL PASO Energy - ASP.NET V2.0 - Colorado Springs, Colorado August 2006 --- March 2007

Planned and executed the EBB/NG conversion from ASP/VBScript to ASP.NET V2.0 C#

Developed Project Plan, Project Requirements, Design, and implementation using SCRUM methodology.

Designed and Implemented SQLServer Schema, Stored Procedures, Data Access Tier, WebForms Presentation Tier, and C# Classes. Designed and implemented application management tools, product build environment, automated build, and source code management.

Developed C#/ASP.NET V2.0 clients and services using SQL Server Stored Procedures, ASP.NET Master Pages, and templates, and business logic layer in C#.


SOA Architecture and Development - Colorado Springs, Colorado February, 2006 – July 2006

Provided consulting, development, production support, planning, team leadership for SOA technologies with Verizon Business.

Developed C#/.NET clients, Java/J2EE clients, XML/SOAP implementations of the OAGIS - BOD messaging for middleware services.

Provided production support, performance analysis and consulting for Actional SoapStation, and IBM AIX.

Northrop Grummman July 2004 - February 2006

Chief Designer Developer

Mission Systems led a team of 40+ in the design and implementation of the AFSCN ESD replacement program.

Leadership, decision making, architectural and technical guidance for the management and technical teams on staffing and key technology decisions.

Providing training, hands on programming and design.

Delivered regular briefings, customer coordination, and product team selection, management.

Research and directed technical staff.

Northrop Grumman

Software Systems Architecture and Development

Provided liaison between systems architects and senior management teams. Led the effort to define and codify the next generation of satellite communications network control applications and enterprise software architecture.

Implemented Visual Basic and Java based tools to provide EVMS reports summarization.

Technical leadership, consulting, and control account management for the Orbital Analysis System Follow On project.

Customer management and schedule coordination.

Gambro BCT October 2003 --- July 2004

Taking the project from Conception to Consumption for the Field Performance Team. Creation of the Performance Heuristics Analysis Toolset, a complete replacement of the existing Trima rundata analysis tools using .NET Framework.

Reverse engineered the existing Visual Basic Excel macro application to provide an interim application to keep the business alive while developing the full solution. This bridge was developed in C# and .NET with Windows/Forms.

Developed complete project plan, functional requirements specification, and software design using structured requirements definition and UML design techniques.

Created software applications to meet the FRS and design specification using C#, the .NET framework, ASP.NET, ADO.NET, and Oracle/SQL. Created both Windows/Forms and Web Forms for the user interface.

Delivered custom solutions for the customer when the Windows programming tools limits were reached.

Delivered installation kit, documentation, and training for the client.

EL Paso County IT February 2003 --- October 2003

Planning, Architecture, and implementation for the County conversion from legacy VMS applications to .NET Framework using QFD and current software architecture processes.

Delivered the detailed architectural specification.

Designed and implemented the Configuration Management portion of the application using the Microsoft Application Blocks and ASP.NET services.

Lead architectural discussions and decisions; implemented updated engineering processes and guidelines; provided mentoring of developers on updated tools and techniques.

Implemented subsystems and object class libraries using C#

Led data architecture teams in development of updated data architecture, cutover and implementation.

MCG July 2002 – February 2003

Startup company providing custom application development, programming, consulting, and business management, specializing in Windows/XP/NT, and Unix solutions based upon C#, .NET, Java, Swing, KSH, TCL/TK, and associated utilities.

Created Java based SIP stack for Voice over IP/Internet Telephony using Java/Swing; low level TCP/IP streams and SIP protocol parser with voice interface.

McData September 2001 - July 2002

Senior Manager/Program Manager / Advanced Development

Coordinated and managed complex engineering project spanning the globe, with engineers in Colorado, Canada, and partners in California, Taiwan, and India.

Led the team to deliver the project elements in accordance with ISO 9001 process.

Coordinated corporate resources to ensure appropriate product focus leading to product introduction.

Designed and implemented internal project web site for corporate project communication

Led engineering architecture team in strategic planning and program management for bleeding edge IP based Fibre Channel and iSCSI gateway development.

Coordinated corporate resources to ensure appropriate product focus leading to product introduction.

Provided staffing guidance, budget estimation, and project management for $8,000,000 engineering development effort.

Compaq Computer Corporation 1995 - 2001

Senior Member Technical Staff - IP Architecture / Advanced Technology Group – Compaq CTO Staff Member

Recognized as Compaq leading researcher and thought leader for introduction of VoIP technologies; introduced H.323 and SIP to the Compaq product suite.

Developed requirements, created development lab, implemented the H.323 stack and H.323 Gatekeeper on Tru64 Unix, using C and C++. This was the initial VoIP product offering for Digital Computer Special Systems, and was implemented entirely on Tru64 Unix. Built the TruCluster (2 DS20 Servers), configured Alpha Tru64 Unix development and test environment, wrote backup procedures, provided full systems management, Web site management (Apache Server on Tru64 Unix), developed complete management interface on Tru64 Unix using KSH/TCL/TK, diagnosed and corrected network, general operational issues, debugged C and C++ code using DECLadebug.

Designed and implemented a SIP stack for Unix using TCL/TK and C, porting sample code from W/NT and Solaris to Digital Unix.

Designed and implemented a SIP-H.323 Interworking Function to provide a gateway between the H.323 cloud and the SIP cloud, working closely and contributing to the IETF WG for SIP-IWF.

Created and delivered presentations to industry conferences, customers and partners.

Provided consulting on corporate products and services to customers, partners, and staff.

Whitepapers published in IEC Annual Communications (1999, 2000), and Compaq web sites.

Unix kernel development: Developed requirements, lab, and prototype device driver for custom ATM card for Unix.

Provided systems administration for ATM and VoIP development lab. Wrote backup utilities

Designed and implemented KSH based management utilities for H.323 Gatekeeper on Unix.

Installed and managed Apache web server and associated utilities; developed full web site for internet telephony portal.

Led Java and J2EE development and integration evaluation and performance benchmark comparison for NT and Unix platforms.

Created and delivered presentations to multiple industry conferences, customers and partners including the Western Network Forum, World Intelligent Network, and Voice on the Net.

Provided consulting on corporate products and services to customers, partners, and staff.

Whitepapers published in IEC Annual Communications (1999, 2000), and Compaq web sites.

Created, managed, and delivered an H.323 Gatekeeper for Tru64 Unix from conception through product delivery.

Managed VAX to Alpha Conversion program for Bell Atlantic/Nynex Mobile. Coordinated cross functional teams to deliver $11,000,000 USD revenue to Digital Equipment Custom Systems.

Managed Broadband Control Subsystem program for Nynex. Coordinated and led internal and customer teams in $1.5 Million development effort to deliver revenue of $10,000,000 USD.

MCI 1994 - 1995

Senior Member Technical Staff, MCI Messaging

Developed comprehensive architecture for convergence of MCI Mail with new Internet Messaging components.

Selected and implemented operations tools enhancements and upgrades.

Implemented Polycenter Console Manager, AMDS, and performance optimization of large VMS clusters leading to operations improvements and cost savings due to outage prevention.

Designed and implemented messaging testing, performance measurement, and analysis tools.

Delivered analysis, architecture, and implementation for enhanced network and application management using TeMIP.

Digital Equipment Corporation 1984 - 1994

Information Systems Consultant

Performed and coordinated production support, systems administration, programming, development, architecture, project management, planning and design.

Led software teams of over 20 staff reports through complete software development lifecycle phases including requirements definition, design, implementation, delivery. Led architecture through delivery of transaction processing application supporting in excess of 1700 interactive users on large VMSClusters.

Wrote the application kernel. Led the team in compiler development and implementation.

Designed and implemented Connect/CS, a network protocol over DECnet.

Provided architecture, programming and systems administration on RSTS/E, VMS, and VMSclusters.

Colby Community College 1981-1984

Director, Computing Center

System administration, installation, and planning for RSTS/E system. Directed and managed budget, personnel, processes and accounting. Provided custom programming, consulting, development, and instruction. Implemented processes and operations procedures as the college's first computing center director.

Designed and supervised the installation of a campus-wide communications network. Directed and managed budget, personnel, processes and accounting. Solicited and obtained multiple grants for hardware and software.


B. S. Computer Science, Kansas State University Manhattan, Kansas

Graduate studies for M.S. Software Engineering, CTU (4.0 GPA) Colorado Springs, Colorado

Awards / Publications:

Selected list of Awards

CEO Award for Excellence, Digital Equipment Corporation, 1997

Manager of the Year, Infozen, 2008

Multiple awards for Outstanding Performance, Compaq Computer Corporation

United States National Champion, Flatpick Guitar, Winfield, Kansas, 1995

Partial List of Publications

Issues in Implementation of an H.323 Gatekeeper, Compaq Custom Systems

The Impact of IPv6 on VoIP, Digital Equipment Corporation, Computer Special Systems

IEC Annual Review of Communications, Volume 53.

Author of over 4 dozen articles and recordings published in a non-technical field. Columnist, Recording Artist, 1996 – Present – Flatpick Guitar Magazine, Mastering The Fingerboard. Personal website:

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