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Manager Customer Service

Roseburg, Oregon, United States
August 29, 2018

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Donna Starcher



**** ****** **

Roseburg, OR 97470


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* ***** ****** *************.

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* ***** **** ***osits and daily change.

7 years bookkeeping (accts receivable, payables, payroll, daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, annual accounting).

5 years warranty paperwork for both Honda Corp. and Suzuki.

5 years as credit manager.

4 years shipping and receiving.

9 years of great customer relations.

2 years as fashion department manager.

2 years outsourced merchandising.

2 years setting weekly schedules

Donna Starcher


I am a 57-year-old female with much experience in retail as a worker, as a supervisor, and as a mystery shopper. I have dealt with the public most of my life. I am fair but solid. I am willing to go the extra mile to accomplish my tasks. The following is a short list of my work history.


Advantage Solutions and Marketing

18100 Von Karman Ave #1000

Irvine, CA 91612

Milton Hernandez Supervisor


TNG Merchandising

1955Lake Park Drive, S E suite 400

Smyrna, Georgia 30080

Shelly Morris District Supervisor


Hire date. January 3, 2016

Duties. Merchandising for a variety of different companies. I merchandise magazines and books in several stores including Safeway, Fred Meyers (Kroger stores) Michaels arts and craft supply stores and several of the regional stores. Cleaning, merchandising and caring for Jelly belly displays or stands. Set up displays at Safeway. Merchandising sorting, placing, and ordering TY babies. I am also given different duties to preform several times a year for store resets. I deal with customers daily. Even though it isn’t part of my job description I like to be able to help when asked. I have set days for a couple of stores but the rest I have to set a schedule up each week when I am given the tasks I have to complete for each week.


780 NW Garden Valley Blvd Ste 160

Roseburg, Or 97471

Hire date 11/10/2015 to 12/26/2015

Store sales associate, duties included register as needed, merchandising products, straightening merchandise as time allowed and keeping all dressing rooms neat, clean, and organized.

Reason for leaving is it was only seasonal

February 2, 2010 to August 10, 2012 Independent Contractor

Mystery Shopper, Auditor, Merchandiser, Store Resets, Product Demonstrator and Compliance Projects.

20 plus Companies as an Independent Contractor, including, Market Force, Bare International, Trendsource, Secret Shopper, GFK, and many others.

Duties. Following explicit instructions. Communicating findings to hiring companies. Complete paperwork entry on each client’s website. Timing each task and keeping records. Merchandising products each week. Rotating stock, putting out new merchandise. Keeping my job sites clean and tidy.

September 11, 1986 to November 12, 1992

Fallon Cycles

750 S Taylor St

Fallon, NV, 89406

Now a defunct corporation.


I was the phone answerer and first person the customer heard or saw, so I had to have mad customer service skills. Whatever mood I was in would transfer to the customer, so it was imperative that I be very upbeat and helpful, so that the customer stayed relaxed until the right person came in to work with the customer unless they were there to see me. Then I would help them until the person they were there to see came in. It got to the point that so many people would only buy from me that I was out in the showroom or behind the parts counter, so I wasn’t able to get any of my work done. I ended up working with the person until they were ready to buy then would hand them off to one of the other two who were able to do the paperwork for big ticket items ranging anywhere from 5000 to 20,000. I had to split my commissions, so I could get my work done for the day., then take the books home and balance them out after dinner. Part of my job at the shop was doing the financing for the people who didn’t want to use their banks or didn’t have a credit union. I went through Honda Corp. or Suzuki Credit. I was doing it so much that Honda Corp grew to trust my judgement if they found someone a bit outside their range. I would be honest about either what I knew about the people that wanted to be financed, or what I perceived about them. I only had to repossess one motorcycle that was financed on my say so. I also spent a lot of time behind the parts counter and in the shipping and receiving. I wrote a lot of service orders and made appointments for service. That way the service manager could continue to work on the motorcycles, ATVs, power equipment and Stihl chain saws. In fact, when the service department was busy it was not unheard of for me to be found in my dress clothes, shirt sleeves rolled up, turning wrenches with the guys in the service department. If a motor cycle was sold with the service department up to their ears in parts and accessories and people waiting impatiently I would go to the back and pre-deliver the unit myself. I have no problem getting dirty to help the customer along by not having to wait for hours for the service department to be able to do it. I truly believe the customer comes first or we would not even have a thriving business.

January 10th, 1984 to September 11th,1986

Sprouse Reitz

538 W Center St

Fallon, NV 89406

No longer in business


I started at Sprouse Reitz working nights after the store had closed doing a complete store reset. The corporate think tank came up with a full store plan o gram the same for every store, Of course that is not the case here. When I would take my lunch, I would dress the mannequins with store clothes, I always thought I had great taste in coordinating accessories and clothes. I always put them back before I left in the morning, except once. That was the day I forgot to change them back. That happened to be the day the district manager and regional supervisor where going to be there to check the store. I was waking up about 4 hours after I went to bed. My manager called and left a message to get up and come in. I just knew I had done something wrong, my boss never called me in on a day I had off unless someone was sick, and I had to cover their shift, but I had always been told why I had to come in. When I got ready and went to work. When I got there, I was introduced to the regional and district managers. I was told they wished to speak to me. My mind was running madly trying to figure out what I could have messed up for the bosses to want to speak to me. They asked if I had dressed the mannequins. I Asked if I had forgotten to change them back and I was sorry and that I wouldn’t do it again. The regional manager said they really liked what I had done. They asked if once I finish the store reset would I be interested in becoming their fashion department manager. It took a few minutes for it to sink in. Then I said yes. For me that meant I would have a job after I finished the reset. I was in shock and happy that it wasn’t a bad thing I did and wasn’t going to be fired. So, I started working in the store. I kept getting promotions frequently. I was willing to help in any way possible. The biggest thing was that the other employees would not decide about what to do with angry customers. So, I decided to accommodate the customer by finding out what they wanted the store to do to fix the issue and usually I would give them what they wanted done unless it was too unreasonable. I figured I would be in trouble the next day. Instead I was promoted to floor supervisor. I really wasn’t thrilled to have to work with or be responsible for 11 other people. It sure taught me to learn to how to talk to the other employees without them thinking I was picking on them. Next, I was taught how to count the tills in the morning and again after each person’s shift. I must have done a good job because after a couple of month I was taught how to do the daily books. Then I had to learn how to make deposits and keep enough money for each till to start with 100 dollars. I also had to learn shipping and receiving when the semis came in. I also had to learn how to write off markdowns and do returns. I had to learn to order fish for our aquariums and to tear covers off old books that were being shipped back and how and where to order new books and them out by plan o grams. Same with greeting cards. I spent about half the time I worked I was dealing with customers both happy and unhappy. I learned how to check so I could work during shift and break times. They were giving me more and more responsibilities and all this for just a .25 cent raise. But I liked what I did. I got married in June to a gentleman that I had been dating for a year. He didn’t like how hard I worked for 2.75 an hour. Then one day at the end of August the corporate office told all it’s Nevada store managers that they were going to be closing almost all the Nevada (which is where I lived at the time) stores, so it looked like I was going to be out of work in about 1-2 months. My husband’s parents owned a motorcycle shop, U-Haul, a paint and body shop, and two tow trucks that were always on the go. When I left Sprouse Reitz my in-laws put me to work washing and wiping down all the motorcycles both new and used, ATVs, and helmets, power Equipment, all the accessories kept in the main store. After the first few times I got it down to two, two and a half hours and they couldn’t believe that I did such a good job in such a short time.

I was asked if I would like to learn how to do the books, so the owners wife could put more time into one of their other 3 businesses. I said yes. I started keeping the books, then the payables, receivables, debt collections, and all office tasks which included getting all warranty work paid for by the different companies, payroll, and authorizing new credit accounts. When I was solid on my new job we lost our parts person and our shipping and receiving person I hard to learn both jobs. Most people didn’t care for the current managers attitudes and laziness, so they stared coming to me, so they didn’t have to deal with him. They made me the assistant manager and I learned how to sell the big-ticket items and add ons. Within 2 years I could competently work in every departments and was making 3 times as much as I had been making at Sprouse Reitz plus big commissions. I was so busy at the shop that I had to start taking the books home and doing them at night. In 1990 I ended up having to have my left hip replaced and had to work at home doing only the books for six months before I went back to work at the shop. In 1991 I had to have my other hip replaced and my doctor said I needed to think about giving up my job. I finally did and was confined to a wheelchair and in so much pain because I was diagnosed with osteonecrosis in all my joints. I got an infection in my left hip and they had to take out my left hip replacement and could not walk so I was told I would never get out of the wheelchair. But I worked at building my thigh muscle so that I could walk on it. I never got back into a wheelchair. In 1997 they put in a new hip and a year later they replaced the right hip again. I kept having my left hip dislocate and they did several revisions until they had to add set screws to keep it in place. I had to have the same thing done to my right hip a couple of years later and by 2010 I was ready to go back to work. I haven’t had any issues since with my hips since.

I am an excellent worker. I am always ready to learn new tasks and have great customer service skills. I work equally well alone or with a team. After I learn my new job I am always ready to learn more of the business’s.

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