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Software Developer Assistant

Chicago, Illinois, United States
August 27, 2018

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Enthusiastic and adaptable individual who can contribute a broad range of knowledge with software systems. Team- player dedicated to contributing implementation and design ideas, continuously looking to create efficient and effective programming project.

Technical Skills

C, C++, Java, Python, SQL

University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC)

• Bachelor of Science in Computer Science Spring 2018 o Course Work: Programming Language Design, Database Design, Object Oriented Development, Software Development.

Work Experience

• Computer Science Tutor – UIC January 2018-May 2018 o Analyze the students’ programs to compile correctly and to detect any errors. o Adapt to each students’ different level of technical efficiency. o Provide feedback and suggestions for future projects.

• Teaching Assistant – UIC August 2017-December 2017 o Lead discussion lab for CS109-C/C++ Programming for Engineers. o Hold office hours to assist students with questions about projects and homework. o Report issues or findings to the professor in charge. Projects

• SQL Transaction Database using C# GUI

o Develop a GUI for easy record look up.

o Utilizing SQL for data extraction from database. o Apply the given API for increased security and abstraction between different level.

• Embedded Blackjack Application using C/C++

o Develop an embedded system simulating Blackjack Games. o Research game logic, flow control, and signal handling. o Engage the community in testing and feedback.

• Chat Server Utilizing RSA Encryption using Java

o Collaborate in team of three to develop a secure chat server. o Research mathematical principle of RSA Encryption. o Implement different design principle for the server and client.

• Simple Server/Client Webpage using C

o String parse the provided request for the necessary extension. o Retrieve and send the requested file.

o Implement multithreading to serve multiple request at once. Extra-curricular Activities

• Association for Computing Machinery 2017- current

• Alternative Spring Break 2015-2017

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