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Hse, Safety, Environmental& Chemical Engineering Power Plant

2000-3000 USD
August 27, 2018

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CURRICULUM VITAE/ Eng. Ibrahim Adam Mohammed Adam


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Name: Eng. Ibrahim Adam Mohammed Adam

Nationality: Sudanese

Birth Status: 05/10/1977

Languages: Arabic, English & Deutsch

Religion: Eslam (Muslim)

Status: Married

Home Address: Sudan


Omdurman – Althawra- Elwadi Street- Block (33)

Telephone: +249********* - +249-*-********


Republic of the Sudan

Ministry of Water Resource and Electricity (MWRE)

Merowe Dam Electricity Co. Ltd (MDEC)

General Manager Office

Health, Safety & Environment Dept.

Fax: +249-183-8-786140

Mobile: +249-*********


Identify Card Infu. KA001168696

National Card Infu. 117*-****-***

Passport NO.: B0555961 Issued at: Khartoum

Bank AK NO.: Ex. Development 10472

Driving License: 11694 Renewal: 09/11/2015

Allergy: Nil Blood Group: B+

2 P a g e

CURRICULUM VITAE/ Eng. Ibrahim Adam Mohammed Adam


Primary Education: Algenubia Primary School- New Halfa- Sudan (1984- 1990)

Intermediate Education: Eshkeit Intermediate School- New Halfa- Sudan


Secondary Education: -Hantuob High Secondary School- Wad Medani – Sudan (1993-1994)

- Eltabary High Secondary School – New Halfa – Sudan (1994-1996) University Education:

El-Gazira University – Wad Medani – Sudan (1997-2002) Khartoum University – Khartoum – Sudan (2008- 2010) 4) QUALIFICATIONS& CERTIFICATES:

- Certificate of completion Project KAIZEN 28-29 May 2017, KAIZEN Institute, Sudan.

- Certificate of completion Leaders ́ KAIZEN 1June 2017, KAIZEN Institute, Sudan.

- Certificate of completion KAIZEN Business System (KBS), 27 May 2017, KAIZEN Institute, Sudan.

- Certificate of completion daily KAIZEN, 27-28 May 2017, KAIZEN Institute, Sudan.

- Online student in NEBOSH international Diploma level C, since Jan. 2014.

- Establishment of Building & Construction Contracts using FIDIC Conditions 1999, 4-8/1/2014, Khartoum, Sudan.

- Integrated QHSE Management System Internal Auditor, 10-13/11/2013, American Institude of professional studies (A.I.P.S), Khartoum, Sudan.

- NEBOSH (International Examination Board in Occupational Health and Safety) – International Oil& Gas Technical Certificate (IOG)- 29/12/2012.

(Score=55/ Grade CERIDIT] (Score=55/ Grade CREIDIT]

- NEBOSH (International Examination Board in Occupational Health and Safety) – International General Certificates (IGCs)- 25/05/2012.

(Score=216/ Grade DISTINCTION]

- (Score=216/ Grade DISTINCTION]

- Environmental Management System ISO 14001 in EMS Lead auditor, IRCA February 2012.

- Occupational Health and Safety Management System ( Internal audit) in OSAS BS 18001- Dec 2010

- MSc of Science in Environmental Engineering, University of Khartoum, 05/04/2010.

3 P a g e

CURRICULUM VITAE/ Eng. Ibrahim Adam Mohammed Adam

- Certificate Operation & test techniques on Environmental water quality & meteorological equipments from (ELE company for environmental & constructional Laboratories equipment, London, England, UK) 2007

- Quality Management System Requirements (ISO 9000: 2001) & International Quality Audit 2006.

- Training Course in Applied Techniques for Water & Waste Water Quality Control 2006.

- Diploma of Computer Office Management 2004.

- Recommendation Letter from Head Department of Chemical Engineering

& Technology 2003.

- Certificate Resisting in Engineering Council NO.: 4058, 2003

- Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Engineering Technology, Faculty of Engineering & Technology.

Specialization Chemical Engineering Technology – Class Two Division One. Date of Award 27/1/2002

- Sudanese Duty Certificate.

- PhD degree, under proposal of phase study.


Member of environmental expert put environmental comments to the Ministry of water resource and electricity environmental guideline to share in Eastern Africa Power Pool (EAPP).

Over 12th years of national and international professional experience in Chemical engineering, Quality, Health, Safety& Environment (HSE)& Projects Planning/schedule. Senior HSE engineer with Lahmeyer international consultancy for hydropower projects (in Sudan –Merowe Dam Hydropower Project), Manager of HSE Department of Merowe Dam Electrical Company. Technical advisor to Dams Implementation unit due to HSE to all its projects (harvest, agriculture and dams construction), member of the HSE committee in Ministry of Water Resource& Electricity. The qualifications include, also, training and teaching experience on health &safety management, health &safety control, environmental management system (EMS), emergency management plans, Risk Management in safety and HSE (health, safety & environment ). Member of Merowe dam power system commissioning and operation. 6) COURSES & SEMINARS ATTENDED:


- Process Safety Management, 24-28/9/2017, Khartoum, Sudan

- Skills of Leaders and Supervision Development Program, 15- 19/ 03/2015, Khartoum, Sudan

- HSE second Conference, 25-26/11/2014, SALAM ROTANA HOTEL- Khartoum, Sudan

4 P a g e

CURRICULUM VITAE/ Eng. Ibrahim Adam Mohammed Adam

- HSE first Conference, 15-16/12/2013, SALAM ROTANA HOTEL- Khartoum, Sudan.

- Integrated QHSE Management System Foundation, 03-10/11/2013, Khartoum, Sudan.

- Occupational Health and Safety Course,25-29/08/2013, Istanbul, Turkey.

- Risk Management Professional (RMP) foundation, 23/05-06/06/2013

- Total Quality Management, 2010.

- High Leaders Skills in supervision & Management, 2011.

- International Conference for Quality of Industry & Services, 2011.

- Advance Health, Safety& Environment, Khartoum University, 2011.

- Environment and Safety, Egyptian Electricity Company, Egypt, 2011.

- Security and protection Organizations, Khartoum, 2011.

- Time Management Skills, Khartoum, 2011.

- Risk assessment Program, Khartoum, 2012.

- Occupational Safety for repair electricity transmission line seminar, Khartoum, 2012.

- Applied HSE in construction and operation dams' seminar, Khartoum, 2012.

- Project Management and planning (Primavera 6), Khartoum, 2012

- National Technical oil and Gas, 2012

- NEBOSH General certificate

- Power Plants Management skills and financing management, Khartoum, 2011


1- Modern Skills in Insurance Management, 15-18 Oct. 2017, Khartoum, Sudan.


3- UNESCO Chair Water Resources, Environmental Impact Assessment

(EIA) of big Dams,3-6/4/2017

4- OMECO CO. LTD. Khartoum, The Calibration and maintenance of chemical instruments workshop, 4-5/11/2014.

5- Sudanese Sugar Co. LTD. New Halfa Sugar Company (Electricity

& Mechanical Department), Electrical& Mechanical safety hazards

(6/6/1999 – 6/7/1999).

6- Sudanese Sugar Co. LTD. New Halfa Sugar Company (Chemical Engineering Section), Chemical & Biological safety hazards (5/6/2000- 2/7/2000).

7- Wad Medani Food Industries Co. (PEPSI) (Chemical Engineering Section)

Water Treatment.

Power Plant Operation

Preparing Syrup.

Producing Carbone dioxide Gas.

5 P a g e

CURRICULUM VITAE/ Eng. Ibrahim Adam Mohammed Adam

Waste Management & recycling.

Safety hazards, management and control.

Control the product.

Make Pretreatment Discharge of Waste Water.

8- ELE International com. For environmental & constructional Laboratories equipments, London, England, UK- 2007

• Over all to design The Environmental water quality monitoring program system (physical, chemical& bacteriological)

• Water Quality management system.

• Bacteriological equipments.

• Operation and maintenance spectrophotometers & photometers equipments.

• Operation and maintenance pH, EC, TDS, DO& effeluentmeters.

• Operation and maintenance Oil&Grease and Oil Reclaimer.

• Operation and maintenance BOD & COD equipments.

• Operation and maintenance Meteorological equipments (Aculume & Dataloger).


1- University of Abdulatif Alhamad of Technology MEROWE – Faculty of Engineering, as instructor teaching Oct. 2017 until now 2- HSE Department manager – Merowe Dam Electricity Company (biggest generation company in Sudan 1250 MW) - Ministry of Water Resource and Electricity, 2010- until now.

3- Dams Implementation Unit (DIU)

Merowe Dam Project – Lahmeyer International Consulting Engineer Health, Safety & Environment (HSE) Department (Senior HSE Engineer deputy of HSE Manger), 2005- 2010:

Ensuring that sewage wastewater is properly collected, treated, and disposed of.

Monitoring and instituting all necessary measures to ensure that the environment is protected and that damages to people and property are prevented.

Monitoring surface discharges and effluent from Contractors activities and ensuring that these do not exceed the agreed limit values.

Monitoring the hazard and control the risk in power plant under construction

Solid and hazardous waste management.

Follow the Planning, schedule and technical issues to apply with contract signed.

6 P a g e

CURRICULUM VITAE/ Eng. Ibrahim Adam Mohammed Adam

Reviewing Contractors’ relevant environmental structures for approval and supervising the construction activities for compliance with engineering drawings and specifications.

Ensuring that Contractors are following their Health and Safety Plan.

Ensuring that Contractors are implementing their Health Care Program.

Ensuring that drinking water supply is available in adequate quantities and safety to drink.

Conducting Site Health and Safety Audits to ensure that all reasonable precaution measures are taken to maintain health and safety of workers on Site.

Hazard prevention (risk assessment, active/passive prevention and control measures and emergency preparedness and response).

Occupational Hygienic Program.

Safety and Accident Prevention Program.

Preventive Measures.

Plan Review.

4- Khartoum for Water & Services Company LTD, Sudan – Khartoum. 0 Chemical Engineering in Waste Water Treatment Section. 0 Take Test of Waste Water Plant.

0 Power Plant control system (SCADA)

0 Waste Water Treatments.

0 Quality Control of Waste Water Discharge.

0 Make pre. Treatment for Waste Industries.

0 Supervise all the Designs of Waste Water Supply. Of 5th of June 2004 to 30th of September 2005.

4-Citypharm Pharmaceutical Industry in Quality Control Department. 0 Physical Tests.

0 Chemical Tests.

0 Instrumental Chemical analysis.

0 Raw Material Testing & Finished good Testing.

Of 1st of July 2003 to 30th April 2004.

9- University of Gezira – Faculty of Engineering & Technology as Part-timer Teacher Assistant from 9th of March 2002 to 8th of March 2003. 7 P a g e

CURRICULUM VITAE/ Eng. Ibrahim Adam Mohammed Adam


I, the undersigned, certify that to the best of my knowledge and belief, these data correctly describe me, my qualifications and my experience. Date: 19/04/2018

Signature of staff member or authorized official from the firm Day/Month/Year

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