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Developer Engineer

Keller, Texas, United States
August 26, 2018

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Bill Moon Resume

Keller, Texas *****



B.A. Bachelor of Business Administration, Finance - Economics University of Texas at Arlington

System Developed

Point of Sale, Account Payable, Right of away Tracking, PAC Employee CRM, Repeater Design, Yellow Pages Costing, Capital Asset Forecasting, Cash Audit, Publishing, Appraisal Tracking

Core Skills

Architecture - OOP, Event, Procedure

Programming Languages – C#, Java, VB.Net, VBA, HTML, CSS, Powershell, Regex, Cmd Batch, Clipper

ETL - Biztalk, Comma/Tab Delimited, Fixed Width Schemas, XML, Json, Web Scraping, EDI,SSIS

Database - MS SQL, Oracle, DB2, Pervasive, Dbase

Source Control - SVN, Git, SourceSafe, TFS

Improving, Technical Consultant 11/2017-1/2018

Refactored Microsoft Dynamics GP third party custom forms. Development is an event driven model written with Visual Basic for Applications. Added ODBC, Field Properties and OOP technology to the form.

Core Skills: Modifier with VBA (Visual Basic for Applications), SanScript, DUOS

CEC Entertainment, Technical Consultant 6/2015-12/2016

Resolved the labor-intensive process of manually updating software to 550 plus stores by crafting a packaging process with Powershell to deploy the application artifacts and manage the configuration changes necessary for changes to the micro devices accepting chip enabled credit cards.

Leveraged productivity tools SQL, SSIS, XML and Powershell in supply chain inventory project. I was able to quickly prototype and deliver results that accelerated project completion under budget.

Between projects I developed business intelligence models using Power BI emphasizing critical key factors in the business model.

Core Skills: MS SQL, PowerBI, SSIS, SSRS, ASP, Powershell, DOS CMD Scripting, NCR Aloha POS

MedSynergies, Developer II 1/2014–1/2015

Moved Web component systems off deprecated server domain. Focus on LDAP and NTLM.

Built analysis processes to examine data complexities from multiple systems, tools include SQL, Powershell.

Wrote SQL logic for system analysis and examination of data flows of decoupled software components and to Great Plains. Exercised common table expression, sub queries, SQL Windows Functions.

Break fix development and application support for various application processes, mostly middle tier with Java, C# code changes and SQL analysis and updates.

Core Skills: C#, Java, MS SQL, DB2 SQL, Powershell, Great Plains, Jenkins, SVN

CoAdvantage, Technical Consultant 10/2012–11/2013

Support ETL process between Great Plains and third-party software components, primarily SQL integration techniques.

Developed ETL feed to Equifax, 9 file schemas. SSIS with complex SQL logic.

Integrated new menu item on web frontend, used WCF protocol.

Development and application support for third party software components integrating data to company CRM system.

Core Skills: C#,, MS SQL, Pervasive, SSIS, MS Great Plains, Kronos SaaSHr, Summit Apex

Cash America International Inc., Technical Consultant 2/2012–8/2012

Wrote several front/backend modules for POS support system. New development utilizing Winforms, C# development platform predominant Singleton pattern architecture.

Core Skills: C#, Winforms, Oracle 11g, Git

DALLAS COUNTY, Senior Programmer Analyst 2/2005 – 10/2008

Build continuous integration solution with Biztalk; Installed the environment for Biztalk 2004 and collaborated with network administrators the configuration and optimization of the web servers (network load balanced) and SQL servers (Clustered). Provide 13 Biztalk messages, 4 flat file pipelines and 9 web services. Administered Biztalk orchestration and wrote utilities to facilitate the recovery of failed messages and provide root cause analysis for issues.

Led efforts in the application handover from third party developer. Reviewed source code artifacts and source control and validated code to last compile. Documented all contact processes, security keys and reviewed received documentation. Identified support issues and assigned accountable resources.

Support Developer for County Criminal Justice System; Dot Net development and support for backend web services and front end ASP.Net environments. Provided ASP & web service programming, SQL data analysis, SQL job support and authored SQL stored procedures. Developed solutions for third party vendor import/export operations.

Web System Administrator; Migrated existing enterprise applications to a more robust web environment (3 SQL server,5 web servers, 1 file server). The functions of this task encompassed the following process: Wrote project specifications into sequential, detailed instructions identifying logical steps and time estimates for project management. Interacted with network administrators for server installation, configurations and optimization. Installed in-house software and coordinated processes with QA. Wrote batch scripts/utilities to automate repetitive tasks and sync server environments.

Core Skills: C#, VB.Net, Biztalk 2004, MS SQL, 2.1

Brink’s Corporation Senior Programmer Analyst 2/2001-11/2004

Crafted multiple analysis tools for the cash management system to expedite major source code changes and maximize ROI with existing legacy systems.

Refactored and developed the cash management reconciliation system. System highlight includes controlled automated data import as an unassisted service and data type recognition of integer & character data types not yet altered in legacy versions.

Improve business agility by designing and developing standard ETL footprints for client deposits shorting the development time from weeks to days. Collaborated with stakeholder’s project milestones.

Core Skills: Clipper 5.01, Biztalk 2002, DBF Database

NCH, Financial Systems Technology Specialist 12/1998-4/2000

Conducted Y2K compliance and deployed data normality to global accounting systems.

Designed and developed data analysis utilities to expedite Y2K system compliance.

Core Skills: Clipper 5.01, DBF Database

America’s Cash Express, Senior Applications System Engineer 6/1993-12/1998

Engineered high volume asynchronous/synchronized transaction processing with AS400 (Modem Protocol).

Architected and developed application solutions for native inbound client data to POS system including money transfers, IRS tax returns, utility payments, bill payment and loan processing and retrofitted external devices such as magnetic readers, scanners, dispensing hardware and image & rendering devices.

Designed and implemented solutions for software distribution and configuration changes in a predictable and repeatable fashion; 1500+ locations. Redesigned the POS system from a non-network environment to network environment. Designed and developed POS Audit System.

Core Skills: Clipper 5.01, DBF Database, team lead, system architecture, system analysis, database design, project management

Consultant Projects Application Developer Prior 1993

GTE Data synchronization system Architect & Developer

GTE PAC employee CRM system Architect & Developer

GTE Yellow Book advertising cost accounting system Developer

Resolution Trust Appraisal Tracking System Developer & Support

Xerox Corporation Customer survey application Architect & Developer

Chevron Pipeline Right of away tracking system Developer

Kid At Heart Publishing Startup Architect & Developer

Ericson Radio Engineer support tool Developer

Real Estate Capital asset financial forecasting Architect & Developer

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