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Mechanical Engineer Machine Operator

San Francisco, California, United States
August 26, 2018

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Phone: 603-***-**** n L inkedIn G ithub

SKILLS C #, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, RSpec, JavaScript, React, Redux, Swift, A RKit, HTML, C SS3, S ass, MySQL, Postgres, NPM Webpack, RESTful Routes, Git, V SCode, xCode, MATLAB, ANSYS, PTC CREO, Solidworks WORK SAMPLES

Geometry Wars P lay Now G ithub

A recreation of the game Geometry Wars using Javascript, Canvas, npm webpack, and my custom game engine

● Maintains frame rate by dynamically adjusting graphic quality for a smooth and responsive user experience

● Created a custom Javascript game engine to provide other software developers a framework to organize and handle canvas rendering, object creation, sprites, scripting, sounds, and physics.

● Gives programmers access points to the different stages of the frame lifecycle via lifecycle methods

● Developed an architecture for user customizable collision detection providing programmers a fast and simple way to create independent collision handlers

● Created detailed plans for the game milestones meeting every deadline Peekaboo Penguin UX team leader A pp Store L ive Site G ithub Augmented reality penguin hide-and-seek IOS app utilizing Swift and ARKit

● Implemented the hide feature which checks the distance of the device to the hidden penguin in 3D space, muting and hiding the penguin when out of range

● Created app view pages for the game menu

● Ensured a fun user experience by scheduling user testing during development and implementing changes from user feedback CADGallery L ive Site G ithub

Single Page Professional development website for Engineers made with Ruby/Rails, React and Redux, PostgreSQL

● Utilized React-Redux life-cycle methods to implement seamless UI interaction and reduce Postgres database querying

● Styled pages with Sass, HTML, and CSS

● Created custom rails routes to handle project creation, allowing for thorough validation checks

● Implemented protected routes and user authentication to ensure conditional access to content creation and deletion

● Used AJAX requests to make HTTP requests from frontend and JSON on backend to parse data. EXPERIENCE

Electroimpact: Mechanical Engineer

Automated Carbon Fiber Placement Team for Boeing 777x and Kawasaki Heavy Industries projects O ct 2015 - June 2017

● Designed and assembled machine pneumatics utilizing Solidworks Electrical

● Designed machine operator station using sheet metal and welded assemblies with Solidworks

● Conducted static and modal analysis with ANSYS ensuring adequate resonant frequencies for precision lasers

● Specified chiller, compressor, and pneumatic components to meet machine and customer requirements

● Performed Risk Assessment of the machine design and environment incorporating Japanese Industrial and ISO safety standards

● Assembled AFP machine components to meet sub thousandths of an inch tolerances using laser interferometers increasing machine lifetime

Gemini Valve: Mechanical Engineer Internship

Enhanced Environment Actuator Lifetime Tester May 2014 - August 2014

● Designed and built a product testing station

● Simulated the high temperature working environment of the product for lifetime testing

● Programmed to collect and react to data from many sensors including strain gages, POTs, thermocouples, and motor feedback

● Specified an airbrake to emulate the product application’s torque resistance data

● Developed and ran separate lifetime tests to approve station components ensuring low maintenance EDUCATION

Florida Institute of Technology (Spring 2015)

BS - Mechanical Engineering

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