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Manager Air Force

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
August 26, 2018

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Alberto Rosado

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Beverly, NJ 08010

Cellular 609-***-****


Experienced bilingual (Spanish/English) business leader with an active security clearance and TWIC clearance, offering over 18 years of experience; 1 Year as a Material Control Manager, 3 years as a project Lead, 11 years in logistics, 6 years distribution-channel management, over 10 years supervision and operational administration. Possessing an Associate’s Degree in Logistics, a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice and a Master’s Degree in Business Management with a minor in Project Management. History of accomplishment in high-volume, regulated environments, ensuring continued conformance to standards of excellence, accuracy and efficiency. Utilize a cooperative management philosophy, cultivating high-performing professional-level teams; able to manage remotely and interact with colleagues worldwide. Solutions focused, interacting with military and private sector vendors, customers and employees. Strong financial aptitude, administering budgets and controlling costs without sacrifice to quality. Computer literate, integrating technology into the workplace to optimize resources and access to real-time information.

Targeted Role: Management / Leadership responsibility / Supervisory / Staff Development

Professional Experience:


Material Control Manager

Procurement Department, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Served as a Material Control Manager with the responsibility to ensure the receipt, care and custody, and distribution of all material used in commercial double bottom tanker and container transporter sea vessels.

Responsible for managing over a $1,770,000.00. budget to include payroll, material and equipment purchase, equipment and material rental, travel expenses and additional expenses as I may see fit or required to complete the daily operations.

Responsible for management of 13 union employees, 3 hourly employees, 2 salaried employees and 1 co-op. I ensure that they complete the required tasks as well as write their performance reviews, their midyear reviews and addition feedbacks as needed and required. I am also responsible for applying any disciplinary actions such as early dismissal, salary reduction and final dismissal if it is merited.

Responsible for writing proposals for Capital Expenditures, used for unbudgeted projects that help improve the yard, the department and the process.

Responsible for over $500,000,000.00 worth of material used to build commercial double bottom tanker and container transporter sea vessels. I reorder any damaged or missing material as well as equipment needed to move and load the material.

I had an asbestos infested condemned warehouse cleaned and sanitized; had lights installed and reopened the facility with less than $50,000.00. This saved the company $17,000.00 a month in warehouse space rental and thousands of dollars in trucking fees for transporting material back and forth from the warehouse to the yard.

Responsible organizing the repair of yard draining line which drained the rain water from the receiving dock to the river. The line had collapsed and the replacement was quoted at $250.000.00, I requested a contractor to sleeve the existing pipe with a smaller pipe and the project was completed for 22,000.00 saving the company over $220,000.00.

Designed ramp and transportation table used to move piping modules throughout the yard. The design was for tables that can be moved using forklifts versus a flatbed truck and a crane which saves the company money on the daily crane operator, rigger and flatbed truck driver.

Prepare and maintain schedules, approve time cards, vacations and other employee schedule related activities.

Responsible for ensuring all spares are accounted for and reorder any missing, damaged and used spares during trials to ensure 100% delivery of spare parts.

Responsible for all customs paperwork and vessel docking for yard receipt of material.

Alberto Rosado

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Provisioning and Support Analyst Sr.(Team Lead)

Information Technology & Global Services, Mount Laurel, New Jersey, USA

Serve as a Logistics Provisioning Analyst Sr. Team Leader, with responsibility to create and research information for Provisioning Parts Lists (PPL). Compile and analyze statistical data to determine usage, failure rate, feasibility and accessibility of logistical naval and aircraft parts for weapon systems and landing gear.

Responsible for leading team working on the Forward Area Air Defense Program for the Army. Ensuring the timely delivery of all documentation, reports and maintaining a strict budget usage. Performing Hierarchal Structuring, Piece Parts Review, Provisioning Parts List, PPL Comparison, DLSC Parts Prescreening, Data Entry Research and Expense Reporting.

Responsible for distribution of all Design Change Notices for the Naval Department’s AEGIS System. Maintain, distribute, track, perform quality control and ensure delivery of all changes to parts, parts list and designs.

Responsible for providing status reports and statements of work to management and customers on a variety of projects and for future proposed work. Responsible for providing hours required to complete tasks and projects during proposal writing.

Part of the ROM and Proposal writing team, responsible for calculating hours needed to complete projects, funds required and amount of personnel required.

Responsible for tracking amount of hours used using excel spreadsheets in compliance with EVMS.

Confer with suppliers and analyze suppliers' operations to determine factors that affect prices and determine lowest cost consistent with quality, reliability, and ability to meet required schedules. Review proposals, select or recommend suppliers, analyze trends, follow up with orders placed, verify delivery, and maintain necessary records.

Prepare, review, quality check and deliver provisional parts lists and design change notices for multiple types equipments. Research, update and maintain main data support database for entire AEGIS and Deepwater programs

Work with numerous databases programs and tools to include: Naval Weapon System File, Fed Log, DELCI, Excel, Power Point, Access, Word, Internet Explorer, Haystack, Web FLIS, and other internal programs.

Responsible for the generation of PPL’s, DCN’s, AEL’s, creating Statements of Work, creating initial ROMS for price offers and adjustments, maintain an extensive database containing information on over 10 Million parts, perform DMS failure rate analysis on LRU parts, assign ACN numbers to part numbers for U.S. Coast Guard.

Responsible for creating Presentations for New Business Development. Creating contact information databases in order to find new potential business partners and customers.

Responsible for creating and maintaining internal databases used for storing data for use during customer requests, projects, data dissemination and other required functions.


Production Third Shift Lead Supervisor

Production, Lumberton, New Jersey, USA

Serve as a Production Lead Supervisor with responsibility to ensure the completion of daily work, paperwork update, machinery repair and daily upkeep, Time card accountability.

Supervised a total of 5 to 9 personnel per night ensuring all tasks and projects were completed to the upmost quality and standards required by the company.

Operated 7 different machines required to perform the daily operations.

Responsible for ensuring all products are to the upmost quality and all tasks are completed within a timely manner.

Responsible for ensuring proper time card updates and employee hours are annotated accurately.

Responsible for running multiple machines used in framing CD’s for Graphic designs.

Responsible for running a high heating burner used to prep iron frames.

Responsible for processing aluminum frames through acid tanks and hot water tanks during frame prep.

Used multiple sandblasters to blast CD frames and Hybrid frames during frame prep.

Repaired and maintained multiple air hydraulic operated machines used for prepping and meshing frames.

Responsible for ensuring start-up of all equipment on opening of shift and shut-down on closing of shifts, as needed.

Performed daily cleaning of machines and work areas.

Alberto Rosado

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Distribution Supervisor – 305 Logistics Readiness Squadron

McGuire AFB, Fuels Flight, September 2004 to May 2006, McGuire AFB, New Jersey, USA

Served as a night shift distribution Supervisor with responsibility to ensure the readiness of all Aircraft refueling operations, sampling of fuel based products and servicing of cryogenic products.

Supervised 5 (Bulk Storage, Resource Control Center, Vehicle Maintenance, Distribution and Laboratory) sections within the flight, a total of 20 to 40 personnel per night, ensuring that all missions and tasks were completed successfully. Ensured that each section and person within each section was accountable for the equipment, vehicles and products at their disposal.

Responsible for the distributing of the workload and ensured that all safety and security measures were followed and executed properly.

Performed Quality Assurance checks on personnel, equipment and Protective equipment and gear usage and function.

Was responsible for over 4 million gallons of fuel stored, 1 to 2 million gallons of fuel issued, sampling, testing the quality of the product.

Required to maintain proficiency in all sections, equipment and aspects of the career field.

Provided supervisory support to presidential aircrafts and vehicles in New York, NY and Philadelphia, PA.

Dormitory Manager – 605 Aircraft Maintenance Squadron

McGuire AFB, Maintenance flight, May 2000 to September 2004, McGuire AFB, New Jersey, USA

Served as a facility manager for 3 dormitories each containing 168 rooms, 3 laundry facilities, 7 break rooms 3 Storage rooms, a maintenance storage area, a fitness facility and 3 offices.

Supervised 6 personnel on a weekly rotation on two shifts to ensure the cleanliness and up-keeping of the facilities.

Responsible for ensuring operation, maintenance and function of all equipment (washers, driers, televisions, surround sound, fitness equipment).

Responsible for the function of all safety and security devices (Cameras, smoke detectors, fire alarms, fire extinguishers). Performed monthly checks on equipment, updated log sheets, updated MSDS’s, sent equipment out to be repaired, tested and charged or refilled.

Purchased all maintenance required supplies (paint, cleaning supplies, locks, tools) and offices supplies. Disposed of all hazardous materials and chemicals and ensured proper storage of such materials and chemicals.

Performed numerous safety and security inspections, quality of life inspections and surveys to ensure better quality of life for residents.

Maintained an excel database of all personnel, equipment and facilities. Maintained an access database of all inspections, due dates and expiration dates on all equipment.

Scheduled all facility tests with outside agencies and assisted in performance of tests.

Emergency 24 hr. on call. Was responsible for coming in at any hour of the day or night to ensure that any problems were handled to best of my capabilities.

Responsible for setting up functions, entertainments, competitions and other activities between the dormitory residents and other dormitories on the base.

Was responsible for the Base Fundraising Committee, which raised over $100,000.00 a year for dormitory functions and additional expenditures.

Mobility and Training Technician – 305 Logistics Readiness Squadron

McGuire AFB, Fuels Flight, March 1998 to May 2000, McGuire AFB, New Jersey, USA

Served as the fuels section mobility readiness coordinator and the training coordinator. Wrote and presented training plans in conformance with Air Force curriculum guidelines. Modified instructions to meet the

individual learning styles of a diverse population of enlistees. Provided ongoing support for students to enhance their comprehension of a broad range of subjects. Taught in a classroom setting with groups of 20 students. Ensured readiness of personnel and equipment for immediate deployment

Monitored and maintained training records for over 500 personnel assigned to the fuels flight. Maintained an extensive database of all training, immunization shots, appointments, classes and due dates for all personnel. Responsible for scheduling all medical appointments required for deployment and special duty assignments.

Alberto Rosado

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Responsible for ensuring all equipment was serviceable, inspected and maintained. Was responsible for stocking, maintaining available, purchasing and handling all mobility equipment and paperwork required for deployment.

Researched safety, environmental and hazardous information for updates to technical manuals, Technical instructions and operational instructions, updated AFOSH standard, wrote daily briefings and taught numerous classes (first Aid, self aid and body care, equipment training).

Prepared all required documentation for deportment of equipment and hazardous materials for use in overseas and state side locations.

Answered a Class II STU phone used for classified information transfer. Was responsible for securing a classified safe and filing cabinets as per military regulations. Ensured planning of Nuclear Surety Missions and successful execution of plans. Coordinated and provided fuel support to presidential aircrafts and vehicles in New York, NY and Philadelphia, PA.

Resource Control Center & Laboratory Technician – 305 Logistics Readiness Squadron

McGuire AFB, Fuels Flight, September 1997 to May 1998, McGuire AFB, New Jersey, USA

Served as a fuels laboratory technician and Resource Control Attendant with responsibility to ensure good quality of products and testing of fuel based chemicals. Responsible for ensuring the dispatch of numerous vehicles and equipment needed in support of the daily operation.

Answered 3 switch phones containing 3 to 5 lines each and radio dispatched up to 14 trucks and vehicles used in our daily operation.

Was responsible for completing all accounting paperwork and ensure that all product and equipment is accounted for Responsible for securing any funds acquired through cash sales to non U.S. government aircrafts, vehicle of equipment.

Responsible for monitoring all fuel transactions, fuel movement from multiple storage tanks and all cryogenic transactions.

Extracted and performed test on fuel and cryogenic samples to ensure the utmost quality of product.

Inspected, tested, maintained and used numerous laboratory equipment and machinery used for testing purposes.

Distribution Apprentice – 27 Logistics Readiness Squadron

Cannon AFB, Fuels Flight, May 1995 to September 1997, Cannon AFB, New Mexico, USA

Served as a fuel truck driver and Cryogenic Technician.

Drove 3 different types of fuel servicing vehicles, which dispensed Jet fuel to numerous types of aircrafts.

Refueled a variety of ground equipment with leaded, unleaded and diesel fuels.

Filled, stored and accounted for Liquid Oxygen and Liquid Nitrogen tanks and products.

Active government Secret clearance obtained.


Fugitive Recovery Agent / Bail Bondsman

Mount Holly, New Jersey, USA

Served as a licensed Bail-bondsman and a Fugitive Recovery Agent for the State on New Jersey.

Responsible for the capture of fugitives from the law, who skipped on their bails. Responsible for ensuing the release of prisoners through the form of an insured bond for the amount of bail.

Performed skip traces for fugitives and additional parties involved. Ensured submittal of paperwork involved in obtaining payment through court system for unpaid skips.

Completed course to carry and use hand cuffs in the state of NJ. Completed Course to carry and use O/C spray in the state of NJ. Maintained a large data base and processed all required paperwork.

Alberto Rosado

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Cook / Bartender / Bar back / Waiter

McGuire AFB, New Jersey, USA

Served as a short order cook, a function cooks assistant, a bartender, bar back and waiter at the base enlisted club.

Prepared a variety of dishes and desserts for functions, weddings and special occasions as well as meals and short orders for lunch and/or dinner.

Stocked and maintained food and supply inventories. Stocked beer and alcohol coolers and shelves.

Prepared, mixed and served a variety of drinks. Set tables, served food and cleared tables for functions and dinner. Performed various janitorial duties as needed. Performed any clerical duties required on a daily basis.


Master’s degree in Business Management / Minor in Project Management


Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice


Associate’s degree in Logistics Management


Completed Management and Leadership Course


Completed Travel and Tourism Course


Completed GED


Technical Proficiency:

Apprentice Fuels Specialist Course 3 Level

Customer Focus Training

Supervisors, Trainers and Task Certifiers, Air Force Training Course

Quality Applications Training

General Supply Indoctrination Training Course

Equipment Management Training

McGuire Airman Leadership School

Fuels Craftsman Course

Intermediate Word 2000 Course

Microsoft Access 2000 course

Microsoft Excel 2000 Course

Practical and Tactical Handcuffing Course

Oleoresin Capsieum Aerosol Training Course

New Jersey Substitute Teacher Certificate

Over 200 Lockheed Martin Courses – List Available Upon Request

Alberto Rosado

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Manager at Blood Shed Farms (Haunted Attraction) (Columbus, NJ)

National Management Association

Rancocas Valley Instrumental Music Boosters (Executive Fundraising Chairperson)

Rancocas Valley Regional Marching Band (Equipment, chaperone, Prop Coordinator)

Lumberton township summer recreation basketball coach

Makenzie and Barnabie Family Karate

Personal data:

Bi-lingual English / Spanish

Active Secret Security Clearance (CAC)

Active Secret Security Clearance (TWIC)

References Available Upon Request

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