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Developer Java

Providence, Rhode Island, United States
August 26, 2018

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Pawtucket, Rhode Island 02861


A forward-thinking developer offering more than seven years of experience building, integrating, testing, and supporting Android applications for mobile and tablet devices on the Android platform.

Areas of expertise:

Object-Oriented Programming RDBMS

SQL Server Data Warehousing

Android/IOS Java/J2EE, C/C++, C#, Web services

Mathematics Videogame Design & Development


MS in Computer Science Education, Keiser Institute of Technology, Ft Lauderdale, FL

GPA: 3.9/4.0

AS/BS in Game Development & Simulation Programming, New England Institute of Technology, East Greenwich, RI

GPA: 3.50/4.00 Major: Game Development & Simulation Programming

BS in Computer Science, Bellevue University, Bellevue, NE

GPA: 3.92/4.00 Major: Technology Advance Program

AAS in Computer Science, CCRI, Warwick, RI

GPA: 3.80/4.00


Mobile Developer/Script Automator, Onward Search, International Game Technology (IGT), Providence, RI, March 2018 – July 2018

Contributed to the development and support of an HTML 5 Game Instructional Video-based android project that was filmed for an eLottery Retail Consumer in West Greenwich Rhode Island; this Lottery Wizard Game project involve training game customers in the usage and operation of self-service terminal games at casinos. Main rule in this project include developing native android app for IGT motion-caption film for game instructions that serves as an instructional guide for players to know how to conduct all sales of lottery games. Designed the entire project from scratch applying the MVC, delegation, GUI OOP design patterns and Java. Developed and implemented the design using Android Studio version 3.0 with Java. Applied natural language processing techniques to automate voice to text translation in diverse languages for the geographically dispersed gamers. Used SQLite to store the lesson activities in JSON format. Used Git as main source version control along with maven for project setup of automation build.

Multimedia Game Support Engineer, Bridge Morgan, Disney Sports ESPN, Bristol, CT, Sept 2016 –March 2018

Contributed to the development and support of a multimedia game project. Main rule in this project include writing code to implement restriction rules for their embedded scoring system for indicating player score matches for the sports fans in both mobile and integrated platforms. Analyzed code-base of content restriction, and communicated progress via daily scrum Agile meetings, which required adding/updating sprint tasks on ESPN JIRA. Tested code changes in content restriction and used Selenium for playback automation regression test along with C-Unit test. Trained production team in the use of selenium for running parallel automated test cases in a quality assurance environment with newly added media components. Resolved time zone incompatibilities across different subsystems of restrictor for allowing sports fans in different geographic regions to be synchronized with live game events. Used Git and SVN for source version control along with maven for automation build.

Mobile Game Programmer, BrainCo, Somerville, MA, Aug 2015 - Aug 2016

Worked closely with Game Designer on this project to program a 2D text-based role-

Playing game for their brain machine interface technology called Focus 1. Developed game in Cocos2dx using C++ with Xcode IDE on MAC OS X for the android/IOS platform. The game allowed players to control focus level of central character using electroencephalogram involving a focus 1 headset that integrated with the game engine to allow player brain waves to be monitored in real-time while controlling character; players received neuro-feedback in the game based on their level of focus in completing each session.

Object-Oriented Programmer, Octapace LLC, 3M CitiusTech Inc, Princeton, NJ, Oct 2013 – Feb 2014

Worked on international classification of diseases (ICD) project for healthcare industry and facilitated the development, implementation, and transition of ICD-9 to ICD-10. Main role in this project include developing a medical device engine for encoding rules for a clinical tracking interface called clinical abstractor via C/C++ and providing access to the clinical abstracting system via virtualization software. Developed Java Web Services to poll rules from clinical abstractor on mobile device via JAX-WS API; used APL to customize mappings for the groupers and converted code from APL to C++ for increased object-orientation and transition into ICD-10. Used LogMeIn Rescue to remotely access client machine and install Code finder Interface Module (CIM) site containing XML rule definitions and setup VMware player to manage virtual machines hosting clinical abstractor along with the coding and reimbursement system (CRS). The clinical abstractor interacted with MS SQL Server 2008/2010 database. OOP principles were strictly observed and applied throughout development including several design patterns. Testing phase was done with CUnit and the polling of lookup tables via JWS/JDBC.

Mobile Android Developer, Tata Consultancy Services, HP MVC, Jersey City, NJ, Mar 2012 – Oct 2013

Assisted team of systems-level engineers in the development and implementation of an android mobile project geared toward a Windows environment using Agile Scrum methodology. Main role in this project include developing web-services for mobile application via REST and SOAP along with marshaling/un-marshaling objects using JAXB and creating interfaces for abstracting audit-log web-service messages. The application servers used for deploying mobile service includes Apache tomcat & JBoss within Eclipse RPC IDE. Wrote Unix/Schell-Scripts within the BPEL for each web-service port and BPM and MDM; this included linking Generated ANT build script to automate running process and importation of web-services and interacting with DB2/Sybase via JMS, which was versioned through SVN/Subversion using PowerBuilder as the main continuous integration tool. Developed mobile interface components using Ext JS, Angular JS, MockJax.js, Bootstrap/Twitter DOJO, GOSU, and Groovy, which interacted with MONGODB database; testing phase of the mobile service project was done through GUNIT, JUNIT, and audit logging and automated via maven.

Android Developer, ABC Broadcasting Company, Jan 2010 – Feb 2012

Project lead of mobile development team for various ABC Corporation Android projects. Collaborate with marketing, key executives, UI designers, and other developers to develop cutting-edge applications for the financial sector without jeopardizing data privacy or security.


Created 10+ fully functional applications for Android devices

Known for writing efficient, maintainable and reusable code

Proficient in design, data structures, problem-solving, and debugging

Expert in the interaction between various devices and versions of Android

Tasks and Achievements

Ensure applications are properly integrated with Android APIs

Create SQL database structures that integrate with Android applications and web interfaces

Participate in fast-paced development cycles; have completed 100% of deadlines ahead of schedule

Contribute and participate in new feature/product specifications

Database Programmer Contractor, RI State House, DOE, Providence, RI, May – Aug 2009

Main role include participating in the systematic design and development of database applications for a legislative team. This process incorporated systems principles to developing dynamic database applications that were used by the department of education to solving case incidents. The project undertook in this position was a serious one entailing multiple JAD sessions and meetings with the legislative team to discuss technological requirements. The project was successfully completed with an interactive report displayed on the website for the department of education. As a result, the RI State House JCLS recruited me to work part-time in the legislative data systems office.


Participated in designing a schema based on requirements using the SDLC & SOA, & Agile.

Designed & developed web-site using thin-client web-application tier model, web sphere, spring framework, & MVC Design Pattern.

Generated report on web site using JSP, Servlets, Javascript, CSS 3, HTML/XHTML, Struts, JBOSS, & Enterprise Java Beans in an Eclipse and Net beans framework.

Generated SQL Queries and stored procedures for increased efficiency and performance

Used Spring Web flow and Web sphere to control and monitor web- services.

Generated XML/XSLT to mock up database objects supplemented by the use of web-services such as JBOSS, JSS/JMS, and XSLT to transform between documents.

Used AJAX to simplify the delivery of client services and hibernate to map persistent objects with relational database structures.

Used JavaScript, VBScript, ASP/JSP, & SQL to integrate SQL Server database with Java Application.

Object-Oriented Programmer, RT-RAS, Boston, MA, Oct 2008 – Sept 2009 Contract

Developed and implemented portable mobile phone devices for the android platform with Java (JDK 1.5)

Established connection to Oracle and MySQL database via JDBC architecture and C++ library.

Created Graphical-User Interfaces for responding to or handling events using the Eclipse Net beans IDE and MS Visual Studios

Demonstrated thorough knowledge and understanding of Dynamic Inheritance by creating pure graphics classes with polymorphic behaviors

Created web-application with J2EE, JSP, Perl, PHP, Python, Servlets, EJB, JSF, JMS/JSS,JBOSS, Flex, HTML/DHTML, XML, WSAD, RAD, Java-script, JUnit, Java Swing, Adobe Flex, HTML/XHTML, CSS 3, JMS, DOJO, Groovy, Neo4j, Talent, IRise, Jmeter, JQuery, Cold-fusion, Java Swing, Web sphere, Web logic, Hibernate, AJAX, Adobe Photoshop, Dreamweaver, and Macromedia Flash.

Trained team members on new system and procedures and in Agile modeling

Developed back-end applications using both C and C++.

Created library files and device drivers using C++

Developed GUIs, Servlets, JSPs, and Java Beans using both the GUI and MVC design pattern

Generated DB2 & SQL-J Queries in the backend for JDBC applications

Created simple game application programs using C++ and Borland

Fabricated application programs on both Macintosh and windows platform using C++

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Java/J2EE Developer, Transaction Payment Systems, Plainview, NY, May 2007 – Oct 2008

Designed packages to for an integrated system using JSPs, Servlets, JBOSS, and EJBs.

Managed package configurations to efficiently promote unit tested packages to live from development environment.

Participated in design and implementation of UML Class diagrams using CASE tools to reverse engineer java based applications.

Developed J2EE enterprise-level web-based applications in the eclipse and net beans IDE using CiBoodle, MDM, and KANA Software Technology.

Developed unit-tests using JUnit framework and managed concurrency with JDK 1.5.

Used the MVC, Singleton, Factory, and GUI design patterns to develop high-quality J2EE application programs.

JavaScript Developer, ASO, LLC Sarasota, FL, Sept 2006 – Mar 2007

Created dynamic objects on web-pages for increased versatility, interoperability, and functionality.

Increased transactional performance through interactive message-driven components and Ciboodle.

Validated form gadgets to prevent mismatch constraints.

Used GWT and AJAX to load JavaScript into J2EE application to overcome the problem of full page reloads and delivers ingenious results to the client.

Generated ActiveX components along with SQL Queries & Scripts using Oracle & DB2 for testing performance

Created a dynamic customized form embedding JavaScript underneath a DTHML page with XML, XHTML, DOM, DOJO, Groovy, JQuery, Talent, IRise, Flex, and AJAX functionality.

Created rich interface application websites for publicizing e-books using REST and SOAP.

Java Developer, Intel Corp, Phoenix, AZ, June 2005 – Aug 2006

Participated in designing UML models based on business requirements and converted complex business logic into J2EE/Java applications using JUnit, JPI, BPM, MDM, JBOSS, Web sphere, Web logic, and hibernate to achieve optimal performance.

Optimized performance by using web sphere via CORBA to generate query services that facilitated the object implementation of client requests.

Generated dynamic web-applications using DB2, MySQL, Sybase, Servlets, EJBs, JSPs, Java Swing, and JBoss architecture.

Created J2EE multi-tier applications through the use of web sphere application server, web services, spring, hibernate, AJAX, and MQ Queries.

Developed and build test suites around JUnit to conduct unit, system, and integration tests.

Java Developer, Bechtel, Flint, MI, Oct 2003 – Jan 2005

Created dynamic scalable application programs for a team of professionals using UML Modeling methodologies and RAD.

Establish connection to Oracle and MySQLn & Sybase database comprising stored procedures, triggers, inline functions, indexes, and views via JDBC architecture.

Created Graphical-User Interfaces for responding to or handling events using the Eclipse Net beans IDE with JDK 1.5

Demonstrated thorough knowledge and understanding of Dynamic Inheritance by creating pure graphics classes using the GUI design pattern along with Java Swing.

Generated SQL-J Queries via views and stored procedures to maintain consistency and integrity

Created local and remote interfaces via enterprise java beans and JMS/JSS.

Participated in performance tuning of stored procedures and creation of technical documents for database and DTS packages.

Mapped object and relational database structures using hibernate and spring framework.

Managed changes in technical documentation using Visual Source Safe.


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Database Tools: Data-Modeling Tools, ERWin, MS Visio, SQL Server Management Studio, Profiler,

ER-Win, MS-Visio, Informatica Power Center, Information-Repository-Dictionary

System (IRDS), MS SQL Server (2000, 2005, 2008), MS SQL 2000, XML, MSRS, DTS,

SQL Profiler, MSAS, VSS, SQL ServerAgent Jobs, Aggregation Wizard in SSAS

Reporting Services, SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) 2000, Transact-SQL

(DDL, DML), Stored Procedures and Functions, SQL Profiler, Installing/Configuring

SQL Server Instances Backup & Restore Defining & Managing Security on SQLServer

Databases, Data Extraction, Transforming, and loading (ETL), SQL Tools (SSIS, Data

Transformation Services (DTS), Bulk-Insert, BCP), Master Child Packages, SSIS

Package Configurations, XML Files & SQL tables, On-Demand & Schedule Reports,

SharePoint, Reporting Services, Static and User Defined Reports, KPIs &

Dashboards, ROLAP and MOLAP (multidimensional) cubes, SQL Server Analysis

Services, Multidimensional Warehouse, MDX Queries, Oracle, DB2, CSS, Action

Script, Visual Studio, MVC, Servlets, PHP, LDAP, BC2, Perl, AJAX, REST, SOAP, Assembler, Object-Oriented Technology, Microsoft .NET, Architecture,

Machine-Language, Web-Application Tier, SSIS, Data Transformation Services

(DTS), Bulk-Insert, BCP, MongoDB

Development Tools: Eclipse, Net beans, GWT, JBuilder, Jenkins, PowerBuilder, CruiseControl, AgitarOne JUnit Generator/Agitator, Weblogic, Websphere, Glassfish, JBoss, Tomcat, JIRA, SM Plus, SiView Standard Material Manager (MM), SiView Standard Specification Manager (SM), Citrix XenApp/XenServer/XenDesktop, Visual Studios (2005, 2008, 2010), Rational Application Development (RAD)

Database Languages: SQL, T-SQL, Embedded-SQL, Dynamic-SQL, MDX, DB 2 SQL Queries

Business Intelligence: BIDS, SSIS, SSAS, SSRS, SharePoint

Programming Languages: VB.NET, C, C#, C++, Java, J2EE, Gosu, Visual Basic, 2D & 3D Programming

Web Languages: HTML/XHTML, VB-script, XML/XSLT, ASP, ASP.NET, Ajax, IIS, PHP, JSP/Servlet, JavaScript, Ext JS, Spring MVC

Operating Systems: Linux/Unix, Windows XP/2005/2000/NT/7, MAC, Android

Applications: MS Office (Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, Outlook, Front Page), Open Office Org, Microsoft Front Page Adobe (Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop), Insite Deluxe, Wix, Macromedia (Dreamweaver, Flash), Quarks XPress, Microsoft Visio, Visual Studio, IBM SPSS


Online Private Tutor, Online Wyzant Tutoring, Apr 2009 – Feb 2010

Worked as an Independent Contractor for the wyzant tutoring community, and was certified to teach and tutor students in mathematics, computer-science, & reading.

Major Tasks/Accomplishments:

earned satisfactory score(s) on pre-test and was certified to teach students in the subject-areas of mathematics, computer science, and reading.

effectively taught students the discipline of mathematics and computer science, which benefitted them in succeeding academically.

Private Tutor, Rhode Island College, Providence, RI, Apr 2008 – Aug 2009

Privately taught students subject-areas of Computer Science and Mathematics, and helped them integrate both disciplines interchangeably. The integration of both disciplines was facilitated through the teaching of algorithm development incorporating data-structures, mathematical set-theory, and discrete mathematics into a single conglomerate. This enabled students to perceive the deep relationship between computer science and mathematics especially in mastering both disciplinary fields. Successfully, students’ problem-solving skills improved with effective methods derived from the amalgamation of computer science and mathematics.


Used Eclipse and Net beans as integrated platforms to demonstrate to students the use of the Java programming language

Helped students improve their mathematical skills by developing algorithms of their own that executed successfully using Java as an object-oriented programming language to demonstrate algorithms & data structures.

Taught students the central theme of mathematics with respect to computability theory by exchanging topics of mathematical set-theory with computer science algorithms.

Helped students gain deep insight and understanding of data structures necessary to develop algorithms with greater efficiency.

Helped students become better problem-solvers through mathematical engagement and the study of data structures

Taught students how to integrate Java application programs with an Oracle database via JDBC, JSP, Servlets, & Enterprise Java Beans technology

Private Tutor, Brian Mcelroy Tutoring, Inc, July 2008 – Jan 2009

Helped students with math subjects especially with the preparation of SATs, MCAS, and other standard exams. Tutored students with learning disabilities, and helped them overcome abstruse subjects. Used appropriate academic principles and discipline to teach online.

Math Tutor, Work-Study, Intern, Mass Bay College, Wellesley, MA 02481, September 2005 – May 2006; CCRI, Warwick, RI 02886-1807, January 2007 – May 2008

Tutored students in mathematics at both institutions and earned a CRLA certification with higher salary pay, and was complimented on behalf of strong leadership skills and academic quality. Undergone work-study in Mass Bay Community College and an internship at CCRI for the computer science department; configured a database using technologies such as DBMS and Object-Oriented Programming to transfer database to the Visual Studios .NET Architecture and Oracle platform along with creating a website for the computer science department. Typed work-study documents using Microsoft Word Processor, researched new information about software products; the research helped the computer science department thoroughly develop new ideas that positively influenced the manager; as a result, the computer science department promoted the stipend to subsidize educational tuition. Also, have at least 3 years of experience developing GUIs and visual tools using Java, Visual Basic, C#, and C++ programming languages along with Google-maps, virtual-earth, and telerik-control.


Internship, Cooperative Learning, CRLA, Providence, RI, Jan – May 2008


Certificate of Completion in Ultimate Java Development, Mobile Android, Video Game Design & Development, Meriden, CT August 2015

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