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Developer Project

Kiev, Kiev Oblast, Ukraine
August 26, 2018

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Vladimir Shutov

mobile: +380-**-***-**-**


Skype: VovchikShutov

Personal statement

A highly focused so ware developer with 10 years’ experience in a variety of development and engineering posi ons. Organised, methodical and a keen eye for detail results in solid coding and trustworthy so ware programmes. Understanding client requirements and communica ng the progress of projects are core values in achieving long las ng business rela onships. Core skills

C# (ASP NET and Unity technologies), Ac onScript2, Ac onScript3, Flash, Python

Broad development knowledge, including SQL databases and Linux

Industry aware and technically up to speed with current so ware development tools

Strong analy cal skills and level headed problem solver Work history

(November 2017 – Present) - Senior C# developer at Citrusdev h ps://

h ps:// h ps:// Suppor ng the exis ng project and migra ng the project from Flash to Unity+React.

Develop browser games

Analysing and debugging code

Broad knowledge in Flash, ReactJS, C#, Unity technologies

Outlining and presen ng specifica ons for the so ware requirements September 2015 (own project) - Project team leader Game Asteroid Areas

h ps:// Leading a small team on of a development project and delivering solu ons to meet project’s

meframes. Worked with technology Unity, 3ds max, Android-API, IOs. Big Trip - Game based on slot machine principle

h ps:// h ps:// Experienced with technologies: Starling API, Gaf, as3-signals, Android-API, IOs, ANE for Air, A er Effects. Developed a new market-ready product using advancing technologies Enhanced research skills making research about game development market February 2017 - September 2017 - Game developer at iLogos

• Developed pocketstarships – MMO h p://

• Browser and mobile game development.

• Used technologies Flash, Starling API, feathers, Android, IOs, Amazon, ANE for Air. SmartFoxServer.

• Run code reviews to assure quality and that best prac ces are followed and advanced November 2014 – June 2015 - So ware developer at Digicode

• Worked on project - the social game Karma Slot h ps:// karmaslots?fref=ts

• Browser and mobile game development.

• Used technologies: Flash, Starling API; used IntelliJ IDEA, Flash Builder.

• Collaborated well with other team members to determine the best design specifica ons and details

• Prepared reports on specifica ons and ac vi es for the project January 2013 - November 2013 (project closed in 2014) – Senior Slash Developer at Integra

• Browser game development.

• Possess the ability to think through unique situa ons from a mul tude of perspec ve

• Work with technology Flash, Flex; used IntelliJ IDEA.

• Used revision control system Git while developing a product May 2011 - December 2012 - Senior Developer G-type

• Worked on the development of h p://

• Develop, prepare a new release and maintain an exis ng project.

• Dep knowledge in Flash, Flex; used IDE Flash Builder, Flash, Eclipse.

• Revision control system SVN

November 2008 - March 2011 - Flash developer at Insollo.

• Par cipated in the project as a developer of game h p://

• Crea ng game interface

• Crea ng a pla orm for the browser game (pla orm - hybrid technologies Python, Ac onScript, Haxe.)

• Technologies used Flash, Pyton, Haxe; used IDE Flash Builder, Flash, Python .

• Revision control system SVN

Educa on

2001-2007 - Kiev Polytechnic Ins tute, Physics and Mathema cs, specialty 0701 Physics Other experience

• Development of new equipment in the laboratory of the Ins tute of Magne sm.

• Par cipated in the experiments focused on detec ng the efficiency of Solar cells for Quasar Micro.

• Promo ons/charity events/gaming par es

• Languages

• English – Intermediate

• Spanish – Basic

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