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Software Engineer Data

Burlingame, California, United States
August 28, 2018

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Burlingame, CA 405-***-****


• Proficient: Swift, Objective C, Java, SQLite, MongoDB, Firebase.

• iOS Framework: Core Data, AFNetworking, Alamofire, JDSwiftHeatMap, MapKit, Charts. WORK EXPERIENCE

OSU App Center IOS App Developer Intern, Oklahoma State University, OK 2017 – 2018

• Developed complete iOS app called Bloat Tracker used iOS 10 in Swift 4 using Xcode 9.3.

• App to crowd-source data about cattle bloat, Bloat is a common problem in grazing cattle – they consume lush forage and then the gas produced in their rumen gets trapped. They can’t expel the gas, and bloat causes reduced forage intake, beef production and maybe even death.

• Used JDSwiftHeatMap. framework for plotting heatmap, Firebase to connect the app for database and for user authentic\cation.

Samiteon Software Engineer Internship Louisville, KY Summer-2017

• Samiteon company aimed to offer integrated and synergistic technology and marketing solutions for global businesses and able to develop fully customized, accountable programs to address each client’s unique situation.

• Helped in Developing a Hotel Management System using agile development and Scrum Methodologies and developed using PHP and MySQL as a Database. Girmiti Software Pvt. Ltd Software Engineer Bangalore, India 2015 – 2016

• Developed complete iOS App called YADA

• The Yada is Mobile Application, which facilitates Consumer to Retrieve nearby Promotions to Friends to earn Points, Redeem the Promotions in Merchant Places etc. using Objective C.

• Used AFNetworking framework to communicate to remote web services. EDUCATION

M.S. Computer Science, Oklahoma State University 2018

• Relevant Coursework: Design and Implementation of Operating System, Big Data Management, Data Structure and Algorithm Analysis, Principles of Database System, Business Intelligence Tools and Technologies.


An Instance of an Operating System Software Engineer 2018

• Architected and Designed an Operating system module in java, which is capable of performing Arithmetic and logical operations on the machine level input code (hexadecimal code).

• This project is capable of running 100 jobs using Paging (Replacement Algorithm) and Parallel Programming in 6 sec.

Optimization Algorithm for Travelling Salesman Problem Software Engineer 2018

• Implemented Christofides Algorithm for travelling salesman problem capable to find optimal solution to be within a factor of 3/2 of optimal solution in scala, which is capable to execute 15000 data points at a speed of 30 sec.

RFID Part Identification Software Model Software Engineer 2017

• The main aim of the software model is to identify the parts which are currently placed on the machine by reading the RFID tags using an RFID reader.

• Identified parts information is uploaded on to a web page where user can monitor the parts which are currently being manufactured

Data Analytics - KNIME Tool Software Engineer 2017

• Built Predictive Model which is capable of predicting car age using Car Crash Injury data, which helps us to get the severity of the injury caused to the person in the crash.

• This Model is built based on the Decision tree, KNN and random forest algorithm with 88% accuracy.

IOS Application- REST-based Messaging Board Software Engineer 2017

• Created Simple Rest-based messaging Board, which will store Data in a MongoDB database.

• Used Alamofire framework to establish a secure connection and technology in iOS 10 in Swift 3 using Xcode 9.


• Certified Scrum Master (CSM). 2017

• Administration of Veritas NetBackup 7.6.1


• Attended Website Development Workshop using PHP, WordPress & Joomla conducted by IEEE.

• Attended Mobile Innovation Workshop conducted by Nokia.

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