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Medical Practitioner

Al Ain, Abu Dhabi Emirate, United Arab Emirates
August 25, 2018

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Name: Amal Salih Omer Salih

Nationality: Sudanese

Date of birth: 25 Dec. 1978

Religion: Muslim

Sex: Female

Marital status: Married

Resident in UAE

passport No: P02004321

Address: U.A.E, Al-Ain city, Asharij.

Mob. +971*********, 009***********


Job Title: General Practitioner

Medical Director (on medical & paramedical services )in ACCR

HAAD license And Experience in UAE

Education and Training:

*MBBS Medicine and Surgery (Grade-Excellent, 3.7/4) June 2006 from National Ribat University, Khartoum, Sudan.

House officer Internship period (4.2007-10.2008)

*Medicine from 10.4.2007 to 10.7.2007 in Ibrahim Malik Teaching Hospital.

*pediatrics from 15.7.2007 to 15.10.2007 in

Ahmed Gasim Teaching Hospital.

*E.N.T from 27.10.2007 to 27.12.2007 in Khartoum North Teaching Hospital.

*Obst & Gynae from 13.1.2008 to 14.4.2008 in Alamal National Hospital.

*General Surgery from 20.4.2008 to 20.7.2008 in Khartoum North Teaching Hospital.

*Orthopedics from 4.8.2008 to 5.10.2008 in Khartoum North Teaching Hospital.

Work Experiences ( total years experience as general practitioner more than 8 years)

1*General practitioner/ Medical Director in Al-ain center for Care and Rehabilitation Disabled ACCR in UAE since March. 2016 tell date.

Medical skills

-Medical examination and treatment description for frequent cases on the general clinic ( different age groups) and daily follow up.

-Treatment of minor emergencies in the clinic (eg, wound care, asthma,….ect) and transfer severe cases to the hospital .

-Follow patients with a specialist ( psychiatrist, neurologist, …… ect) in the hospital and make sure to follow the nursing guidelines for treatment.

-Writing medical reports and internal and external medical referrals.

-Follow up and monitor the health status of patients with special needs and discussed developments with the treating group concerned and participate in the development of therapeutic and rehabilitation plan.

-Carry out administrative duties as the supervisor of the medical department and the medical support services.

management skills

1. Develop the policies and objectives of the medical department in accordance with the standards of the Abu Dhabi Health Authority

2. Supervising the application of all regulations and laws in accordance with the laws of the Abu Dhabi Health Authority

3- Planning and organizing all departmental activities and services in cooperation with the department head

4. Follow up the work of each department and monitor the quality of performance and service provided and supervise the implementation of the quality program and infection control in accordance with the standards of the Health Authority Abu Dhabi

5. External coordination with hospitals or clinics to provide specialized medical services according to the needs of students and staff

6- Supervising the internal health education programs for the employees of the center from different categories according to their functional role. And follow-up medical education for medical and medical staff.

7. Receiving complaints and observations and discussing them with the administration and working to solve obstacles to the work process

8 - Periodic meeting with medical service providers and medical services to help to find out the latest work, problems and proposals for the development of individual performance and raise the quality of service provided

9 - Submit periodic reports and recommendations on the progress of work and performance of the cadres of the management responsible

10 - Perform any other tasks within the specific jurisdiction in order to serve the interests of the work process

2 * General practitioner (25.6.2010 to5.11.2015),Common casualty and ER doctor in:

-Al-Dmazen Government Hospital, Sudan from 2.9.2014 to 5.11.2015

-Amri Hospital, Sudan from 25.6.2010 to 1.8.2014

-covering the ER

- Follow up of in-patients

- Follow up of out- patients in referral clinic.

-Performing some minor, major surgery and obstetrical procedures

3* General practitioner, ENT Department in

- Khartoum Bahri Teaching Hospital, Sudan from 10.4.2009 to 8.6.2010

4*General Practitioner, Neurosurgery Department in Khartoum Bahri Teaching Hospital for 3 months.


*Haad license No: GD19236 (Transfer) from health authority Abu-Dhabi- UAE. Jan.2015.

*Full Registration No: 24276 from Sudan Medical Council 23.2.2009

*Certificate of experience from Ministry of electricity and dames of Sudan. Amri Hospital (6.2010-11. 2015)

*Certificate of experience from Bahri Hospital, Ministry of health of Sudan (4.2009-6.2010)

*Certificate of experience from AlDamazin hospital, Sudan (2.9.2014 – 5.11.2015)

*Certificates of good standing 29\10\2014

*Ccertificate of MBBS degree and Transcript Certificate from The National Ribat University- Faculty of Medicine (2006)

Seminars, Workshops Attended & courses :

-General assembly of the medical student international network – Sudan IFMSA (2006).

-Sexually transmitted diseases training and awareness workshop (2005).

-SNO’s program for enhancing education development (2003).


-BLS…..Dec. 2016

-ACLS…… Jan. 2017

-Infection Control ……. Nov. 2017

Languages known:

*Arabic: Read, Write, and Speak (mother tongue)

*English: Read, Write, and Speak (fluent)


* Good communication skills and interact with patients of special needs, their families, and other members of the healthcare team.

*Problem-Solving Skills, deal with situations and ability to think calmly and thoroughly even under duress.

* Work as a part of a team and encourage & support the colleagues.

*Strong Work Ethic – go ‘above & beyond’ in the care and service of others .

* Positive Mental Attitude and Flexibility.

* Time Management.

*Computer Operation Skills

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